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House in Shawano County, WI



      On 07/24/04 I was contacted by the client regarding paranormal activity that had taken place at her apartment as well as at other various places. On 07/29/04 the client contacted me via telephone regarding the alleged activity. During a brief phone interview the client relayed to me several events that had taken place over the last 7-8 months that she believed to be paranormal in nature. The paranormal activity began after she had used a Ouija board. The client agreed to allow us access to her residence on 08/14/04 to determine if any of our instrumentation could detect paranormal activity.


      WPRS member Blaschka and assistant Spencer began the investigation on August 14, 2004 at approximately 5:15PM. The client and her two daughters were present. Blaschka obtained various accounts of possible paranormal activity from the client. Blaschka recorded the interview through audio means. Listed below is the activity that was reported to me during the earlier phone conversation on 7/29/04 and during our visit this evening.

1. Subject has seen various outlines or shadows of entities with a dot where the mouth should be. No features can be seen such as clothing, face, hair, etc. Anywhere from 20 - 40 shadow figures have been seen in her home, school and other dwellings that she has visited or lived at during the last 8 months.

2. Once she saw an apparition of a small boy peering through a window from outside.

3. Once an apparition of a male dressed in a baseball cap, orange bubble jacket and blue jeans appeared at the foot of her bed. The witness stated that the name of the male was Mike who had died in an auto accident.

4. Beds have been known to shake. This has also happened in the apartment above as well.

5. Once the outline of a handprint was seen on the jeans of the pants leg worn by the client.

6. Often subject is touched by unseen hands and reports that it feels numb and cold when touched.

7. Clocks have stopped with no explanation only to start up again without the aid of hands.

8. Saw apparitions swoop down from the ceiling at her high school.


      The investigation of the residence took place on August 14, 2004 from approximately 5:15PM to 6:00PM. Investigator Blaschka and assistant Spencer were present. During the investigation one (1) partial roll of high speed color film was used in various areas of the residence. Several photos were taken of an area that the client indicated to me an entity was standing. The film did not show any anomalies. Several temperature readings were obtained and all seemed to be within a normal range. No anomalous temperature readings could be obtained in the area that she indicated she could see an apparition. The kitchen was 66 degrees Fahrenheit and the living room was 69 degrees Fahrenheit and they continued to stay a constant temperature during our visit. The kitchen and living room were scanned with a Trifield EMF meter as well as the area that the client indicated she could see a presence. Most of the readings obtained averaged between 3.0mg – 5.0mg. At no time during my visit did I experience a fluctuation in the magnetic field while scanning the area that the client indicated a presence was standing. No 8mm video was shot during our pre-investigation. Several times during the investigation the client also stated to me that this entity that was standing in front of her was touching her at times and making her legs cold. However, it never made any attempt to communicate with her. It should also be noted that no one else could see what she was seeing, nor have any other family members witnessed any other apparitions that she has been able to see during the last 8 months. The WPRS could not completely explain all of the noted possible paranormal phenomena that were reported to us. However, it is possible that through the use of the Ouija board the client may have been able to ignite some psychic abilities that she may have already had in her possession. The WPRS however can not validate this through scientific means and all noted phenomena we could not reasonably explain at this time. Further study of the site would be needed to draw a more accurate conclusion.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.