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Equipment Used by the WPRS


4 Channel - 160GB - Digital Video Recorder System (DVR) - This allows us to monitor up to four different areas at the same time while capturing video evidence digitally. The group utilizes four DVR infrared cameras that can record in complete darkness up to 150 feet away.

Sony digital High 8 night shot camera - Used to record and monitor any evidence of paranormal activity. This type of camera can be used in areas where there is complete darkness. Very useful tool as all other electrical sources can be eliminated while filming. Theory is that spirits manifest in spectrums of light that is often not visible to the naked eye. One of those possible spectrums is the infrared spectrum. The camera operates through the use of an infrared beam that illuminates the background thus theoretically making paranormal manifestation visible.

35mm cameras Excellent way to record the environment photographically. This type of camera is widely used by the WPRS. Produces a large size negative to help in determining whether various film anomalies are paranormal in nature.     

Digital camerasA very economical way to record environment with instant results available to review.  Often the WPRS uses this type of camera as a “control” along with basic 35mm cameras. The drawback in using a digital camera is the fact that it does not produce a negative as evidence. Evidential proof makes a case much more credible. Also digital cameras produce photos that can be easily altered with computer programs again lending less credibility. 

Full Spectrum Digital Video Camera - This camera will capture images reflected with UV and IR light. In theory spirits exist on many frequencies or dimensions other than our own. These dimensions also contain frequencies of light unseen by the human eye. Most cameras can pick up some IR and UV light and that is why ghosts have been photographed since the beginning of modern photography. Multi-spectrum sensitive digital video cameras can capture images reflected within these invisible spectrums of light.

Infrared Sensitive Standard Video Camera - This camera will capture images reflected with IR light. This light frequency is invisible to human eyes. It is theorized that spirits exist on many frequencies or dimensions other than our own. This equipment has been modified to allow the maximum amount of invisible IR light into the camera in order to concentrate our focus within this light frequency. It has also been designed to capture images reflected within the infrared light spectrum.

CCTV monitor – This allows investigators to monitor visually during an investigation with our video camera and/or DVR system while recording. 

Digital recorders with low impedance microphone This type of recording device is used to capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) while at possible haunted locations. It can also be used to record interviews with clientele. This device easily transfers EVP recordings to a computer sound file. The drawback to this type of instrument is the lack of a cassette tape for evidence to analyze. The WPRS often uses these devices as a “control” at investigations. 

Micro cassette / standard cassette recorders with low impedance microphone - This type of recording device is used to capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) while at possible haunted locations. It can also be used to record interviews with clientele. This type of equipment requires a cassette. With the cassette available as evidence it can be later analyzed to prove of disprove the authenticity of the recording. The low impedance microphone allows us to record with less background noises.

Trifield EMF meters [model 100XE] with light - These meters are designed to detect changes in the electromagnetic (AC) field. In theory when spirits manifest they draw on energy sources from the environment around them. This gathering of energy creates a magnetic field that is much higher than that of its surroundings. In theory if an investigator with one of these instruments passes through an area that is occupied by a spirit entity the meter will show a spike or a rise in the electromagnetic field.  Usually it is hard to recreate this “spike” or “hot spot” because it (the field) is theoretically in motion. 

Trifield EMF natural meter - These meters are designed to detect changes in the natural electromagnetic field. This instrument is very similar to the Trifield EMF meter; the principle however is a bit different. This meter will detect changes in natural fields such as fields that encompass living beings.  It can also detect electromagnetic fields that are created naturally, like lightning or geomagnetic storms.  This type of meter will ignore AC fields.

K-II EMF meter - This meter is a single axis style that works well as a go between for communication during EVP sessions. It is considered less sensitive than a Trifield meter but an equally important tool for paranormal investigations.

REM Pods / EM Pods - This equipment is designed to assist a paranormal investigator in making an informed decision based on EMF and electro-static evidence collected during an investigation. When we are performing investigations, team members will often refer to the “hair” standing up on their arms or the back of their neck. This equipment can help us to detect this invisible E-field that causes this condition.

Infrared thermal probes - These devices measure the surface temperature of objects from a distance through the use of an infrared beam. This device does not give you an air temperature reading.    

Thermometer with IR & Ambient Temperature - IR thermometers such as this one measures both non-contact surfaces using a laser target and measures ambient temperature simultaneously.

Conventional thermal probe A conventional probe is used to measure ambient air temperature.  In theory when a spirit manifests it needs energy to do so. It will draw energy from any source available.  One of those sources is in the form of heat energy. When it removes the heat energy from the air the temperature will drop dramatically and cold spots can result. 

Geiger counter model CD V-715 This device is used to check for any rise in gamma radiation. In theory a spirit presence raises the amount of ion particles in the air; radiation attaches to the ions and therefore raises the radiation levels.

Laser Grids - These high powered lasers emit a grid of dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. When set in front of a running camera the aim is to catch potential paranormal evidence.

Vibration Sensors - Units are used to detect any vibrations in a area that is being monitored from another location.

Motion detectors These devices are often used to make sure an area that is being monitored is not entered by anyone. It also helps us determine if any motion is present in an area during a vigil.

Walkie talkies – Our group uses these to communicate to each other during investigations. They are especially helpful in large buildings, where more than one building is involved or large outside areas.

Flashlights in assorted varieties - Our group uses a variety of different illuminating instruments. We use basic flashlights, lights that are shaded so that they do not interfere with your vision while in total darkness and lights that attach hands free.

Batteries – We carry all varieties of batteries needed for our equipment. Sometimes during investigations batteries quickly go dead, (i.e. spirits draw energy from any source available to manifest).

Extension cords, coaxial cable, digital cable and RF modulators These items are needed for us to operate our equipment and for use with our cameras, DVR system and our closed circuit televisions.

Medical kit – All members of the WPRS carry a basic medical kit in case of any injury.

Evidence bags, masking tape, chalk and tape measure – Evidence bags are used to collect evidence at the scene, the masking tape, chalk and tape measure is used when a control item is placed in an area that is being monitored with our equipment. The control item would be marked with masking tape or chalk and monitored for movement. Any movement would be documented by taking a measurement and recording it with our surveillance equipment.      

Infrared Lights - Used in unison with the Infrared Digital Camera.

Kinect 3D Image Monitor - Used to image paranormal activity and spirit presence. The system digitally maps an outline of any figure that is in or around that location electronically to 3D format.

SB7 Spirt Box - The P-SB7 works by scanning the FM band and AM band along with a unique high frequency synthetic noise, a.k.a. white noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words. The P-SB brand’s FM band scans 320 FM frequencies. The P-SB7 has given ample proof that it can instantly transmit unexplained voices. These voices, referred to as EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), typically express intelligence since they often call out things that identifies people present at the investigation or something that pertains to the investigation. Also, communications coming across typically co-relates to the known facts about that haunted site, such as specifics about the spirits there.