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Private Home in Southeastern Wisconsin


      The WPRS was contacted by the client. She and her husband live South-Eastern Wisconsin. The client reported that several frightening and unexplained occurrences have taken place since they moved into the house in November of 2000 including seeing apparitions, hearing sounds and voices. The phenomena have followed them to different locations. The WPRS performed an investigation at the site on July 27th, 2002 from 7:00 PM until 12:30 AM. The client has requested that their names and their address be kept confidential. Present at the Investigation were Investigators Todd Roll, Shawn Blaschka, Brad Ludwig and Kristen Murphy.


      Information collected for this investigation was mailed to Lead Investigator, Todd Roll by the clients and also recorded during an interview session with the client at 7:00 PM. The following is a list of the activity reported.

  1. A woman in white passes by a spare bedroom at about 11:00PM until about 2:00 or 3:00 AM. There have also been sightings of another woman in a red dress and a woman in a purple dress. If a certain CD is played, one of the women will appear.
  2. A cold spot is reported around one of the living room chairs.
  3. the client has had a reoccurring nightmare that a fire has her and her pets pinned to the wall and her husband is at work and cannot save them.
  4. the client reported being pushed down their steps going upstairs. Also an “X” appears on her left arm after being upstairs.
  5. “Shadow beings” dart around the tree line in back of the house. There is a sense of foreboding if one goes out there after dark.
  6. A lady and man fight every night upstairs. It seems to be a scene that replays itself on a nightly basis. The upstairs is unoccupied and used only for storage. The scene ends with the woman screaming as she is pushed to the floor.
  7. The kitchen cabinet doors and draws have swung open violently.
  8. Sometimes there is a scent of mint and lavender in the living room.
  9. There is a padlocked room upstairs that the landlord claims is storage. The clients have heard noises from within the room and have a sense of foreboding near the room. A little girl that was visiting the client was looking up at the room from outside and saw a dog with red eyes and a man with red eyes looking out of the window.
  10. The client has reported seeing a woman in the bathtub. The water is blood red and the woman is reported as laughing.


      The investigation of the client's residence took place on July 27th, 2002 at 7:00 PM. Investigators Roll, Blaschka, Ludwig and Murphy were present. During the investigation several rolls of high speed color film was shot in the client's home and outside of the house. Anomalies that were discovered in the photos can be explained scientifically. Temperature readings were taken in the upstairs portion of the residence, EMF readings and video along with night shot video was also taken in the upper part of the home. The team was assisted by the clients. While upstairs, the client reported seeing several “spirits” both in the upstairs area and ascending the stairway. The client also reported having a cold area surround her and the feeling of having spirits try to get though her while the team and the clients were upstairs. The WPRS was unable to detect any unusual readings during this time. The team also investigated a downstairs bathroom in which the client reported seeing a “woman sitting in blood with her wrists slit.” the client reported that the woman was laughing. The WPRS was unable to report any anomalies of this incident on film, EVP, EMF or video. The team decided to roll one hour of EVP in the upstairs of the home. The WPRS also made a sweep of the outside of the residence and in the area behind the residence where the “shadow beings” had been reported. Again there were no extraordinary findings. The WPRS concluded the investigation at 12:30 AM. After assessment of the video, photos and EVP, the team found the investigation for paranormal activity in the home inconclusive.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.