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 Private Residence - Oneida County, WI


      The WPRS was contacted on 4/26/04 regarding possible paranormal activity that was occurring at a home and adjacent barn in Oneida County. The owner of the property expressed to us that she, her brother and sister have had several odd experiences while living in the home over the past 45 – 50 years. The family feels that the home is haunted by a male and female spirits. The client extended an opportunity for our group to pay a visit to the property to collect data through investigative means and to possibly determine whether the property is indeed experiencing paranormal activity. The family has reported to us that the property was originally built around 1906-07.


      In a telephone interview that took place on April 28, 2004 Investigator Blaschka spoke with the client at length about some of the paranormal activity experienced in the home over the years. Several notes were recorded for future use.  On June 5th, 2004 at 5:20pm an audio recorded interview was conducted at the property site with several of the family members. Investigators Blaschka and Roll from the WPRS and Investigator Hendricks from the WPRC were present during the interview process. The following paranormal activity was noted prior to observation of the site.

1. Strong feelings of presence in the house and barn areas. The family feels that one of the entities that posses the barn is evil.

2. Humanoid/bat like creature was seen at the front door of the main house around 1970 by a few of the family members. Also, the vision of this same creature was seen many years later in a dream by a psychic friend of one of the family members. Upon awaking she had scratches on her arm from the creature in the dream.

3. One family resident was reported to have conversations with unseen guests.

4. Shadows seen in the house, upper floor of the barn and in the barn basement.

5. Footsteps heard in the upstairs bedroom area when no one is about.

6. Lights found on and off or doors found opened or closed by unseen hands.

7. Witnesses have heard what sounds like a marble being rolled across the floor in the upstairs bedroom areas when nobody is upstairs.

8. One witness reported that she would experience a female voice humming an unknown tune to her at bedtime. When she would ask it to stop it would.

9. Family caregiver claims that the house is inhabited by several spirits. One of them being an unknown male and one a female entity.

10. Pots and pans rattle inside the cupboards in the kitchen of their own will.

11. One shadow of a tall gaunt man with a stubbly beard has been seen going from the upstairs bathroom to the basement.

12. A book that was locked away in the upstairs barn storage area ended up in the basement of the barn with no apparent reasonable explanation.

13. One witness reported that she had actually been touched by one of the entities.


      The investigation of the residence took place on June 5th, 2004. Investigator Blaschka and Roll from the Wausau Paranormal Research Society and Richard Hendricks from the Wisconsin Paranormal Research Center were present. Four members of the family were also present during the investigation. During the investigation several rolls of high-speed film were shot in all areas of the home, grounds and barn. Some anomalies were captured on film. Two photographs appear to have a large orb to the left of the photo. Another photograph shows a small oval luminous object in the background and yet another shows a misty cloud like image. I believe most of these anomalies to be explainable as light refraction or reflection between the camera and the foreground. Also, the site had numerous amounts of bugs, dust and moisture present all of which could be the cause of the orb effects. Two separate 8mm night-shot video recorders were used in the upstairs bedroom areas of the home. Each video was approximately two hours in length and was viewed via CCTV in the lower level of the home. No significant anomalies were noted during the filming, however the few anomalous movements seen on both recordings were most likely due to dust particles or insects crossing the path of the camera. A Geiger counter and electronic temperature instrument was used during the filming process in the upstairs bedroom area. No abnormal readings were obtained from the Geiger counter during that filming and no unusual temperature changes were noted. No EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) was recorded during this visit. Several temperature readings were obtained with an infrared scanner in the house as well as in the barn area. The house ranged between 70 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the barn ranged between 60 – 62 degrees Fahrenheit. All temperatures seemed to be within normal ranges. The house was scanned with EMF meters with readings of .05 milligauss or lower, no unusual readings or spikes in the field were found. Also a Natural EMF meter was used during the audio/video recordings in the upstairs bedroom. No readings over .05 milligauss were observed during that time. The family did present us with several photographs that had been taken in the yard of the property during the winter last year. All of the photos showed a mysterious mist or fog on them. The photos were reviewed by our group and it is ascertained that the most likely cause of this anomaly was due to light refraction from the sun and condensation from the photographer’s breath.  In conclusion we did not find any supporting evidence to ascertain whether the residence is truly experiencing genuine paranormal activity. None of our instruments or observations found any strong evidence of activity. No members of the investigative team felt any feelings of presence during the investigation. At this time we do not plan to return to the site unless further activity would develop.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.