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Apartment West Side of Wausau


      Investigator Roll was contacted by the client concerning possible paranormal phenomena at his apartment located on the west side of Wausau, WI. The client informed WPRS that the home was built in 1881 as a single family dwelling. It has since been converted into two apartments, upper and lower. The client shared the apartment with his girlfriend, her mother and the mother's boyfriend. They also had two cats. The client had occupied the location (ground floor apartment) for 2weeks and reported paranormal phenomena from the day he had moved in. The client believed the basement was the "center" of the haunting. On April 11, 2003, investigators Blaschka and Roll conducted an interview and investigation at the location.


1. Tapping sounds from the basement.

2. Footsteps on the basement stair.

3. Scratching at the basement door.

4. Lights turning on by themselves in the basement.

5. Sounds of someone working in the basement.

6. Cold spots throughout the apartment.

7. Sound of glass shattering in basement.

8. Sound of people (children) playing in basement.

9. Cats reacting to noises in the basement.

10. Breathing in mother's bedroom and feeling of a presence next to bed


      The investigation of the apartment on the west side of Wausau, WI took place on April 11, 2003 from 7pm until 9pm. Investigators Blaschka and Roll were present. Several photos of high-speed color film were taken at the location. EMF readings were taken in the apartment and basement. No anomalous readings were recorded. An interview with the client and his girlfriend was conducted and taped by Blaschka and Roll. The apartment had two holes leading directly into the basement (one could see into the basement from these holes in the bathroom). The walls were also very thin and the house was built directly next to the sidewalk and street. Noise from the apartment above and the street outside was prevalent throughout the apartment. An investigation of the basement revealed a dirt floor, exterior windows (about 4 feet tall), along the basement wall, a full sized door that at one time opened to the outside but had since been bricked up, and a wall running the width of the basement dividing the space into two rooms of about equal length. This wall had a doorway and exterior window in it. No anomalous readings were recorded in the basement. After spending two hours in at the location and after interviewing the renters it was determined that no paranormal phenomena was present at the location. It was noted that the renters were very eager to believe that paranormal phenomena was present. The investigators noted that many of the noises heard could be explained by street noise, the residents in the upstairs apartment, the furnace and hot water heater in the basement and the willingness of the renters to believe that the apartment was haunted. No further investigation of the location is being considered.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.