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Private Residence in Sparta, Wisconsin


WPRS conducted an investigation of the above residence arriving at approximately 9:45PM on 12-03-10.  WPRS members met with the client and her husband, set up equipment, conducted investigation, retrieved equipment, met with client, and left residence at approximately 3:15AM on 12-04-10.

Pre-Investigation: Interview Questionnaire completed by K.J. via telephone interview with the client. Phenomena Log kept by client beginning date 10-10-10 ending date 11-13-10. Two 8mm video tapes, with excerpts shot by the client and her son, were sent to K.J. with possible paranormal phenomena captured thereon. When it was reviewed, the tapes were both empty. An investigation was scheduled.

Members present during investigation: Lead investigator K.J., Shawn Blaschka, Betsy Duginski, and Jim Coscio.

Walk Through: The client signed the WPRS release of Information and Evidence Form, as well as the WPRS Release of Liability Form. The client led the WPRS team on a tour of her home indicating where various phenomena had taken place.  The clients husband also joined us at the end of the tour and told of various incidents.  They showed the team different 8mm video segments of which they believed may have contained possible paranormal phenomena.  The consensus of the investigation team was the videos did not contain paranormal phenomena.  *While conducting the walkthrough in the basement a growling noise was heard by K.J. and the client, coming from the storage closet area.  This area is near an outside wall to the home, and is noteworthy as interesting, but not necessarily evidentiary in nature.

Sketch: Betsy sketched a diagram of each of the three levels of the home.  On these diagrams were recorded baseline temperature and EMF readings.

Baselines (temp/EMF): Baseline temperature and EMF readings were taken in each room of the home.  One reading of concern was a reading in the clients son’s bedroom.  At the headboard of the bed, along the wall, was a consistent EMF reading of 100mg.  *There was also a very brief spike in an EMF reading, taken by K.J., over a dresser on the left side of the room as you enter.  This spike rose to 50mg and was not able to be recreated after several attempts.

Set-up: Team members set up four static digital cameras in remote locations. These cameras were located in the following rooms: Master bedroom capturing across the top of the bed toward the dresser in the corner of the room; Dining room capturing into living room and down hallway on front door; Living room capturing living room, stairwell, and front door; and basement capturing center of basement.  The monitor and recorder were set up in the back kitchen of the home.  No unexplainable phenomena were captured on any of these cameras.

EVP sessions: EVP sessions were conducted in four locations of the residence. 

1.      The first EVP session began at approximately 1:00AM in the daughter’s bedroom. EVP session was conducted by K.J., Betsy, and Jim.  Shawn maintained phenomena log and watched camera monitors during this session.  No EVPs were captured during this session.

2.      The second EVP session took place in the master bedroom by K.J., Shawn, and Jim.  Betsy maintained phenomena log and watched camera monitors during this session.  *One female voice was heard by Shawn during this session.

3.      The third EVP session took place in the basement conducted by K.J., Shawn, and Betsy.  Jim maintained phenomena log and watched camera monitors during this session.  *During this session Jim, while maintaining phenomena log, began to hear music coming from behind him (toward the back door of the home.)  K.J. left the basement and went to try to experience the same music Jim had, but was unable to do so.  No EVP’s were captured during this session.

4.      The final EVP session was conducted by Shawn, Betsy, and Jim in the living room.  K.J. maintained phenomena log and watched camera monitors during this session.  No EVP’s were captured during this session.

No provocation was used during EVP sessions.  The team did however explain, to whoever’s spirit may still be in the home, they were bothering the family; in particular the youngest member of the family.  The spirit was asked to stop scaring the family, particularly the youngest member.

Digital Camera: Several photographs were taken by Betsy during the course of the investigation.  These photos were taken both outside and inside the home.  None of these photographs showed any abnormalities.

*Conclusion: After review of all evidence WPRS Investigators were able to identify two possible forms of paranormal evidence. 

1.      The first of which was the unexplainable spike in the EMF detector, noticed by K.J. and Betsy, in the master bedroom which could not be recreated.

2.      Secondly is a possible disembodied voice captured on Shawn’s digital recorder.  While reviewing his recording of the EVP session of the master bedroom Shawn could hear an unintelligible female voice.  This voice was heard by Shawn during the EVP session as well.

Also of interest, but not necessarily being considered evidentiary in nature is the sound of music heard by Jim during EVP session, and the growl heard in the basement during the walkthrough. 

It is the opinion of WPRS that this residence is probably an active location for paranormal activity.  Without further evidence WPRS cannot determine this location to be absolutely an active location.

Post investigation:  In January 2011, after the investigation had been completed, K.J. contacted the client via telephone.  She told K.J. that the activity has decreased greatly since the investigation.  Her daughter is no longer scared anymore to go into rooms where she had previously been scared.  With the exception of only one or two incidences, the daughter has told her mother the “scaries” are not there anymore.  Knocking in the home has picked up, but the other activity, again, has greatly decreased.  The family is living in a much more peaceful state now, and is overall very happy with the decrease in activity.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of K.J. and the WPRS.