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On May 23, 2008 at approximately 6:30 pm, Wausau Paranormal Research Society Investigators James Coscio, Angela Spialek, Alyssa Brogli, and Shawn Blaschka investigated the clients residence in Southern, Wisconsin. The family reported paranormal activity occurs on a regular basis. The most noticeable incidents have been experienced between 10:30 pm and 5:00 am.  All family members and a few of their close friends are witness to these events. The client has lived in the residence since September of 2007. The family believes some of the activity may be from a deceased family member who met an untimely end, and may have a message for the family.


• Family members and friends have experienced feelings of being watched by someone or something in different areas of the home.

• Phantom noises of crashing pots, pans and knives from the kitchen area are often heard.  When the family investigates, there is nothing out of order.

• Electrical phenomenon, lights, stereo, and television will turn on and off without anyone near the items.

• When the couple sleeps they are suddenly awakened by a strong presence and report the feeling of being watched from the doorway in
the master bedroom.

• The children have reported a black shadow person on the wall in the downstairs family room (the former pool area) of the house.

• One of the children has reported hearing disembodied male voices having a discussion outside of his bedroom window.  The content is indiscernible except for that male voices can be recognized.

• A softball sized orb has been witnessed on the stairwell leading down to the family room from the kitchen by the eldest boy,
and girl at the residence.

•The youngest female child in the residence has had lengthy conversations and plays with an unseen female presence on a regular
basis that appears to be friendly and protective.

• The family's two dogs refuse to go downstairs via a stairwell located in the family room (formerly a pool area).

• Family members have caught movements out of the corner of their eyes, as if someone were in the room or walking past the doors.

• Family members report having been touched or lightly brushed by unseen hands.

• Small items such as keys; papers; and pictures have been moved from their original spots.  At times, the pictures are turned
from their original positions and placed face down from inside a locked cabinet.

•One family member witnessed an apparition of a former family member, now deceased.  The deceased family member was seen standing
in the front yard looking into the living room window.  She appeared in the custom Harley Davidson Jacket and same pair of jeans which
she was dressed in at her funeral in 2005.  When the family member looked again, she had disappeared.

• The children reported that they locked the doors prior to going to bed and have often found the same doors unlocked and sometimes open when checked later.  It should be noted that the deceased family member was buried with a house key.



Our investigators used the following equipment: Natural and Tri-Field EMF Meters; Thermal Temperature Probes; Digital Cameras; Digital voice recorders; analog Geiger counter; and a notepad and pen for sketching the layout of the home.  The clients gave us a tour of the home and a brief explanation of the paranormal activity that has been experienced by the family.  Prior to the beginning of the investigation, baseline readings, measurements, and temperatures were taken.  The first floor areas recorded temperatures between 60-68 degrees.  EMF and Geiger counter readings registered as normal.  The only fluctuations recorded were near the electrical outlets and appliances in the home.  EVP sessions were conducted throughout the home by Coscio; Spialek; Blaschka; and Brogli.   In the master bedroom two EVP's were collected by Blaschka and Brogli.  The first, was a whispered, "Hello?" in responseto a question asking, “Is there anyone here who would like to speak with us?”  We received a second response in a woman's voice stating, "I touched your hand" when Blaschka asked if someone just touched his hand.  Blaschka and Brogli also captured two EVP's in the family room (former pool site). The first was a whispered, "Do it" and the second was a resounding "sigh".Photographs were taken of all areas with digital cameras.  An interestingphotograph was captured by Coscio, in the kitchen, facing back towards the dining room doorway.  The photograph revealed a black
silhouette of what we believe to be a woman leaning against the frame of the doorway.  This investigator believes it may possibly be the deceased relative.
The investigators had personal experiences in the Master Bedroom of the home.  The deceased family member was in this room prior to passing away.  Investigators Blaschka and Brogli reported being touched multiple times on the face and arms commenting, "It felt as if spider webs were hanging down from the ceiling".  The sensation was also described as if someone was just barely touching the ends of the hairs on your face and arms.


After reviewing all case materials (including photographs, EVP's and eye witness accounts), there is definitely an elevated level of paranormal activity occurring at the residence which chooses to interact and communicate with the family members.  I believe a second investigation of the residence is warranted.  We would like to shoot video of the Master Bedroom and the Family Room (former pool area) in more controlled conditions




*Reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of James Coscio and the WPRS.*