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      A family member of the client contacted TAPS for help with issues that they were having regarding paranormal activity in their home.  TAPS in turn contacted the WPRS (Wausau Paranormal Research Society) to follow up with the family.  Investigator Blaschka, of the WPRS contacted the client and they explained that they had been experiencing what they feel is paranormal activity for the past 10 years. The home was built in 1953 and the client has lived at the site since 1996, they are the second owners.  The activity has escalated so much that the entire family sleeps in the parent’s room. The family has even gone so far as to have the home blessed, resulting in only temporary relief.  The client feels that some of the activity could be that of the client’s deceased stepfather who passed about 4 years ago.  The client, her husband and three children have had their experiences escalate in the past several years and they have asked for help.  Blaschka was asked by the client to perform an investigation at their home. The WPRS agreed and the investigation was conducted on June 19, 2010.



      A telephone interview session was conducted on June 1, 2009.  The client relayed the following possible paranormal activity to investigator Blaschka.  Also some of the information was relayed to our group at the time of our investigation on June 19, 2010.

1.      A shadowy figure (known as the shadow man) has been seen through out the house for the past 5 years.  He has been sighted in the back entrance, main hallway on the main level and the upstairs hallway.  Once he was seen by the client’s oldest son going into his younger brother’s room.  Also it was seen peeking around the corner while the entire family slept in the living room of the home.

2.      The sound of someone knocking at the front door while the family was sitting in the living room.

3.      Various electronic anomalies, lights on and off, television turned on by itself etc.

4.      The client’s daughter had her arm grasped by what she described as a black mass. The grip was reported to be freezing cold.

5.      The sound of a power saw being operated in the basement when no one was present in that area.

6.      The client once experienced the sound of someone climbing up and down his son’s bunk bed ladder in the middle of the night. Upon inspection no one was awake in the house.

7.      Early one morning the client woke to the upstairs shower and sink running. Thinking that it was his mother in law showering he waited for her to finish.  When more than normal time passed the client went to check on her.  When he approached the door the shower sound stopped, the shower was dry and no one was awake nor had they showered.

8.      The sound of younger girl conversation in the home with no explanation as to where it may be coming from.

9.      Children’s laughter heard from above the 2nd floor staircase with no explanation as to its source.

10.  Client’s eldest son awoke to his bed violently shaking in the middle of the night.  No explanation could be found as to why or how the bed shook.

11.  Client’s daughter experiences the sound of someone standing in her bedroom doorway and then near the foot of her bed.  She then felt breathing in her ear and heard a male voice say “hey” right near her ear.

12.  Client’s youngest son experienced his bed covers being pulled to the end of the bed by unseen hands.

13.  The client’s mother went to use the bathroom on the main level in the middle of the night and saw that the door was closed and the light was on.  When she went to open the door, the light turned off and no one was present.

14.   Unexplained vertical shafts of light captured on video in the main floor hallway.  A similar light anomaly was seen in the daughter’s bedroom on one occasion.

15.  What’s described as a fiery red face was seen by the client’s children near the back entrance to the home.

16.  Jingling sound of a deceased cat’s collar heard and soon after that the client felt the unseen cat lie down next to him on his pillow.



      The investigation of the client's residence took place on June 19, 2010 from approximately 7:00PM to 2:00AM.  Investigators Blaschka, Williams, and Spialek were present. During the investigation dozens of digital photographs were taken inside all areas of the home as well as outside. No unexplainable anomalies were captured on film.  On the first floor the temperatures ranged from 75 to 79 degrees F, second floor temperatures ranged from 80 to 82 degrees F.  The EMF detector results ranged from .8 to 2.5 throughout the house, with a constant pulse, much like a heart beat.  One such explanation for the pulsing EMF could be due to a poorly grounded electrical system.  An abnormality but not paranormal in nature was noticed in the daughter's bedroom, to the left side (if you are lying on your back on the bed with your head on the pillow) of her pillow where our instruments detected EMF levels at 10 mg. or higher.  This same level was noted in the kitchen to the side of the refrigerator, in the eastern corner of the house.  These areas are noted to be where the main electrical lines come down the side of the house and into the basement.  Levels as high as this could cause a person to feel as if they are being watched, touched, feel ill, anxious or see things that are not really present. We suggested that the family consider moving their daughter’s bed to the opposite side of her room.  Our Geiger counter found no abnormalities in radiation levels anywhere.  During the investigation we conducted sessions of audio recordings (EVP’s) in all of the bedrooms and hallway areas with nothing paranormal to note.

Our group was able to explain reasonably some of the activity at the home.  The knocking noise that was heard at the front door of the home most likely was caused by a bundle of unattached cables that run directly down the side of the house. When the wind blows it causes the cables to knock against the siding, simulating the noise heard by the clients.  The glowing face that was described by the children seen at the back entrance to the home may have been misinterpreted.  Directly behind the door at the street intersection a blinking red stoplight emanates light thru the blurred glass of the back door giving an appearance similar to what the children described.  The sounds of children or a child laughing heard around the staircase to the second floor may be caused by sounds transferring into the home from other nearby neighbors.  When tested by our team, similar sounds could be heard in this same area of the house with the windows open.  We also tested this theory with the windows closed and still the sound carried into the home.  The breathing noises heard in the daughters ear may possibly be the daughters own wheezing she may be making without realizing she is doing this. Several other experiences could simply be explained as misinterpretations.  The other issues such as the shower running, the flashing light in the hallway, a power tool turning on without the aide of human hands, the shadows seen and the shaking bed the WPRS could not readily explain.  This activity could possibly be paranormal in nature.  The WPRS has suggested that the family try to return the children to their respective rooms.  We also explained to them that the activity they have experienced has not harmed them in any way.  The family needs to take back their home and not be afraid of what may be present in the home.  The WPRS would have to spend several more hours at the site to possibly explain these other anomalies.

In conclusion the WPRS did not find any paranormal evidence to ascertain whether the residence is truly experiencing genuine paranormal activity. It’s noteworthy that several experiences that the client believes to be paranormal in nature are impressive; however none of our instruments or observations found any strong evidence of such during this visit.  Again, more time and observation would be needed to come to a more conclusive explanation.  The family is still seeking help from their local church. 



*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.