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            On August 19, 2006 the Wausau Paranormal Research Society investigated a residence at the owners request located in the Southwestern part of Wisconsin.  Activity has been reported during the past six years by the owner.  The activity seemed to begin shortly after a double murder and suicide occurred in an apartment directly adjacent to the owner’s.  The first of these experiences were relayed to WPRS Lead Investigator Blaschka via email and telephone in October 2005.  Below is a list of activity that has occurred during the past six years.  All of which was verbally relayed to us by the family.




1.      Dim orb shaped light seen moving through the living room.

2.      Doors to the residence found unexplainably unlocked at times.

3.      Unexplained malfunction with thermostat in the apartment.  This malfunction has been checked by an electrician and the unit replaced but the phenomena still seems to continue.

4.      Unexplainable cold spots in the master bedroom area.

5.      Unexplainable movement of items throughout the apartment.

6.      Electrical appliance phenomena with little to no reasonable explanation.

7.      Cupboard door opened by unseen hands.

8.      Doors opening and closing with no explanation.

9.      Voices and whispering heard as well as each others names being called when neither has spoken.

10.  Family's children react to something unseen.

11.  Strong feelings of presence or being watched while in their shower.

12.  Owner sometimes sees an image of his dead cat.

13.  Frequently batteries go dead in an extremely short period of time.

14.  Unexplained whistling in bathroom near the bath tub.

15.  Nudging motion felt against owner's computer chair when no one else was present.

16.  Unexplainable knocking and rapping sounds.

17.  Shadowy images and movement often seen out of the corner of one's eye.

18.  Loud crashes heard with no reasonable explanation.

19.  Puddle of water formed in bathroom with no logical source.



             The investigation of the owner's residence took place on 08/19/06 starting at approximately 6:15PM.  Investigators Blaschka, Renel, and Coscio were present.  During the investigation several rolls of high-speed color film was used.  No anomalous images were noted.  Two sessions of EVP were conducted by Renel and Blaschka.  One session conducted in the living room area and another in the bedroom and hallway.  Upon review of the tapes no anomalous noises where noted.  Several temperature readings were obtained throughout the apartment.  Temperatures were between 73 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit all being within normal range.  The apartment was scanned with EMF meters.  Two unexplainable readings that buried the needle on our instrument were recorded in the living room area. We could not find any explanation for these anomalous readings nor could we recreate them.  Readings such as these are sometimes associated with paranormal activity but alone do not constitute a haunting.  Several readings of 0.2mg - 3.0mg were obtained in other areas and all seemed to be reasonable and acceptable for the surroundings.  Two personal observations were made during our investigation.  Blaschka noted that during our EVP session in the living room it felt as if he were being watched from the hallway area. Renel noted a strange feeling in the master bedroom area.  Although these observations are important they do not prove that paranormal activity is present at the location.  In conclusion of this report the WPRS did not find enough supporting evidence to ascertain whether the residence is truly haunted. While it is noted that several credible witnesses have experienced what they believe to be paranormal activity over the past several years we did not find any strong evidence to support that claim.  The WPRS may revisit the site pending any new developments or at the request of the owner's.     

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.