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On November 7, 2008 at approximately 7:00 PM, Wausau Paranormal Research Society Investigators James Coscio, Alyssa Brogli, Sara Shaw and Shawn Blaschka investigated a location of a private residence on the west side of the City of Wausau.  The home owner reported that paranormal activity has occurred on an irregular basis for the past two years. The home's owner has lived at the address since 2005 but the activity did not occur until 2006 when she purchased the property.  The most active areas of the home are the kitchen, dining room and staircase.


1. Clothing as well as other items go missing with no explanation.  Sometimes the items are found later in an obvious location.

 2. The sounds of something being dragged in the basement area.

3. Often footsteps are heard on the staircase along with the sound of someone coming in the front door.  Upon inspection no one is found and the door is locked.

4. While sitting near his bedroom door scratching has been heard against the door from the other side.  Upon inspection no one is found on the other side of the door.

5. Voices heard on the staircase and downstairs when the owner is upstairs but the words can not be understood.  Also between the hours of 6 and 7AM a male and female voice are heard having a conversation of which the words are indiscernible.  

6. Strong feelings of presence.

7. Unusual cold felt on the hands of one of the occupants of the home with no explanation.

8. Items have moved of their own volition with no explanation.

9. Items in the kitchen area moved as well as cupboard doors found open with no explanation.  The prior owner of the house experienced the same phenomena.

10. The sounds of a TV or radio playing softly in the northern end of the home – upon inspection the sound ceases and no TV or radio is found to be turned on.

11. Bathroom door open when left closed by the home owner with no explanation as to who closed it.

12. The home owners nephew heard the voice and seen the face of a recently deceased family member while in the bathroom area.

13. Basement lights often on when they have been left in the off position. 

14. Walking noises often heard on the main floor when occupants are upstairs.

15. The home owner saw a white foggy image on the staircase that dissolved away after a few seconds.

16. A visitor to the home heard a disembodied voice say the name “Dora”.

17. A light bulb exploded in its sconce while the family was talking about a deceased family member.


Upon our arrival the client gave us a complete review and explanation of the paranormal activity that has occurred.  We took a tour of the home with a brief explanation of the paranormal activity that has been experienced.  We began the investigation by taking baseline EMF readings, temperatures throughout, Geiger counter levels, and a general sketch of the floor plan with several photographs both digital and conventional taken.  During this initial walk through we let our audio recorders run so as to possibly capture any stray EVP’s.  Our investigators split into two groups.  One group covered downstairs and one group upstairs.  When each group was complete we switched areas and then shared information with each other.  The basement area recorded temperatures between 58-60 degrees F.  The first floor areas recorded temperatures between 66-67 degrees F.  The second floor recorded temperatures of 64 – 68 degrees F.  EMF and Geiger counter readings registered as normal throughout with only (1) exception.  During our investigation our Geiger counter reacted to an unknown rise (1/2 of a rad.) in the field while in the basement.  This occurred once only and no reasonable explanation was found for the anomaly, also the reading could not be recreated.  EVP sessions were conducted throughout the home with no measurable success.  Upon review of the photographic evidence, no abnormal phenomena could be found. 


In conclusion, all of the evidence collected at the site by the investigative team contained no paranormal phenomena with exception to the stray Geiger counter reading that we could not readily recreate.  Some of the reported occurrences by the home owner could reasonably be explained as non paranormal in nature.  Given the above, I can not say without a doubt in my mind that this home is indeed haunted.  While some of the eye witness accounts were compelling or hard to explain, it is not scientific proof of a haunt.  If indeed haunted by spirits, our investigators do not feel that they are harmful in nature based on the experiences shared with us.


*Reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.*