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The client has lived in the home since the summer of 2015 with her husband and two young sons. Activity has been happening sporadically in the home since the client took residence. The family is not particularly concerned about the activity, other than the older son having been made uncomfortable a couple of times.


We believe the house was built in 1920 by Elmer and Ida St. Clair. Until the home was built, Elmer’s residence was the County Asylum, where he was listed as an engineer. We believe this was a custodial position. When Elmer and Ida moved into the home, the address was listed as the “end of Fairmount” rather than having an actual number.

The St. Clairs lived in the home for 25 years. While there, Elmer worked as a painter and caretaker, and was unemployed for a time until finding a long-time job as a janitor at the Marathon County Public Library. Ida was also employed outside of the home at one point, but it is unclear what her occupation was. It does not appear that the couple had children.

In 1945, the home was sold to Roy M. and Evelyn M. Sleeter. Roy was a teacher at Horace Mann Middle School. The Sleeters lived in the home for almost 4 decades while raising their children, Jean, Michael, and Sharon. It appears that when their children became young adults, the house was divided into a duplex of sorts so that the kids occupied one-by-one. While the house has the remnants of an old stair case leading to an outside door, this family arrangement may be why there does not seem to be a kitchen area upstairs.

In 1983, the house was purchased by Pat and Sandy Brady, who owned the home until the client purchased it in 2015.


         The client’s younger son claimed to see a man on the stairs that he had to turn to the side and go around.

         The client has felt someone behind her when cleaning, and felt that she was not alone at other times.

         A visiting friend saw a figure in white move from the “music room” into the dining room.

         The client’s older son saw a dark figure on three different occasions: once in the music room, once in the garage, and once on the front porch. The figure on the front porch was witnessed at the same time by his friend.


The investigation took place on Friday, October 14, 2016. Investigators Blaschka, Spialek, Beaudry, and Sczygelski were present. Equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, laser grid, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, a REM-pod, and an infrared thermal probe.

Spialek, being familiar with the client’s home, gave a tour to the rest of the investigators and explained where activity has been occurring.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken. There were no anomalous temperature readings taken in the home through the course of the investigation. The electro-magnetic field on the home’s main floor was a steady 1.5-2 milliGaus, except for the kitchen, which had an EMF of 10-15 milliGaus. Normal EMF levels are typically thought to be anything under 2.5 milliGaus. It is possible that spending significant time in the kitchen, in close proximity with this high EMF levels could cause feelings of discomfort.

The upstairs had a wide variance of EMF levels. While the bedrooms and bathroom ranged from 1.-2.5 milliGaus, the landing area had an EMF range of 4-15. The stairs themselves have an extremely high EMF reading, from 16 up to 100 milliGaus. This is probably due to electrical work in the wall in that area. It’s possible that some of the wiring is not properly grounded or shielded. While this EMF level would be dangerous to have in a bedroom or area where the client spends a lot of time, it should not be a problem on a stairwell where very little time is spent.

Digital, infrared and full spectrum photos were taken of the outside of the property as well as in every room. No anomalous photos were taken. While taking photos, Sczygelski witnessed a dark figure in the downstairs office. It moved quickly from beside the desk into the closet.

An effort was made to debunk some of the activity that the client has experienced. It is the opinion of the investigators that the younger son was probably reacting to his shadow on the wall at the bottom of the stairs, and making a joke about going around it. Other activity could not be debunked.

A light grid was set up in the dining room, pointing into the hallway and music room. While watching the grid, investigator Beaudry saw movement behind investigator Spialek. It appeared that something was standing behind her, and the light grid picked it up. Shortly after that, both Beaudry and Sczygelski saw a dark figure move from the front doorway toward the music room hallway. This figure moved quickly and, rather than picking up the light grid, seemed to absorb the light.


An evp was captured during the investigation. While the evp session was happening, Blaschka was recording in the kitchen while the other investigators were in the dining room. Beaudry can be heard asking if anyone who is present has a message for the family. After a few seconds, a male voice can be heard answering “No.”



Because of the personal experiences investigators had in the home, as well as the clear evp, it is the belief of the investigators that paranormal activity is taking place in the client’s home. This activity is probably the result of a past resident, and is non-threatening.


Reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of Anji Spialek and the WPRS.