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            Client contacted the WPRS via email on 01-05-07 concerning various odd phenomena that had been occurring at the site of a former business complex over the years. 

The original building was built through donations and money rose by selling bonds.  The SDS who came to Wausau on Thanksgiving Day in 1905 were largely responsible for the realization of the structure.  Construction began at the site in 1906 and the building was finished in 1907.  Many additions were added over the years.  The South wing was built in 1921 and the North wing followed in 1939.  In 1927 remodeling was done on the central original structure.  In 1945 another building was added to the South of the property.  In 1946 another building was built which later was used for other purposes.  In 1947 the sixth building was built and was originally used to house the staff.  The seventh building was built in 1960 and the larger West wing was added in 1968.  In May of 1970 the business changed its name.  In 1979 the site was left vacant and the facilities moved to a new location.  In the early 1990’s the building was renovated to it's current use.         



 WPRS members Blaschka, Coscio, Duginski, Spialek and Nicholson began the investigation on April 21, 2007 at approximately 6:00PM.  Several first hand accounts of the alleged haunting activity had already been obtained by us through email messages and a phone interview.  Below is a list of the activity that was reported to us.

1. Unexplained knocking on the door of room #N303 in one of the buildings.

2. The apparitions of small children have been seen by staff thru the dining room window in the newer building.  Staff waves at the children and they wave back and disappear.

3. The ghost image of an unknown security guard has been seen roaming the hallways.

4. The ghostly image of a small child has been seen riding his tricycle outside the business.  When further investigated the child is no where to be seen and no tracks are evident in the freshly fallen snow.

5. Active phenomena occurs in room #102 in one of the buildings.  Often people hear noises, sometimes they have heard what sounds like a bell ringing.  On many occasions after the bell ringing is heard the occupant passes away within weeks.

6. Room #302 in one of the buildings reported that at times an unknown person enters the room and rummages through their refrigerator and cupboards and rocks in their rocking chair.  When further investigated no staff personnel was found to have entered the room.

7. Room #307 experiences paranormal activity when females stay in that room.  Also occupants have seen dark figures on the roof outside of the window in that room.

8. Water fountain turns itself on when it is normally off.

9. Reportedly the elevator operates of its own accord.

10. Heavy oppressive feelings reported in room #203.

11. Several unexplained phenomena have been reported in one of the buildings which is currently vacant.  Windows often found open, lights on when they are suppose to be off, furniture often found set up in rooms as if someone was living in them.  A possible former employee in 1940 - 50's style uniform has been seen pushing a cart and then disappears.

12. The sounds of a child crying has been heard near rooms #7 and #8 in the newer building with no explanation as to where the sound is coming from.  When the sound is searched out it stops.



            The investigation of the private business in Wausau Wisconsin took place on April 21, 2007 from approximately 6:00PM to 1:00AM. Most of our efforts were focused on the vacant building as most of the paranormal activity has surrounded this site.  We were unable to obtain entry to building #6 during the latter part of the evening to investigate the phenomena reported there.  The group plans to revisit on another date to check that area as well.  Investigator Blaschka, Coscio, Duginski, Nicholson and Spialek were present on this investigation.  During the evening several digital and conventional 35mm photos were shot in all areas of the vacant building as well as in building #6.  After review no unexplainable anomalies were captured on the digital or conventional film. Several temperature readings were obtained at the vacant site and all seemed to be within normal range. The temperature was 48 to 49 degrees Fahrenheit in the first floor area, 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the second floor area and 55 to 61 degrees in the third floor area.  The entire structure was scanned with an EMF Trifield meter.  No anomalous readings were obtained.  The first floor ranged from .2mg to 4mg.  The second floor ranged from .2mg to 3mg and the third floor ranged from .2mg to 3mg.  One session of EVP was conducted on the third floor of the building.  After review of the audio tapes no phenomena was captured.  A Sony Night Shot camera was placed in the second floor hallway leading to the underground tunnel due to a small spike that was detected in that area with an EMF meter.  During the vigil nothing paranormal was observed.  A physical plant test was conducted during the evening.  The group witnessed and recorded that each window in the building was closed and each shade left open.  The windows were checked periodically throughout the evening with no notable changes.  At one point during the evening researchers on the third floor heard an undetermined noise that came from the second floor.  No one was present on the second floor or in that area at that time. In conclusion the WPRS did not find enough scientific evidence to support the reports of paranormal activity at the site other than the unexplainable EMF reading on the second floor.  That evidence alone does not support or validate that the building is without question haunted.  It should be noted that we only spent a short period of time in the building. More time, observation, and video monitoring would be needed to draw a more accurate conclusion of the site.


Supplemental Update 06-09-07

            On Saturday, June 9th, 2007 our group returned to investigate in building #6.  We were previously unable to investigate there during our original investigation on April 21, 2007.  We arrived at 10:30 PM and decided to spend our time in room #302 as most of the activity had occurred in that room.  Several other rooms had reported activity but were currently occupied by residents.  During our vigil we had present investigators Blaschka, Coscio, Nicholson and Spialek.  We began by setting up several pieces of equipment in order for us to monitor the area.  A Geiger counter, EMF meters, thermal probes and atmospheric instrumentation were all used and monitored through out the vigil.  Several photographs were taken as well.  During the entire vigil EVP was conducted and Night Shot video was shot toward the entrance to the room.  No anomalous personal observations, readings, photos, EVP or video was obtained during the evening.  The vigil was ended at approximately 1:00 AM. 


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.