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2nd Investigation- August 26th, 2014


The WPRS investigated this business on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 from approximately 6:00pm – 11:00pm. Investigators that were present on this case were Beaudry, Von Gnechten, S. Blaschka and A. Blaschka. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital video recorder (DVR) system, infrared and full spectrum camera, digital camera, Trifield EMF meter, K2 EMF meter, REM POD EMF meter, laser grids and digital recorders.

The investigation began with Investigator Beaudry taking pictures with the infrared and full spectrum cameras, while Investigator’s S. Blaschka took digital photographs and Von Gnechten walked though silently with a digital recorder. Investigators then meet with an employee of the business inside of the establishment to discuss the different paranormal experiences that were occurring in the business again. During the conversation, Investigator S. Blaschka experienced the back of his shirt being pulled by an unseen source. Investigator S. Blaschka was standing by the front of the bar near the main entrance.

Investigators then set up the (DVR) camera system, with cameras placed in selected areas of the establishment. Camera #1 was placed in the corner of the front entry facing the bar, pointed towards the left side of the room which could capture the gaming machine area and the back pool room area. Camera #2 was placed in the opposite corner of the front entry facing the bar and into the kitchen area. Camera #3 was placed in the dining area facing towards the bar and basement stairway.

Camera #4 was placed near the back patio entry facing towards the dining room. Four Trifield EMF meters were placed around the bar and a REM POD EMF meter was placed in the kitchen. Two laser grids were set up. The first laser grid was placed facing the front entry of the establishment and the second was placed facing into the kitchen. These grids are used to help detect any movement in that area. During the process of setting up the equipment, Investigator S. Blaschka heard a disembodied voice near the basement staircase area, which he described as a low gruff tone saying, “ Hi “.

After the equipment was in place, Investigators placed themselves around the establishment and silently observed the environment around them. During that time, no paranormal activity was reported. Investigators then decided to conduct an EVP session with the digital recorders. Investigator Beaudry was seated near the pool table, Von Gnechten was seated at the bar near the gaming machines, A. Blaschka was seated at the bar near the front entry and S. Blaschka was seated at the end of the bar near the dining room.  During one part of the session, the Trifield EMF meter that was placed near A.Blaschka experienced a detection of a high energy spike of 4 milligauss, then back to a normal reading of 0 milligauss.



During the EVP session that was conducted, one EVP was captured on S. Blaschka’s digital recorder. Investigator Beaudry was laying down some ground rules for the entities to follow, explaining that they must leave the employees and patrons alone and stop scratching the female bartenders. At that time, an EVP was captured which sounds like the word “sexy”. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Numerous photographs were taken though out the establishment with the Infrared, Full Spectrum and digital cameras. Three pictures were unusual in nature, but they do not contain enough evidence that they can be noted as paranormal.


Picture #1 was captured with the Full Spectrum camera, were you can see what appears to be a white mist or light near the table on the left side of the photograph.



Picture #2 was captured with the Infrared camera and you can see three glowing dots on the wall.



Picture #3 was captured with the Full Spectrum camera and appears to be a light transparent shadow near the left of the pool table, in front of the door.



Investigator S. Blaschka experienced two separate personal paranormal experiences during the investigation. On one occasion, S. Blaschka had his shirt pulled and heard a disembodied voice saying, “Hi”.



Upon reviewing all the evidence from this investigation and previous investigations that were conducted, along with all the personal experiences the WPRS can determine that the 109 year old building is haunted. The paranormal activity is determined to be an intelligent haunt, but does not appear to be malicious or demonic in nature.



*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry or the WPRS.