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House in Western Marathon County


      On 10/23/03 I was contacted by Channel 7's Susan Ramsett regarding paranormal activity that had taken place at a home in western Marathon County. Ms. Ramsett advised me to contact the client. On 10/26/03 I contacted the client regarding the alleged activity. She agreed to allow us access to her home on 10/27/03. The client relayed to me that she currently leases her home and has lived there for the past six years. Her home is actually a converted schoolhouse. Little to no history is known about the structure. Upon arrival WSAW Channel 7 News was there to document some of our findings for a two part series that will be aired on 10/30/03 and 10/31/03.


      WPRS members Blaschka and Ludwig began the investigation on October 27, 2003 at approximately 7:20PM. Both the client and her son were present. Blaschka and Ludwig obtained various accounts of possible paranormal activity from both occupants of the home. Blaschka recorded the interview through audio means. Listed below is the activity that was reported to us this evening.

1. A Mylar helium balloon purchased by the client stayed inflated for approximately two months during which time it was reported to have moved around rooms and up and down a staircase seemingly under it's own power. She reported that it was as if someone unseen was leading the balloon around. It always hovered and never touched the walls, ceiling, floor, or family occupants.

2. An unexplainable puddle of water could be found at times in the same place on her kitchen counter near her microwave. The puddle always measured about 6 to 7 inches in diameter. No reasonable source for the water can be ascertained.

3. Knocking has been heard at the front door. When someone answers it they find no one outside.

4. Family members report that their radio in the kitchen at times will all of a sudden play Big Band Music. When the music stops they again search for the channel it was broadcast from but are unable to find it.

5. On one occasion water reportedly gushed out of the bathroom tub faucet and then stopped. Upon inspection of the water faucet it is found to be in the off position.

6. The family also reports that their pet dog sometimes will not go upstairs or into the basement. Sometimes it will growl at seemingly nothing.


      The investigation of the residence took place on October 27, 2003 from approximately 7:00PM to 8:50PM. Investigator Blaschka and Ludwig were present. During the investigation two (2) rolls of high speed color film was used in all areas of the home. The film will be reviewed for any anomalies. Several temperature readings were obtained and all seemed to be within a normal range. The basement reading was 43 - 46 degrees Fahrenheit, main level was 56 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the upper level was 60 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire building was scanned with a Trifield EMF meter. Most of the readings obtained averaged between .5mg - 1.5mg. The basement, various areas on the first floor and most of the second floor had a regular rhythmic magnetic disturbance. Its lowest measurement was .5mg, which then peaked to about 6.0mg. We could not determine the source of the disturbance in the field. However, we are fairly certain that given its consistent static rhythm that the disturbance noted is of a manmade form. It's probable that it may have been some type of pump for the home that was grounded to the plumbing causing various fluctuations in the magnet field. No 8mm video was shot during our pre-investigation. The WPRS could not completely explain all of the noted possible paranormal phenomena that was reported to us. However some possible explanation for the Big Band Music could be that at times a channel broadcasting Big Band Music with a very weak signal could be heard. All at once that signal could be lost and covered over by another stronger broadcast. This could happen without the aid of someone resetting the tuning knob. The unusual activity of the balloon in the home could be due to sudden temperature changes or drafts in combination with air currents. However let it also be noted that the family reported that these occurrences took place during a time when their furnace was not in use and windows were closed. The water gushing in the tub could be due to extreme backpressure built up by the well pump. The valves in the faucet may simply be weak or not well seated. The other noted phenomena we could not reasonable explain at this time. Further study of the site would be needed to draw a more accurate conclusion. Further investigation of the home may be done at a later time if more phenomena continues. Family members were advised to keep a log of any activity.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of the WPRS.