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Shepherd & Schaller Sporting Goods

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      Investigators Roll and Blaschka of the WPRS (Wisconsin Paranormal Research Society) were contacted by Heather Lee of Wausau’s Channel 7 concerning reports of unexplained activity at Shepherd and Schaller Sporting Goods. Shepherd & Schaller is currently located at 324 Scott Street in Wausau, Wisconsin. Which is also the former site of the first JC Penney’s and the Wausau Pilot. Roll and Blaschka were asked by Heather Lee to perform an investigation at Shepherd & Schaller’s business site to determine whether any paranormal activity is indeed occurring there. The WPRS agreed and decided to investigate the site. The investigation occurred on October 31st, 2002. Our contact at the business site was Shannon Blume an employee who works for the store.


      A recorded interview session was conducted on October 31st, 2002 at the business site with our contact Shannon Blume. Miss. Blume relayed the following possible paranormal activity to investigators Roll and Blaschka. All of the activity listed has occurred in the building between 1990 to present day. This information was noted and recorded for investigation purposes.

      Feelings of a friendly presence. Workers often feel that the presence is watchful of their work quality. Workers at the site refer to the possible presence as “Ed” who was a former custodial worker when JC Penney’s occupied the site.

      Lights in the upstairs stockroom turn on and off by unseen hands.

      Items mysteriously disappear only to be found later in unusual places.

      One worker reported that a chunk of plaster flew off the wall at her while she was ascending the attic area.

      While working alone in the building an employee had left an open can of soda on the floor. When the worker returned he found a perfect circle of soda poured out around the can.

      While a pet dog was in the store it reacted strangely and barked at some unseen object.

      Door alarm is often set off with no apparent explanation.

      Rapping noises have often been heard with no explanation as to where they are coming from.


      The investigation of Shepherd and Schaller Sporting Goods located at 324 Scott Street in Wausau took place on October 31st, 2002 from approximately 6:30PM to 8:00PM. Investigators Roll and Blaschka were present. During the investigation two rolls of high-speed color film was shot in all areas of the building. No unexplainable anomalies were captured on film. Several temperature readings were obtained and all seemed to be within normal ranges. The entire building was scanned with EMF meters and only one unusual reading was found in the basement area near the old tunnel that lead to the Wausau Club years earlier. The reading recorded shot from a normal static reading to an extremely high reading. Investigator Blaschka could not recreate this anomalous reading. In theory readings such as these can constitute the presence of paranormal activity. Also the structure was scanned with a Geiger counter. The readings averaged about .03 rads which is normal. In conclusion the WPRS did not find any extreme paranormal evidence to ascertain whether Shepherd and Schaller Sporting Goods is truly experiencing genuine paranormal activity. While it is noted that several credible witnesses have experienced what they believe to be paranormal activity none of our instruments or observations found any strong evidence of such during this visit. It should also be noted that the investigators were only allowed a very short time to take readings and record observations. Normal investigations take much more time and prior planning to be complete. It is possible that we may revisit the site in the future at Shepherd and Schaller’s request.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.