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House in Lincoln County Wisconsin


      On 08/15/05 the WPRS was contacted by the client regarding paranormal activity for the past 37 years at her residence. The client, her sister, niece and nephew have lived at the location since 2000. Paranormal events have taken place over the past 5 years with a drastic increase in activity in the past weeks. The activity seemed to increase since the family had to put down a pet and it seemed to surround her daughter. To date the daughter is the only person in the home that has seen an apparition. The client has experience auditory phenomena. According to the client the paranormal activity began in 1968 after a Ouija board contacted a spirit named Emily or Lynn. The client’s family has owned the home since the 1940’s. The client agreed to allow the WPRS access to her residence on 09/03/05 to conduct an investigation and collect further notes on the reported paranormal events.


      WPRS members Blaschka and Geurink began the investigation on September 3, 2005 at approximately 7:30PM. The client and her daughter were present. Following is a list of reported paranormal activity.

1.  Apparition of a girl wearing pink between the ages of 6-8 years old know as Ann Marie Lynn has been seen by the daughter in her bedroom, staircase and living room. This daughter further claims that Ann drowned.

2.  Audible paranormal phenomena have occurred, including the daughter being warned by the “ghost” to leave the house because it was going to burn.

3.  Accounts of poltergeist activity.

4.  A “force” moved a pet cat across the floor.

5.  Spirit possession of the daughter.

6.  Pets react to unseen forces. Family’s dog is often seen bowing its head as if it were being reprimanded.

7.  Lights and appliances turn on and off without explanation.

8.  Female voice heard calling for Pokey (The deceased family cat)

9.  Movement of various items.

10.  Apparition of a red haired woman in the upstairs bedroom is often seen hanging by a rope or with a stab wound to the chest.

11.  Doors, cupboards and drawers left open and contents scattered about.

12.  A coffee pot was thrown off a counter and struck the nearby wall.

13.  Wet footprints found on kitchen floor.

14.  Apparitions of a man and a pet seen in the home.

15.  Feelings of a presence.

16.  One witness reported that a horrible red-eyed parody of Christ appeared on a television screen.

17.  Grandfather’s doppelganger was seen in the home. He has since died.


      The investigation of the residence took place on September 3, 2005 from approximately 7:30PM to 10:30PM. Investigator Blaschka and Geurink were present. During the investigation two (2) rolls of high speed color film were shot. No anomalies were found. Temperature readings taken on the first floor averaged 69-72 degrees Fahrenheit and 76-80 degrees on the second floor. The entire house was scanned with a Trifield EMF meter. The combined first floor averaged .5mg and the second floor averaged 1.0mg. Higher readings were obtained in the kitchen and on the staircase but were not paranormal in origin. No unexplainable fluctuations in the magnetic field were recorded. Two EVP sessions were conducted in the home in the upstairs bedroom and in the living room with no results. During one of the EVP sessions the daughter claimed an apparition of the girl was sitting on the staircase. Readings and photographs were taken but failed to reveal evidence of paranormal activity. During the investigation, the daughter seemed to enter a trance like state. The mother stated that this is what happens when her daughter becomes possessed by the girl entity. She further explained that while in this state her daughter is drawn to the spirit in order to “touch” her. Other trance induced effects include; an awful headache, draining of her energy and overheating of her body. No change in the daughter’s temperature was detected during this trance state.  In conclusion the WPRS did not find any evidence to support the claims of a haunting.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the permission Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.