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A House South of Wausau



      A family member, who resides south of Wausau, contacted investigator Blaschka with the WPRS regarding possible paranormal activity that was occurring there. She expressed to us that she and her husband have had several odd experiences while living in their home over the past few years. She also had extended an opportunity for our group to pay a visit to her home to collect data through investigative means and to possibly determine whether her home is haunted.


      In a recorded interview session conducted on June 27th, 2002 at 7:30pm at the residence, they relayed the following possible paranormal activity to investigators Roll and Blaschka, which was noted and recorded for investigation purposes.

1. Both the hot and cold faucets found turned on in the bathroom sink. The owners stated that they had not turned them on. This occurred once only while both occupants where home.

2. The previous owner told the current owner that she had often heard the voice of a woman laughing while she was taking baths.

3. Several times the owners would leave the house and return to find the front door unlocked when they had locked it and locked when they had left it unlocked. Also at times they would find the door left physically open.

4. Basement lights turned back on after they had been shut off.

5. On one occurrence the television set in the living room had been turned back on after it was shut off.

6. The owner reported that she often hears music or singing when she operates the vacuum in bedroom #3 (babies room).

7. On several occasions the occupants have heard the cupboard doors slam shut in the middle of the night.

8. The pet dog sometimes reacts strangely in the middle of the night in the kitchen area. The dog has been seen growling and barking toward the kitchen area while backing up toward bedroom #2.

9. She also reports that she often feels a presence in her home and she believes it to be male.


      The investigation of the residence took place on July 13th, 2002. Investigator Blaschka, Roll and Murphy were present. The owners were not present, as they did not wish to be home during the investigation. During the investigation several rolls of high-speed film was shot in all areas of the home. No anomalies were captured on any of the film. Two (2) hours of video was shot in bedroom #3 (babies room) with a night shot infrared camera, while remotely viewed by investigators. No significant anomalies were noted during the filming. Investigator Blaschka recorded 90 minutes of EVP in the basement area of the home. Upon review no anomalous noises where noted. Investigator Murphy also recorded 60 minutes of EVP throughout the upstairs living area with no notable results. Three sťances were conducted during the investigation. One was conducted in the Alcove, one in bedroom #3 and one in the basement. The only result obtained during these sťances was the sound of knocks or thumps directly following some of the questions. Also investigator Blaschka felt a strong presence while in the basement which he stated seemed to feel male. Several temperature readings were obtained and all seemed to be within normal ranges. The house was scanned with EMF meters and no unusual readings were found. Also the home was scanned with a Geiger counter. The basement readings were .05 rads and the upstairs living areas averaged about .02 rads. In conclusion we did not find any supporting evidence to ascertain whether the residence is truly experiencing genuine paranormal activity. None of our instruments or observations found any strong evidence of activity. At this time we do not plan to return to the site.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.