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Family Home East of Wausau


      Investigator Ludwig contacted the client, who is the caretaker of a family home in Ringle, Wisconsin.  The client had mentioned to investigator Ludwig that paranormal activity had occurred at his grandmother's family home.  The home was built by his grandmother's family over 100 years ago.  It was constructed to house a family of 10. The family were loggers by trade and some family members passed away and had their wakes in the family home, which was customary at the time.  The last time that the house was seriously used was in 1986 for a wedding and reception for the client's father.  The house, though vacant is still used for lodging during deer hunting season. Since the construction of the home, there have been a number of paranormal experiences that have been witnessed by many family members.  The investigation was performed October 12th, 2002. Present at the investigation were Investigators Todd Roll, Shawn Blaschka and Brad Ludwig.


      An interview with the client was conducted on August 13th, 2002 at Papillon’s Restaurant.  The client listed the following paranormal activity to investigators Murphy, Blaschka and Ludwig.

  1. The client's grandmother told the client of an experience that she had in her twenties. She was in the kitchen, washing the dishes, when a fog rolled into the yard.  The client's grandmother suddenly felt 'odd' and looked up from the sink.  The sink, which faced the outdoor water pump, played host to a white stallion.  The stallion appeared by the water pump and then disappeared in the fog.  Though the family owned horses at one time, they no longer did.
  2. The client's father had a friend sleep over night at the home.  As the client's father and his friend were trying to sleep, they both saw a ghostly figure appear from the woods.  The figure was that of a man holding a lantern who seemed to be looking for something.  The man disappeared shortly after the boys saw him.  They asked each other if they had seen the same thing.  They had and tried even harder to fall asleep.
  3. When the client's father was a teen, he heard the sounds of a 1920's dancing party in the living room.  He exited his upstairs bedroom and walked down the stairs.  There was no one in the living room.
  4. When the client was young, he found a horseshoe just inside the horse barn.  He reported this to his father.  The client's father was amazed.  The horseshoe was that of a horse that had thrown it when he was a child. The family had looked for the horseshoe and never found it.  When the client's father asked the client where he had found the shoe, he told him that it was right out in the open at the entrance to the old barn.  The barn had not been host to horses in well over five decades.
  5. The client and his brother brought their girlfriends to their grandmother's home in the early 90's.  The client's brother and his girlfriend took the room that was just off of the living room on the first floor.  The beds in the room were pushed together an moved next to one of the windows in the room.  The door was closed and the lights were turned off.  They decided to go to sleep.  The client's brother was positioned by the window and his girlfriend was next to the door.  The client's brother felt something move from the window, across the bed, towards the door.  The client's brother and his girlfriend asked each other what they were doing.  When they realized that neither of them had moved.  They turned on the lights and proceeded to check the room.  Nothing had entered or left the closed room.
  6. The client stayed at the home the evening before the open of the 1992 Gun/Deer season.  The client had a light, an alarm clock and a space heater on in the upstairs bedroom.  The client set his alarm and climbed into his sleeping bag.  As he closed his eyes.  The power went out.  The client grabbed his flashlight an proceed to go to the basement to check the fuse box.  He replaced the burnt out fuse.  The client went back upstairs and reset his clock.  He decided to read for a little while.  The power went out again.  The client unplugged the space heater in his room and went to replace the fuse.  He returned to his room and reset the alarm.  The power went out for a third time.  As he went to replace the fuse once more.  The power turned on and his alarm buzzer went off.  The alarm clock was blinking, as before, but this time it read 2:35am.  The client checked to see what time the alarm was set to.  It was set to 5:30am. No matter what setting he tried on the alarm clock it still buzzed.  The client finally unplugged the clock and left it for 15 seconds.  When he plugged the clock in, it was flashing 12:00am and was now silent.


      The investigation started at 7:48pm on October 12th, 2002.  Investigators Roll, Blaschka and Ludwig were present. The average temperature of the interior of the home was 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Many rolls of 35mm color film were taken of the exterior and interior of the home and surrounding area.  EMF readings were taken in and around the home.  The readings were at or under 2 milligauss.  The night shot video camera was used in the first floor bedroom. Filming started at 8:59pm and ended at 10:37pm.  EVP recording was done in the dining room while we asked questions.  We also tried sitting in the dark and tried the old method of ghost detection and wrote down impressions that we felt.

      The WPRS ended the investigation at 10:45pm.  After analysis of video and audio tape and review of the pictures taken at the home, we found that we had inconclusive evidence of paranormal activity.  There were many 'orbs' detected in the video but they were attributed to the Asian Beetles and dust that were in the room.  No EVP was recorded.  It is possible that we may revisit the site in the future at the client's request.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of the WPRS.