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Case Investigation - Grand Theater - Wausau, Wisconsin

Investigated: July 17, 2001, November 23, 2001, December 4, 2001,  March 22, 2002


      The following photo was taken during a WPRS investigation of the Grand Theater in Wausau, Wisconsin.  The blob in the middle of the photo which looks as if it is wrapped around the railing of the balcony is the object in question.  There are a number of anomalies on this photo, but the blob appears on the negative and when I snapped the picture I didn't see it.  Please note that there was a renovation project underway and quite a bit of dust was in the air.  We plan to head back to the Grand Theater soon and investigate this further.

Possible Ghost ?

This photo is property of Todd Roll and can not be reproduced without express written consent of Todd Roll.

Update: 11-23-01

      The team returned to the Grand Theater on November 23rd 2001.  We didn't capture anything on film, but the team did experience some strange phenomena in the northern most spotlight room,  the lighting rack above the house, and on the north staircase.  

      In the spotlight room the group heard what sounded like a murmuring voice.  No words were detected and EVP in the room turned up nothing.  There was a warm water heating radiator in the room and the sound coming from it may have been the source of the "voice".

      EVP may have picked up something in the lighting rack above the house.  The distinct phrase "21" can be heard on the tape recorded in the rack. However, it should be noted that the two team members who took the recording were speaking at the time which could explain the voice on the tape.

      We also picked up the phrase "Don't come back over here." in the northern most spotlight room.  The origin of the voice is likely paranormal in nature as the voices heard do not belong to the two investigators that were present.

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      A team member reported seeing a shadow moving along and across the north staircase.  Tests revealed that people walking in front of the main entrance to the building would cast shadows on the wall where the team member reported seeing the shadow, however that would not explain the shadow moving across the staircase as reported.

Update: 3-22-02

      The WPRS returned to the Grand Theater on March 22, 2002 to collect further evidence of paranormal activity in the north spotlight room. A sweep of the room with EMF meters detected an electromagnetic anomaly of 2mg in the center of the room. A Sony Camcorder with Night shot was placed in the room along with an EMF meter with a sound component which would alert if a field was detected. WPRS monitored the room from a remote location one floor down from the spotlight room. At 8:20:47 pm the EMF meter detected a field and at the same time a ball of light moved across the bottom of the video screen. The WPRS intends to return to the Grand at a later date.