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Elk's Club Wausau, Wisconsin


      Investigator Roll was contacted by Scott Fritsche after giving a talk to a group. Mr. Fritsche asked Investigator Roll if the WPRS would be interested in investigating the Elk's Club, of which he is employed.  The current Elk's Club is located on the corners of Scott and 5th Streets in downtown Wausau and was constructed in 1923.


      An interview with Mr. Fritsche, and other members of the Elk's Club, was conducted on May 17th, 2002.  During the interview, Mr. Fritsche mentioned a number of paranormal experiences he had.

  • Six months prior to our interview, on a Sunday evening, Mr. Fritsche had locked up the building and was working in his office. As he worked late into the evening, he was overcome with a sense of 'foreboding'. He stated that he felt like an authority figure was reprimanding him. Yet no sound could be heard.
  • The Lodge Historian had an experience in the bowling alley, which is located in the basement. He clearly heard furniture being moved in the banquet hall, which is located directly above the alley. When he went to check the room, the was no one to be found and the furniture was untouched.
  • People who work in the Lodge tell the newer workers that "if you hear footsteps directly behind you while working in the 2nd floor ballroom. Don't worry, he's okay."
  • One of the members exited the 1st floor bathroom and entered the lobby in July of 1998. He felt a force trying to push or lift him into the air from behind, as he walked to the banquet room. His feet never left the ground.
  • People have often told Mr. Fritsche that they are very often drawn to the main hall's mirror. The mirror is placed directly over the mantle of the hall's fireplace.


      The investigation started at 9:05pm on May 25th, 2002. Investigators Roll, Blaschka and Ludwig were present. The average temperature of the interior of the home was 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Many rolls of 35mm color film were taken of the interior of the 1st and 2nd floors of the building. EMF readings were taken on the 1st and 2nd floors as well. The readings were widely varied. The Night shot video camera was used in the bar in conjunction with an EMF meter. A second camera filmed the lobby and monitored the temperature in the room. Filming started at 9:32pm and ended at 11:20pm. EVP recording was done in the bar as well.

      The WPRS ended the investigation at 1:00am. After analysis of video and audio tape and review of the pictures taken of the Elk's Club, we found that we had inconclusive evidence of paranormal activity. The Night Shot camera picked up an orb at midnight, but this could be attributed to the air flow created by the air conditioning system. EVP was inconclusive due to the air conditioning noises as well as the refrigeration system in the bar.  It is possible that we may revisit the site in the future at Mr. Fritsche's request.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of the WPRS.