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Crop Circle - Town of Wausau - Marathon County

      On 8/19/04 and 8/20/04 many reports of UFO sightings had been called in by several people across an area extending from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Antigo, Wisconsin. Also several unexplained power outages were called in as well from across the Midwest. No sightings were reported in the Wausau area; however this writer did observe an unidentified object in the Northwestern sky around 6:30PM on 08/20/04. The object resembled a star and did not seem to move. I observed it for over 60 minutes and yet it never seemed to change its place in the sky. I was able to take a look at it with a telescope and it appeared that it might be a very high drifting weather balloon. However, at this point that has not yet been confirmed.

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      On 8/23/04 a local farmer in the Town of Wausau by the name of Scott Warden stated that one of his workers discovered an unusual phenomenon located in his barley field while he was cutting it. What the farm hand had stumbled upon is classically referred to as a Crop Circle. This type of phenomena has been discovered all over the world since the 1980’s. The last time a crop circle formation was discovered in the Wausau area was back in 1999, also in the Town of Wausau.

      On 08/28/04 I went to the site of the crop circle formation to further investigate the phenomena. Upon arrival I observed what appeared to be two large circles surrounded by four smaller circles. A small straight line of grain that was flattened toward the East extended from the road all the way to the Eastern circle. This layer of grain extends under the circular formations with the other flattened grain lying over the top of it. Obviously this grain was flattened prior to the other grain being flattened. The two main circles measured 42 feet in diameter, the Eastern most circle measured 27 feet in diameter, the Northern most circle measured 27 feet in diameter and the two southern circles measured 26 feet and 16 feet in diameter. Some of the circles were not perfectly round.

      The smallest circular pattern # 6 was attached by a 4 foot wide path that extended from the second largest circle # 2. That grain was flattened in a southwesterly direction. The grain stalks in all of the circular formations had a counter clockwise rotation to them. Only in the Eastern most formation # 3, did the grain exhibit a clockwise rotation. Formations #4, #2 and #5 all had a small pile of loose cut hay piled in the middle of them. Ground temperature readings were obtained across the entire site with the aide of an infrared thermal probe. Readings averaged between 53 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. The same readings were found outside the crop circle area. Each circle was scanned with an EMF meter and the following readings were noted; Circle #1 averaged .4mg, circle #2 averaged .2 - .4mg, circle #3 averaged .2mg, circle #4 averaged .3mg, circle #5 averaged .2mg, circle #6 averaged .2mg and the path that extends to circle #6 averaged .2mg. All of these readings seemed to be within a normal range when compared to readings taken from outside the crop circle area. The entire crop circle was scanned with a Geiger counter and no radiation was detected at the site. During my investigation I did not find any areas on the site that appeared to have scorching or burn marks from any exposure to heat. The entire crop circle formation covers an estimated 4,648 square feet of space. It overall length measured approximately 111 feet and its overall width measured approximately 95 feet. I observed some small green vegetation starting to grow up through the knocked over barley. This seems to indicate that the formation has been present for some time. A soil and barley sample was obtained from circle #2 to be possibly analyzed for traces of radiation or other foreign materials. The entire formation is situated approximately 74 feet east of the main road that runs adjacent to the property.

      There have been some unusual phenomena associated with the site over the past week. Unexplained power outages and UFO sightings near the vicinity. Camera crews have reported on two occasion’s interference with their video footage as well as a complete loss of power to their equipment when inside the formation. One person reported that their car would not start after visiting the site. After the car was later checked it showed a completely dead battery. Another person that was visiting the site while I was investigating twice had his digital camera batteries go dead with no explanation. While I did not find any concrete evidence to support any of these paranormal claims I can not say with absolute certainty that this formation is authentic. So, I will leave it up to you the reader to decide. Has alien life visited Marathon County or is a hoaxer among us.

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