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House in Clark County Wisconsin



      On 04/19/04 I was contacted by the client regarding paranormal activity that had taken place on 4/18/04 at a residence which is located across the street from the client's sisters’ home. On 05/07/04 I contacted the owners via telephone regarding the alleged activity. During the conversation I was able to ascertain whether what had been seen by the client on 4/18/04 had possibly been an isolated incident or if possibly the family had also had prior paranormal experiences. It turned out that this was not an isolated incident and the owners family relayed to me several events that had taken place over the last 47 years that they believed may be paranormal in nature. The family on the mothers’ side has had paranormal experiences going back at least 5 generation some of which was spent outside this particular residence. The paranormal activity mainly began after the family renovated the upstairs area of the home around 1980 although other activity had occurred going back as far as 1957. The home has been in the possession of the family since 1957 when the owners grandparents purchased it. The basement was added in the late 1950’s also by her grandparents. Deed records indicate that the lot first came into existence in 1875, the house most probably was built in the late nineteenth century. The owner agreed to allow me access to her residence on 08/21/04 to determine if any of our instrumentation could detect paranormal activity. Also to collect further notes regarding several unexplained paranormal events. Many of the family members were present to share information regarding the history of the house.


      WPRS member Blaschka and assistant Spencer began the investigation on August 21, 2004 at approximately 5:00PM. The contact, her mother , her aunt and two of her sisters were present. Blaschka obtained various accounts of possible paranormal activity from the family. Blaschka recorded the interview through written and audio means. Listed below is the activity that was reported to me during the earlier phone conversation on 5/07/04 and during our visit this evening.

1. When vacuuming a ringing sound is heard. When the vacuum is turned off the sound is not heard, upon resuming the sound is again heard.

2. The sounds of a baby crying are heard coming from the second floor area. When the baby is checked it is found asleep. Once the client returns to the first floor the crying will resume with no explanation.

3. The sounds of footsteps are heard on the second floor as well as on the steps when no one is on the steps or upstairs.

4. Also the sound of something falling to the floor and then being picked up and placed loudly back down is heard, again with no reasonable explanation.

5. The sound of someone scratching their fingernails along the paneling the runs up the length of the steps has been heard.

6. An apparition of a young girl has been seen in the basement. The apparition was described as having short dark hair and wearing a blue dress.

7. On one most recent occasion (4/18/04) three witnesses observed a bright white light emanate from the north basement window of the residence. A human figure was seen passing in front of the light several times. After about 2 minutes the light slowly dissipated away. At the time no one was home at the residence. That phenomenon has not been able to be recreated by the WPRS.

8. Once an antique pistol was not able to be located. Later it was found in the fireplace with no explanation as to how it got there. Many other times over the year’s items were moved to another area of the house by unseen hands.

9. Current client’s daughter’s play with an imaginary friend named “Fawna”. The children have described her as looking like them and that it is their shadow.

10. Several occupants over the years have seen the apparition of a tall, thin man wearing a top hat.

11. Often noises are heard upstairs while the family is occupying the living room

12. Once a family member saw the apparition of a woman tapping a wooden spoon in her hand in her doorway upstairs. The specter was quoted as saying, “you are in so much trouble!”

13. Allegedly, one of the former owners committed suicide by hanging back in the late 1940’s in either the garage or the upstairs area. This has not been confirmed but the fact that the owner died around that time is confirmed.

14. One former occupant has felt a feeling of being hugged at times.


      The investigation of the residence took place on August 21, 2004 from approximately 5:00PM to 8:02PM. Investigator Blaschka and assistant Spencer were present. During the investigation one (1) roll of high speed color film was used in various areas of the residence. One photograph on the staircase and one in the dining room showed what is commonly referred to as an “orb”. Cause of this anomaly is most likely due to light refraction or a dust particle in the air, most probably not paranormal in nature. Several temperature readings were obtained and all seemed to be within a normal range. The basement averaged 57-58 degrees Fahrenheit, the first floor averaged 65-66 degrees Fahrenheit and the second floor averaged 69-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire house was scanned with a Trifield EMF meter. The basement averaged 1mg, the combined first floor averaged 1.5mg with no extreme rises in the field and the second floor averaged 1.9mg. Three separate areas in the home showed a very high static reading that I was not able to explain. Those areas were the East second floor bedroom, the central second floor bedroom and the staircase. It is possible that a large grouping of electrical wires run through these areas however the location of such wires is not logical in correlation to the structure and placement of the walls. Regardless, I do not consider these readings to be paranormal in nature. At no time during my visit did I experience any unexplainable fluctuation in the magnetic field. The entire house was scanned with a standard Geiger counter. The overall average of the basement, first floor and second floor was .5 rads. No 8mm video was shot during our pre-investigation. Most of the family members have had similar experiences or have witnessed the same apparitions over the years. The apparitions have seemed to be from various time periods ranging from the late 1880’s up to the 1940’s. The WPRS could not completely explain all of the noted possible paranormal phenomena that were reported to us. Further study of the site may take place in the future if activity in the house becomes more frequent.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.