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On October 9, 2009 at approximately 5:00 PM, Wausau Paranormal Research Society Investigators Angela Spialek, Betsy Duginski, Jim Coscio, Sara Shaw and Shawn Blaschka interviewed and investigated a Westside business in Wausau, Wisconsin.  The clients reported that paranormal activity has occurred on an irregular basis for the past nine years. The owner has operated her business at this address since about 2000 with activity occurring prior to when she purchased the property.  The most active areas of the building are the hallway off the main lobby area, the upper landing of the stairway and a small room used upstairs.  The current dwelling was built in 1903 and used primarily as a residence until the mid to late 1990's.


1. Client's have seen movement out of the corner of their eye on an irregular basis with the most recent activity seen about three months ago.

2. Movement seen in the hallway off of the main lobby area and at the top of the staircase with no distinguishable features.  Movement is noted as fast and always moving right to left.

3. Strong feelings of presence but one that has a comfortable feeling to it.

4. Prior residents of the dwelling noted seeing an apparition of a nun in the building.

5. Sometimes a thump noise is heard downstairs coming from the upstairs area with no explanation of where the sound emanates from.

6. In the past things have been moved or sometimes found broken in one of the upstairs rooms.  This activity has not occurred for quite some time.

7. Sometimes one of the clients feels a strong feeling of grief and sadness.



Upon our arrival we interviewed the client and they gave us a complete tour of the property, also a brief explanation of the paranormal activity that has been experienced.  We began the investigation by taking baseline EMF, temperature and Geiger counter readings throughout.  A general sketch of the floor plan and several photographs were also taken through out the dwelling.  During this initial walk through we let our audio recorders run so as to possibly capture any stray EVP’s. Our investigators split into two groups.  Group one collected all of the baseline readings while investigator Duginski drew the general sketch.  Group two set up all of the infrared digital cameras for later remote observation.  Cameras were placed in the first floor hallway area and at the top and bottom of the staircase.  The basement level recorded temperatures between 56 – 59 F degrees.  The first floor areas recorded temperatures between 63-74 F degrees.  The second floor recorded temperatures of 60 – 64 F degrees.  EMF and Geiger counter readings registered as normal throughout ranging from .08mg to 3.0mg.  The highest EMF readings were noted as being on the South side of the dwelling.  EVP sessions were conducted in the main lobby and in the south side sitting room with some measurable success.  A Frank’s box was used during the main lobby EVP session.  The investigators captured three disembodied voices while in the south side sitting room and one disembodied voice in the lobby area.  None of these voices were audibly heard during the recordings.  All of the EVP’s were whispered and sounded male in nature.  One of them sounds like it says “yes” and another clearly states “get out” after we had asked it to give us a message.  The other two EVP’s were unintelligible in nature.  Several photographs were taken throughout the dwelling with nothing paranormal in nature obtained. 


In conclusion, some of the evidence collected at the site by the investigative team contained possible paranormal phenomena which can not be readily explained.  We were unable to explain reasonably what caused the EVP and disembodied voices that we captured.  Given the above, we believe that this building is indeed haunted.  If haunted by spirits none of us feel that they are harmful in nature.  The owner may continue to log any occurrences out of the ordinary and we may revisit the site in the future at the owner’s request.



The client has not experienced any visual anomalies since our previous visit but has had some unusual activity during an EVP session that they conducted on their own during the summer of 2010. Reportedly during the session they had a candle burning while seated in the south side sitting room. Several of the participants asked questions during the session, however when the owner of the building asked questions the candle would uncontrollably flicker. Throughout the session the same activity occurred but only when the owner would speak.

On Friday, November 5, 2010 the Wausau Paranormal Research Society was asked by the clients to return back to the site to conduct further experimentation. We focused our attention in the south side sitting room and concentrated this investigation on collection of EVP's. The team decided to recreate the experiment that was performed by the client months earlier. A candle was lit and placed in the same location as previously done. The client was seated in the exact location she was in during the original session. We tested several theories that may have caused the candle to flicker. During our testing we were unable to recreate the flickering candle. We set up a Sony Night Shot camera to record all of us while we conducted an EVP session. During the session several members could hear what sounded like a high pitched moan. We were unable to find the source of the sounds. Later review of our audio recordings produced no anomalous voices or sounds. The high pitched moans could not be heard on our tapes. During our session the candle did not flicker and no unusual movements were seen on our 8mm high 8 recordings. The client will continue to log any unusual activity. We may return again in the future at the client's request.


*Reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.*