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The Rosenberry Inn 2nd Investigation - Wausau, Wisconsin



Wausau Paranormal Research Society (aka: WPRS) was allowed to rent the Rosenberry Inn at an agreed upon rate and spend the night investigating the entire building on Saturday, February 28, 2015.  The Rosenberry Inn was previously investigated by WPRS on December 7, 2014 at the request of the owner, Krista Salas.  (Please see the prior report for those investigative results.)  Investigators present during the overnight rental included Lead Investigator Sharon Williams, Shawn Blaschka, Anji Spialek, Nick von Gnechten, and Sara Shaw.

WPRS investigators arrived at the location throughout the afternoon.  As during the first investigation, investigators did not access the third floor because this is John’s (caretaker) apartment and no unexplained experiences have been noted in that area of the building.  Prior to setting up investigative equipment, WPRS investigators completed a quick walk-through of the building to assure that all rooms were secure and all exterior entrances were locked or inaccessible.

Upon completion of this walk-through the investigators set up the digital video recorder (DVR) with four infrared cameras at various locations throughout the building; dining room, first floor hallway, second floor hallway, and second floor landing near the back staircase.  Additional equipment used during this investigation included the following: various digital cameras, full-spectrum camera, and digital voice recorders.

Infrared Cameras

Base of operations was set up in the first floor bunk bed room which is located next to the main stairway.  The four infrared cameras were set up in the following locations:

1) Dining room aimed toward the area where the white dog was previously seen, 2) First floor hallway aimed toward the rear stairwell, 3) Second floor hallway aimed toward the large cabinet, and, 4) Second floor rear landing aimed toward the back stairs leading to the caretaker’s apartment.

EVP Sessions

Although there was no visual paranormal activity noted by investigators during the night, there was one unusual audio occurrence noted while the investigators were present during the EVP session in and around the first floor hallway/dining area.  Investigators Blaschka and von Gnechten were sitting in separate positions in the first floor hallway/dining area, while the remaining investigators were seated in the nearby living room.  Both Blaschka and von Gnechten heard a slight whistle, but none of the remaining investigators heard the whistle.  Interestingly, the ‘whistle’ was caught on Blaschka’s recorded EVP session but not on von Gnechten’s recorder.


Investigative Results

The DVR infrared cameras were set up and ran from approximately 10:09 p.m. on Saturday, February 28th to 6:19 a.m. Sunday, March 1st.  After studying all available audio, video, and digital images from the investigation, including the DVR video, there were two unexplainable visual abnormalities noted.

In the Marvin Rosenberry Room a full-range spectrum camera captured a picture which appeared to have a ‘white head shape’ on a wall next to the dressing table.  Investigators tried various measures to de-bunk the photo on-site and continued to argue the merits of the photo for several days following the investigation, some believing it to be a reflection from the dressing table mirror.  Because there were no regular digital photographs available from within the room and at the same angle, we were ultimately unable to support or debunk this evidence as paranormal in nature.

In the stairway leading into the basement another picture from the full-range spectrum camera appears to have a dark mass, possibly in the shape of a woman, standing on a stair landing.  There was no one in the basement or on the stairs at the time of this photograph and the black mass seems to actually block out some of the wooden molding on the background wall.  No regular digital photographs showed signs of anything in the basement area which could have created this anomaly.


The single EVP caught of the ‘whistle’ is intriguing because two investigators personally experienced the audible activity during the time when the EVP was captured on Investigator Blaschka’s digital recorder.  Additionally, three investigators (Spialek, von Gnechten, and Williams) each heard audible footsteps on the first and second floors while in their separate rooms for the night between the times of 1:45 am and 4:00 am.  Each investigator heard a series of three to four heavy footsteps that they believed to be in the hallway and which quickly stopped.  Interestingly anyone actually walking on either floor during the night would have been caught on at least one of the four infrared cameras, but no one is seen walking through either hallway on the DVR video between those noted times.

It must be noted that the audible evidence could be the result of some as of yet unknown occurrences, although during the investigation the audible evidence could not be debunked as being caused by any normal forms of noise contamination.  While the investigation did not produce absolute paranormal evidence, WPRS investigators continue to believe that the building has serious potential for paranormal activity.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Sharon Williams and the WPRS.