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On December 12, 2015, The Wausau Paranormal Research Society in conjunction with the Rosenberry Inn bed & breakfast hosted the winners of the 2015 Ghost Tours silent raffle overnight investigation.



Investigators Blaschka, von Gnechten, Shaw and Beaudry attended the investigation along with the winner of the silent raffle and guest. The team arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon and each member selected a bedroom of their choosing. Blaschka, von Gnechten, Beaudry and guest investigators selected second floor bedrooms, while Shaw selected a first floor bedroom.

After the selections of the rooms, the team began to unload equipment and run electrical camera wiring from the WPRS mobile command trailer into the Inn. Four DVR Infrared cameras were placed in different locations though out the Inn. Camera #1 was placed in the library den room viewing towards the hallway. Camera #2 was placed near the front entry viewing down the main first floor hallway. Camera #3 was placed in the second floor hallway and Camera #4 was placed pointing down the rear staircase on the second floor landing.

Equipment used during the investigation included the Rem Pod, K2 meter, Tri-Field EMF meters, Full Spectrum and Infrared digital cameras, laser grid, vibration and motion sensors, digital recorders and ghost box. The DVR video and EVP recorder system was set up inside and monitored in the WPRS mobile command trailer.

The WPRS also had access for the first time to investigate the Devoe House across the street from the Inn. The Devoe building is one of the oldest structures in Wausau and is now part of the Rosenberry Inn, with separate upper and lower living quarters.

Investigators von Gnechten and Beaudry took numerous pictures with the Infrared and Full Spectrum cameras inside the Rosenberry and Devoe building. Investigators Shaw and Blaschka and guest, conducted EMF and temperature readings. No unusual photographs were captured. EMF readings were consistent though out the Inn, except one high reading in the dining room, and then suddenly lowering to a normal regular reading. Investigators were unable to produce that same high reading.

Investigators Blaschka, von Gnechten, Shaw and guest conducted an EVP session in the Devoe house. Investigator Beaudry and guest remained in the Inn. During the session, a ghost box was used as a communication tool. Investigator Blaschka asked a question, “Did you know a Mr. McIntosh?” Shortly after the question was asked, a voice on the ghost box replied, “Who is McIntosh?”

While some of the team was over in the Devoe house, Investigator Beaudry came upon something unusual in the main Inn. Earlier in the evening in his private bedroom bathroom, he placed his toilet seat in an upward and open position. Later in the evening, it was noticed that the seat was now closed. Beaudry tried to debunk the situation but could not recreate the cover to close on its own with movement or airflow. No other team members used his private bathroom.

During the course of the investigation, a Rem Pod was placed in the second floor hallway in between two of the rooms. Investigator von Gnechten placed his digital recorder in the hallway near the Rem Pod. All team members were on the first floor when the Rem Pod alerted with the detection of a high energy field. Team members approached the upper staircase landing area, when footsteps and the old wooden floor boards began to creek as if something was walking away from them. The footsteps continued down the hallway until it came upon the Rem Pod again, which again detected a high energy field and alerted. Investigator von Gnechten captured these footsteps on his digital recorder. After reviewing the recording, it sounded as if something walked right over his recorder. The DVR footage showed no evidence of activity, except the Rem Pod lighting up as it was detecting the energy field.

During the course of the investigation, sounds of footsteps and floor boards creaking continued to be heard throughout the evening and early morning hours, along with the alerting of the Rem Pod. At one point during the investigation, footsteps were followed into Investigator Blaschka’s bedroom and a loud slap noise was captured on his digital recorder. Another personal experience happened when all team members settled down into their rooms for the night. Shortly after turning in, loud footsteps and floor creaking could be heard coming down the second floor hallway, then the Rem Pod alerted again. Seconds later, with in Investigator Beaudry’s room a Tri-Field EMF meter was placed on the table and alerted with a high energy reading as if something walked through the door and stood next to the table, then disappeared. These phantom footsteps could be heard until the next morning when Investigators awoke. During the course of the night, DVR footage along with the motion detectors never captured evidence of anyone or anything walking or moving in that area.

EVP sessions were conducted in different areas of the Inn. During one of the sessions downstairs, a guest investigator whom was sitting in the hallway near the bedroom entry heard a disembodied sound near the staircase landing area. He claimed it sounded like a faint murmur or moan. Investigator Beaudry who was seated at the end of the hallway near the rear entry picked up this sound on his digital recorder.



Numerous digital recordings of disembodied footsteps walking down the hallways were captured, along with DVR footage of the Rem Pod lighting up and alerting when it was detecting a high energy field. We conducted digital recordings in the Devoe house while using the ghost box as a communication tool. The EVP of a disembodied noise was heard near the bottom of the stair case.


Personal Experiences

Each member of the team along with the special guest investigators all experienced hearing the disembodied footsteps on the second floor hallway. High unexplained EMF readings with the Tri-Field meter in the dining room and bedroom. The toilet seat closed, when investigator knew it was in an upright open position. Investigator Beaudry was locking up the lower half of the Devoe house and making sure it was completely empty when he heard several very heavy loud footsteps overhead, coming from the upper room. Investigator Beaudry thought for sure there was an intruder in the building that he called for fellow team members von Gnechten and Blaschka to assist in the walk though lock up of the upper half. Upon entry and inspection, no intruder was found or evidence that someone was in the building.



The WPRS investigated the Rosenberry Inn several times, each time capturing new and different paranormal evidence, along with a plethora of personal experiences. The WPRS is certain the beautiful Inn is indeed haunted, but not by a malicious or demonic in nature entity. At no time do feelings of being uncomfortable exist, but just the opposite, warm and comfortable surroundings. Whoever is still wondering the halls of the rich and beautiful Inn is still unknown, but hopefully in the future the WPRS will once and for all be able to solve that mystery?


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry or the WPRS.