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Private Residence in Spencer, Wisconsin




The residence was an old cheese factory that was converted into a private home. The family bought the home 13 years ago from an elderly couple. The client started experiencing possible paranormal activity about a year ago, when the previous owner died and the family decided to spread his ashes near the residence. The paranormal activity has been experienced more frequently with the three teenage children.


Paranormal Activity Reported

       Shadow figures seen

       Hearing voices, footsteps, knocking and tapping

       Door knobs turn and rattle

       Objects are moved and disappear

       Physical contact: one of the teenage boys reported that something grabbed his arm while in the shower. Photos were taken of the hand and finger print marks on his upper arm.

       Family dogs are starting to become aggressive towards each other.



The WPRS investigated on Friday, May 13th, 2011 from approximately 8pm to 11:35pm. Investigators Beaudry, Blaschka and Duginski were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital video recorder (DVR) system, three digital infrared cameras, Trifield EMF meter, Geiger counter, three digital voice recorders, thermal probe, three digital cameras and hand held radios to communicate.

The client and his two teenage boys gave us a tour of the residence, while explaining the different paranormal activity that they have experienced in the home.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken throughout the home. The lower level of the home had a 55 degree reading and EMF readings were between .5 and 1.0 milligauss. The upper level had temperature readings between 59 to 60 degrees and EMF readings between .5 to 1.5 milligauss. During the investigation, there were no anomalous EMF or temperature readings.

Investigators Blaschka and Duginski conducted an EVP session in the 16 year old boy’s upstairs bedroom. During the EVP session, investigator Blaschka was asking a question and a voice was picked up on the digital voice recorder. The voice sounded like a woman or child humming a song or a tune. The voice was not heard during the recording.

On the second EVP session in the same location, investigators Beaudry and Blaschka could hear what sounded like a person sniffing their nose. The sound could be heard about a half dozen times coming from the hallway near the upper stair case. Investigator Beaudry called via radio to Duginski, who was monitoring the digital video recorder downstairs and asked her if she was making or could hear a sniffing noise. Investigator Duginski stated that she did not make any noise nor could she hear anything. The sniffing noise was not picked up on either digital voice recorder that was placed in the bedroom and on the staircase railing.

Investigators Beaudry and Blaschka asked if someone was present, could they make some sort of a sound or noise by tapping on the wall. A light tap was heard and captured on the digital recorder near the wall in the hallway at the top of the staircase. Shortly after a sound was also picked up on digital recorder, as well as heard, that sounded like the wooden floor boards creaking between the back bedroom and bathroom.

The third EVP session was conducted by investigators Beaudry, Blaschka and Duginski in the lower living room. After reviewing all EVP recordings, no evidence was obtained from that area.

The forth EVP session was conducted by investigators Beaudry and Duginski upstairs in two of the bedrooms and hallway staircase area.  After reviewing all EVP recordings, no evidence was obtained in that area.

Three infrared cameras were placed around the home where the family said to have seen shadow figures. The first camera was placed in the extra living room area. The second was placed looking into the family room and the third was placed upstairs near the back bedroom facing the upper staircase and bedroom area. Each investigator took turns monitoring the digital video recorders, while the other two conducted EVP sessions.



During the first EVP session conducted by Blaschka and Duginski in the upstairs bedroom, a voice was picked up by the digital voice recorder, which sounded like a woman or child humming a song or tune.

During the second EVP session conducted by Blaschka and Beaudry, a disembodied sniffing sound was heard by both investigators about a half dozen times, coming from the upper staircase area.



Upon reviewing the EVP evidence and the unexplainable sniffing noise. Also taking into consideration the family’s reports of activity in the home, it is highly likely that the house may have some paranormal activity.

The investigators spoke to the unseen guests and gave them rules in which to follow.  Since our visit to the client’s home no more activity has been noted and the family feels more comfortable.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry and the WPRS.