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Private Residence in Neshkoro, Wisconsin




The residence is a house, approximately 103 years old and the area itself was once part of an Indian reservation. The house was once the client's childhood home. The client and her family have been experiencing paranormal activity over the past several decades. The clients parents moved into the home sometime during the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. An addition was added on to the home around 1975. The owner’s father passed away at a nearby hospital in 2003 and her mother passed away in the home in 2004. She is currently the owner of the property. It is not her primary residence but rather a summer home she plans to retire to in the future.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Activity occurring in the home includes:

      Knocking has been heard in an adjacent bedroom coming from the client's bedroom. The sound seemed to emanate from the closet area. When checked, no one was awake in the other room at the time.

      On one occasion the door to her father’s old room was closed and she was unable to open it. The door felt as if it were being held shut or locked. The client went downstairs and returned with someone and the door then opened with ease.

      Shadows have been seen in the hallway between the bedrooms on the second floor of the house.

     The smell of cigarette smoke is sometimes noted in the home when no one is smoking. Also a menthol cigarette smell like the kind her mother smoked can be smelled at times.

     The client has noticed a “moth ball” smell that she associates with her aunt.

     The smell of cheap perfume is noticed from time to time in the home. The smell appears and disappears very quickly.

      Footsteps can be heard in the upstairs hallway leading to the client’s mother’s room. Often this is heard between the hours of 2 - 3:00AM.

     The client has had reoccurring dreams over the years were someone is trying to “get her”. One such dream was experienced by the client and her husband on the same evening at the same time. Upon awakening they seen a shadowy man wearing a carhart type jacket and a Navy watch hat standing over her bed with a knife. The figure then vanished.

      Once during a Christmas gathering a very loud bang was heard by everyone on the first floor. The sound was so loud that the living room chandelier shook. During this event a family member was upstairs but did not experience the noise.

     The client’s father in law, while sitting in his recliner in the parlor was tipped over so violently that he ended up on the floor with the recliner on top of him.

     The basement light is often found on when it has been turned off.

     The thermostat has been turned up by unseen hands.

      Foul smells are experienced in the home with no apparent point of origin.

The client is uncomfortable with some of the activity.  They are curious to see if the WPRS can debunk their experiences or find any concrete evidence to back them up. They would like the activity to cease.



The WPRS investigated the home on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from approximately 6:30pm to 7AM.  Investigators Blaschka, Spialek, Johnson, Beaudry, Duginski and Williams were present.  The client gave us a tour of the property and explained where paranormal experiences have occurred in the home.  Basic equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, motion detectors, a 4 channel DVR camera system and infrared thermal probes.

After the tour, temperature, EMF readings and a sketch of the floor plan were obtained.  Also several photographs were taken in various areas inside and outside of the home. The basement was 60 to 62 degrees, with EMF readings between .05 and 1.0 Milligauss. The main floor had temperatures between 70 and 78 degrees, with EMF readings between .05 and 1.0 Milligauss.  Upstairs temperatures were between 68 and 71 degrees, and EMF readings were .10 and 4.0 Milligauss throughout.  There were no Geiger readings obtained.  During the collection of our base line readings we found no anomalous EMF or temperature variances.

Motion detectors were placed by Blaschka in the upstairs hallway to detect any movement in that area between the hours of 1:30AM and 6:30AM. The motion detectors were not triggered during that time frame.

After our base readings were collected we split into two groups and performed several EVP sessions in various areas of the home. A minimum of one investigator always stayed to monitor the DVR system and the other investigators used digital voice recorders to try to collect audio evidence of paranormal activity (Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.)  We switched out the camera monitoring person during each EVP session and only one session was conducted at a time to avoid the chance of noise contamination. Upon later review of our EVP evidence we could only note one instance where humming can be heard while investigator Blaschka was asking a question. The question being asked was whether the spirit present was the one who had been heard humming earlier that evening by investigator Spialek. Upon leaving the room, after conducting that EVP, several investigators noted a momentary odor of sweet perfume. I can’t explain reasonably where the perfume odor came from or the humming captured on several digital recorders. The humming sound was not heard during the recording by any of the investigators present.

We tested the door to the client's fathers’ room to try and find a reason for it staying or locking shut as the client had earlier explained. After several tries to recreate the event we were unable to explain what caused the door to not open. In fact the door latches very loosely and can be pushed out of the latched position with minimal effort. 

We also tried to find an explanation for the loud bang heard by the client and several others on the main floor of the house. We could not find any reasonable explanation for this. Nor could we explain why someone upstairs would not have heard this

We tried to duplicate the shadows seen in the upstairs hallway and were unable to reasonably recreate this anomaly.

During the investigation we spoke out loud several times to whatever presence may happen to be in the home.  We laid out ground rules about what the current occupants would like followed.  We relayed the fact that the family is uncomfortable with certain activity and asked that they abide by these basic rules when the clients are residing in the home.



Upon review of all the evidence collected we found one EVP that was most likely paranormal in nature. Several of the client’s claims we were unable to recreate or find reasonable explanations to. One personal experience by a team member seems to support the EVP obtained in the upstairs bedroom. A light seen very briefly on camera in front of the bathroom door may have been a reflection of light and cannot be conclusively proven as paranormal in nature. Another light seen on camera in front of the mothers’ old bedroom was indeed a light from one of the investigators present in the room.

Based on what we found and what has been reported, I feel that the home may have some paranormal activity. It should be noted, at no time did any of the investigators present feel that any malicious activity was present in the home. Without further evidence we cannot say it is haunted with absolute certainty. The client has agreed to monitor the situation and keep an active log of any further occurrences. We may re-investigate in the near future at the request of the client.



*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.