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Private Residence in Greenfield, WI


The residence is a single family home, approximately 56 years old. The family has lived there for 9 years, and has been experiencing purported paranormal activity since moving in to the home.

The home was built in 1955 by the original owner.  He had built the home for himself, his wife and their daughter.  The family lived there until he suffered a heart attack in the basement workshop and never made it up the stairs.  He soon passed away in the local hospital and the family moved to Oak Creek, WI.

The owner stated the paranormal activity was minimal when they first moved in and picked up after the birth of their first son.  The activity primarily seems to be focused on the children.  However, the entire family has experienced activity.

The family would like us to determine what may be causing the paranormal activity.  However, if it is deceased family members they would like them to know they are welcome.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Purported incidents which have occurred in the home include:

        “Rocco” the family German Sheppard, has reacted to an unseen presence.

    The owner has witnessed an apparition of a man in his pajamas in the basement workshop.

    Family members have been physically touched by an unseen presence on more than two occasions in the family room and in the living room.

    One family member has been tickled and has played with an unseen presence.

    One female family member has waved to and smiled at unseen (but recently deceased) aunt and grandmother.

    Family members have had their names called out when they were alone in the home.   

    An unseen presence prevented the mother from dropping one of the children when she had fallen asleep on the couch in the family room.  The occurrence left her with a lasting “Cold” sensation on her arm despite the room being warm.

    Sounds of footsteps and conversations have been heard in the home by the parents.

    Family members have experienced the odor of flowers and perfume of the deceased grandmother in the living room.

    The children have interacted with an “orb” by following it into one of their bedrooms and beginning to talk to it.  They have identified it as their deceased aunt and grandmother.

    The mother of the family has witnessed a black shadow in the living room which lingers and then disappears.

    The mother has also reported the feeling of being watched while in the basement and the laundry room area. This is also where some of the grandmother's clothes are kept.

    The children talk to an unidentified man in the house.

    The family's mother has had unexplainable experiences with a toy which repeatedly “sounds” even when it is placed in a position where it is not possible to activate the toy.  This occurs even when the battery is changed and a fresh one is put in.



The WPRS investigated on Friday, April 1, 2011 from approximately 9:30pm to 1:30am. I met with the client at their home prior to the arrival of the rest of the team.  I spoke with the family about the types and location of paranormal activity they had experienced in the home.  They gave me a tour of the residence, including the basement workshop, main level, and family room.

Upon the arrival of Blaschka, Beaudry, and Spialek, I informed the team of the activity experienced by the family and the locations where it occurred.  Investigator Spialek and I recorded baseline temperatures and EMF readings. The basement ranged from 55-59 degrees, with EMF readings between .5 and 3.3 Milligauss. The main floor ranged 59-65 degrees, with EMF readings from 1-15 Milligauss.  The family room was 62 degrees and had an EMF reading of 1 Milligauss.  Spialek drew a diagram of the residence and the collected data was recorded.

Investigators Blaschka and Beaudry established a central location in the dining room where three remote camera locations could be monitored for potential paranormal activity. Two anomalous incidents occurred during the night. The first, was at 12:41am, in which the remote camera #1 (Crib Room) moved slightly and had to be reset.  The second, remote cameras #1 and #2 (Master Bedroom) had suddenly “blacked” out for approximately 20-30 seconds and then the baby in the crib began to cry.  No reasonable explanation could be found and it happened only once.

Coscio, Blaschka, and Beaudry conducted three EVP sessions: the basement workshop area; the laundry room; and lower level family room.  Investigators Blaschka, Beaudry and Spialek also conducted an EVP session in the living room on the main level.  Digital voice recorders were used to collect audio evidence. 

While Coscio; Blaschka; and Beaudry were in the basement workshop; laundry room; and family room conducting their EVP sessions investigator Coscio had experienced a dizzy and sick feeling which he had not experienced in the basement earlier that evening.  Coscio and Blaschka also experienced a light sensation of being touched on the head and arm.  This was odd as there were no spider webs or strings which could lend to this sensation.



The EVP sessions performed by Blaschka; Beaudry; Spialek; and Coscio failed to yield any paranormal evidence captured on audio.  Photographs were taken during the investigation by using both a 35mm camera and also a digital 35mm camera (used as a control).  However, these also failed to yield evidence of paranormal activity.



Apart from personal experiences and the unexplainable video failure, it is difficult to determine if there is actual paranormal activity occurring at the site.  However, the family genuinely believes they have witnessed and experienced paranormal activity. 

The family is intelligent, honest, and sincere individuals who believe they have had paranormal experiences.  This may be an instance of their recently deceased family members not wanting to provide us with a tangible record of their existence.


*Any reproduction of this report without the sole permission of James Coscio or the WPRS is prohibited.