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 Private Residence in Wausau, Wisconsin



The structure is an early 20th century home located in a middle class neighborhood on the East side of the City of Wausau. We estimate that the home was built around 1912 by Hans J. Heise a publisher with The Wausau Wochenblatt. Mr. Heise only lived at the address a few years. The property changed hands many times over the years. One family however was present at the address for 35 years. His name was Henry Muenchow and many of his family members resided there over those years. The client’s grandparents lived in the home twice over the history of the property. Once during the early 1970’s and then again acquired the property in 1990. They resided at the residence until both of their deaths. The client then acquired the property in 2012.

A few weeks after the present clients moved in they began to experience paranormal activity in various areas of the home. During the past two years the activity has increased. The activity seems more active in the spring and fall of the year.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Activity occurring in the home includes:

        Pets bark at unseen things and then hide from something unknown.

        Clients pet has reacted as if something unseen has kicked it in its side.

        Client’s daughter has claimed that her friends have been touched by something unseen.

        Client’s daughter has seen a tall man in black standing in her bedroom closet on the second floor of the home.

        Chairs located around the dining room table have been found moved to unexplained positions.

        A cupboard door located in the client’s first floor laundry area was physically seen to open and slam shut forcefully without the aid of human hands.

        Unexplained electrical malfunction with the radio volume in the dining room area.

        Strong feelings of being watched by someone unseen.

        Client’s daughter has heard her name whispered in her ear when no one else is around.

        Voices have been recorded on the client daughter’s phone that is not from anyone living in the home. The word “judge” was heard on that recording.

        Items go missing only to be found in unusual places. Some items have gone missing never to be found.

        Pets water found splashed throughout the kitchen but the bowl is untouched and not moved.

        The sound of a man clearing his throat has been heard when no man is present in the home.

        The client has witnessed the closet door located off the living room open on its own.



The WPRS investigated the home on Saturday November 23, 2013 from approximately 7:00PM to 11:00PM.  Investigators Blaschka, Reynolds, Duginski, Spialek, Boller and Williams were present.  The client gave us a tour of the property and explained where the above activity had occurred in the home. After the tour of the property was complete, the client and her daughter departed the property.

Basic equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, a 4 channel DVR camera system, K-2 meter, infrared and full spectrum cameras, REM Pod, Ovulis, and infrared/ambient thermal probes.

We began by placing cameras throughout the residence. The first camera was placed in the hallway adjacent to the daughter’s bedroom focused on her closet. The second camera was placed in the dining room area so as to monitor any movement of the chairs or the closet door in the living room. The third camera was placed in the basement area so that an item that was unexplainably moved there could be monitored for any further movement. The fourth camera was placed in the laundry room where the cupboard door opened and slammed shut on its own.

Next we obtained temperature, EMF readings as well as prepared a sketch of the home’s floor plan. Many infrared and full spectrum photographs were taken in various areas inside the home.

The main level had temperatures between 59 and 67 degrees, with EMF readings at or near 0 Milligauss with exception to the kitchen area where the field was very high.  The basement temperatures were between 51 and 59 degrees with EMF readings near 0, again with exception to the furnace and water heater area. The second floor had temperatures between 59 and 65 degrees with EMF readings near 0 throughout. There were no Geiger readings obtained during the evening.  During the collection of our base line readings we found no anomalous EMF or temperature variances that could not be explained reasonably. 

After our base readings were collected we formed a group of five investigators to perform an EVP session in the daughter’s bedroom and one session in the living room. One investigator always stayed behind to monitor the DVR system while the other investigators used digital voice recorders to try to collect audio evidence of paranormal activity (Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.)  We switched out the camera monitoring persons during each EVP session and only one session was conducted at a time to avoid the chance of noise contamination. Upon later review of all our EVP evidence we found nothing of interest. Those sessions in the bedroom and living room produced no anomalous sounds. Upon review of our photographs we found nothing anomalous.

We did find one possible paranormal event on our DVR footage. The event occurred on the camera that was placed upstairs facing the client daughter’s bedroom. At approximately 9:43 PM two burst of light or energy can be seen near the top of the stairs outside the bedroom. The event lasts about two seconds and we are at a loss to explain what could have caused this.

During the investigation we spoke out loud several times to whatever presence may happen to be in the home.  We laid out ground rules about what the family would like followed.  We relayed the fact that the clients are uncomfortable with certain activity and asked that they abide by these basic rules when the clients are residing in the home.

We also spent some time trying to find a reasonable explanation for the opening of the closet door in the living room as well as the opening of the cupboard door in the laundry room. We were unable to find any way to explain how these doors could have opened and closed.  


Conclusion and Recommendations

Upon review and consideration of all the claims made by the client we feel that it is possible that the clients have been experiencing paranormal activity. The nature of that activity is somewhat uncertain.  It is possible that they are experiencing a true haunting as well as some residual haunting.  

We feel that the family is mostly experiencing an intelligent haunt. This type of activity is indicative of the experiences that the family has been experiencing. The basic cure for this type of activity would be to have the family talk to whatever is there, lay down ground rules and coexist with that spirit.  Generally things will quite down and the family will be more at peace and no longer frightened.

We feel by following these simple rules and procedures the family may eliminate or calm the current issues within the home. Further follow up will be conducted with the family to make sure that they become more comfortable within their home.


2nd Investigation – August 16, 2014

We were asked by the client to return back to their home to further investigate some continued activity.

Back in May of this year the client’s daughter had taken a picture of herself in the entry way of the home with her cellphone. A few months later the client’s daughter’s boyfriend noticed that an image was in the background of the photo that she had taken. Allegedly when the photo was taken no other persons were in the home. You can clearly see a silhouette of a female holding something like a vase in the background of the picture. Also the client has claimed that she has felt a firm grip on her shoulder when passing through the kitchen area. No one present had touched her and the incident remains unexplained. The client has also found out recently that activity was present in the home in the past as well. Much of this activity was reported to have occurred in what was called the “green room”. Currently that room is occupied by the client’s daughter. Other less significant activity has continued to occur sporadically since our last visit in November 2013. However it is important to note that none of that activity has been harmful in nature.

On Saturday August 16, 2014 we returned to the site to follow up on the further reported activity. Investigators Blaschka, Beaudry, Von Nechten and Duginski were present. We first set out to try and recreate the alleged paranormal photo that was taken by the client’s daughter. In doing so we determined that the image in the photo was most probably standing about center of the kitchen between the island counter and the table. The height of the image was estimated to be about 5 foot 3 inches. We used Investigator Duginski as our subject to try and replicate the photo. We were successful in that effort and I feel at this point we can’t say that the alleged photo is paranormal or not paranormal.  


                                    ACTUAL PHOTO                                                                TEST PHOTO                                                     

We set up our DVR camera system and placed one camera in the client’s daughter’s bedroom, the upstairs hallway, the kitchen area and the staircase area. The cameras were left running throughout the entire evening. Later that footage was reviewed and nothing paranormal was found.

We took photographs with an infrared, full spectrum and standard digital camera. Upon reviewing all of those photographs we found none that contained anything paranormal in nature.  

We also conducted one listening session and two EVP sessions. During our listening session we all spread out throughout the home while one investigator monitored the cameras. During this time we all stayed quiet and just listened for any unusual sounds. We did not gain any result during that session. We conducted our first EVP session in the upstairs area. Each of us spread out into different rooms. During that session Investigator Beaudry captured a voice saying something that sounded like, “No, I don’t wanna” in the client’s bedroom. Probably in reference to us asking for whatever was present to speak to us. The second EVP session was conducted in the kitchen. During that session Investigator Blaschka captured a high pitched voice which sounded like it says, “Ella”. Also during this session we had an EMF detector operating in the kitchen. At the end of the session Blaschka asked if whatever was present had understood us and had acknowledged what we had said. Right on queue the EMF detector sounded in response to our question.

In conclusion we did capture some evidence of paranormal activity but we also found some claims that could be recreated. It is my belief that the client is experiencing paranormal activity but its nature is not harmful in any way. We may return in the future at the client’s request.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.