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 Private Residence in Waupun Wisconsin




The structure is a modular single story home located in an average older neighborhood. The home was built within the last 5 years. The client has lived in the home since January 2013. The prior home that was located on the same site burnt to the ground.

The client, his one year old son and the client’s friend live in the residence. They have been experiencing activity since they moved into the home. The client wishes for us to debunk some of the activity as well as validate some of his experiences.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Activity occurring in the home includes:

        The sound of footsteps heard at night after the client’s go to bed. The sounds are coming from the kitchen area and seem more prominent by the client’s friend’s bedroom.

        The door leading to the bathroom from the client’s bedroom has been found open in the morning after it had been closed the night before.

        Child’s toys turn themselves on without the aid of human intervention.

        The television in the living room has turned on by itself.

        Stomping or banging noises have been reported coming from the kitchen with no explanation.



The WPRS investigated the home on Saturday March 9, 2013 from approximately 3:00PM to 6:00PM.  Investigators Blaschka, Beaudry, Williams, Spialek and Coates were present.  The client gave us a tour of the property and explained where the above activity had occurred in the home.  After that the client left the property and we began the investigation.

Basic equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, K-2 meter, Infrared and Full Spectrum cameras and infrared/ambient thermal probes.

We began by obtaining temperature, EMF readings and a sketch of the floor plan.  Many infrared and full spectrum photographs were taken in various areas inside the home. The main level had temperatures between 66 and 73 degrees, with EMF readings between 1.0 to 10.0 Milligauss. Higher static readings were found by the head board of the clients bed (10.0 Milligauss). Readings this high with a person exposed to that field could account for many things such as nervousness, headache, itching, paranoia, as well as hallucinations. There were no Geiger counter readings to note during the visit.  During the collection of our base line readings we found no anomalous EMF or temperature variances.  All readings were static in nature, meaning they could be re-created. 

After our base readings were collected we formed as a group in the living room to perform an EVP session. We also used a new experimental piece of equipment called an Ovilus. During the use of that instrument it did not produce any significant information that correlated to the EVP session.  Upon later review of our EVP evidence we found nothing paranormal on any of those recordings. Upon review of our photographs we found nothing paranormal.


Conclusion and Recommendations

During our investigation Spialek experimented with the child’s toys. Upon examination of them she found that some of the toys were left in an activated state. Sometimes these toys would shift position in the basket they were located in and go off of their own accord. 

We also tested the possibility of the refrigerator causing the knocking and tapping noises in the night.  When we tested this theory we found it reasonable that when the fridge starts up it is what is causing these noises.  We also tested the bedroom door to find a cause for it to open on its own. However we could not find any reasonable explanation for this occurrence as the door pulls itself closed easily.

The television turning itself on could be caused by a stray signal or even an electronic malfunction as this is fairly common. 

It seems reasonable to assume that some of these noises may be common place. The residents of the home have only lived there a few months and are not yet accustom to the noises the home makes.

Upon review and consideration of all the evidence collected we feel that it is not likely that the clients have been experiencing anything paranormal.  

In closing I recommend that the client relocate his bed to avoid sleeping in a high EMF field. The client may be hypersensitive to high energy fields which could cause the client to experience things that may not be paranormal.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.