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Private Residence in Tomah, Wisconsin



The residence is a private home that is approximately 48 years of age. The family has resided in the home for 27 years. The owners have recently been experiencing possible paranormal activity since March of 2012, but the adult children have had experiences during their childhood in the home.


Paranormal Activity Reported

       Apparition of a little girl has been seen.

       Large orb shape objects have been seen.

       Misty transparent shadows have been seen.

       Feelings of being watched.

       Family has recorded numerous EVP’s of voices and videos of orb shaped objects inside the home.



The WPRS investigated on Friday, August 17, 2012 from approximately 9:30pm to 1:00am. Investigators Beaudry, Blaschka and Duginski were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital video recorder (DVR) system, infrared and full spectrum camera, digital camera, Trifield EMF meter, K2 EMF meter, REM POD EMF meter, thermal probe and two digital recorders.

The clients gave us a tour of the residence, while explaining the different paranormal activity that they have experienced in the home.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken throughout the home. During the first EMF reading sweep of the home, each of the rooms had high readings that consistently fluctuated.

First floor EMF and temperature degree readings:

       Living room 5-7 milligauss , 72-74 degrees

       Kitchen 8-10 milligauss, 74-76 degrees

       Dining room 9-10 milligauss, 74-76 degrees

       Master bedroom 4-5 milligauss, 72-74 degrees

       North side bedroom 5-6 milligauss, 72-73 degrees

       South side bedroom 10 milligauss, 72-73 degrees

       Hallway 7-8 milligauss, 72 degrees

       Bathroom 4-5 milligauss, 72 degrees

While recording the base line sweep of the upstairs for EMF and temperature readings, Investigators Beaudry and Blaschka encountered two high anomalous EMF readings in the dining room area. The first one was near the table, which had a reading of 10-12 milligauss for a few seconds of time. The second was near the front door, which had a reading of 15 milligauss. This high EMF reading also only lasted for a few seconds then disappeared.

Basement EMF and temperature readings:

       Coin room 3-4 milligauss, 67-68 degrees

       Wash room 3-4.5 milligauss, 66-68 degrees

       Weight room 4-5 milligauss, 66-67 degrees

       Bedroom 3-4 milligauss, 67-68 degrees

While recording the base line sweep of the basement bedroom area, fluctuating EMF readings of 15 milligauss were recorded almost a dozen times in one spot near the middle of the bedroom. Investigators then looked into the electrical wiring of the home and found no evidence for these high anomalous EMF readings.

Investigator Duginski drew out a detailed map of the residence and logged all the EMF and temperature readings. Investigators Beaudry and Blaschka then took numerous photographs of the home with the full spectrum, infrared and digital cameras.

The digital video recorder (DVR) system was set up and cameras were placed around the residence. Camera one was placed near the side entry door facing down the hallway. Camera two was placed in the master bedroom and positioned so that the master bedroom and the smaller bedroom across the hall were covered. Camera three was placed in the living room facing the dining room area. Camera four was placed in the basement bedroom.

Investigator Duginski monitored the (DVR) system while Beaudry and Blaschka conducted the first EVP session in the basement bedroom. Both investigators sat on opposite sides of the room and a K2 EMF meter was placed on a chair in the middle of the room. During the EVP session, the K2 meter would consistently light up in a pulsating manner.

A second EVP session was conducted on the first floor of the residence. Investigator Blaschka sat on the bed of the master bedroom and Beaudry was across the hall in the smaller bedroom. A REM POD EMF meter was place in the hallway between the bedrooms. Investigator Beaudry’s digital recorder was placed on the floor near the door entry. During that EVP session, the REM POD did not pick up any type of energy field, but at one point Investigator Beaudry thought he could hear something in the hallway area.


EVP Evidence

During the first EVP session in the basement bedroom, three different EVP’s were captured. The first one was picked up by both Investigator Beaudry and Blaschka’s digital recorder. The voice appears to be female in nature. The EVP was not clear enough to understand the content of the words. The second EVP was captured on Investigator Blaschka’s digital recorder. That EVP appears to be a male saying, “HEY.”

During the second EVP session on the main floor of the residence, an EVP of footsteps was captured on Investigator Beaudry’s digital recorder. Approximately at that same time the EVP of the footsteps were captured, Investigator Beaudry thought he could hear something in the hallway.


Photograph Evidence

Numerous photographs were taken with the full spectrum, infrared and digital cameras. Six different photographs appear to be different in nature than the rest.

       Basement bedroom- this photograph was taken with the full spectrum camera. In the middle of the bedroom, a blurry transparent figure can be seen. This was the same area that high EMF readings and EVP’s were captured. Click Here For Photo

       Basement Bedroom orb- this was taken with the full spectrum camera. This was also the same room with the high EMF readings and EVP’s were captured. Click Here For Photo

       Basement bottom staircase orb- this was taken with the full spectrum camera. Click Here For Photo

       Basement upper staircase orb- this was also taken with the full spectrum camera. Click Here For Photo

       Weight bench orb- this was taken with the full spectrum camera. Click Here For Photo

       Photo blur picture- this was taken with the infrared camera. When this photo was captured, the Investigator was not moving to cause the blur. It appears to be some sort of an energy field moving in front of the camera at the time of the photograph. Numerous other photographs were taken before and after this picture and did not have the same effects. Click Here For Photo



Upon reviewing the EVP recordings and the photographs, also taking into consideration the high anomalous EMF readings throughout the residence, it is highly likely that the property is haunted with some sort of paranormal activity. The haunting does not seem to be malicious or demonic in nature.



*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry and the WPRS.