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 Private Residence in Rothschild, Wisconsin




The family has lived in the home for one year. Activity began when they first moved in, however it has become more frequent and is involving their young daughter. Their daughter is their main concern and reason for seeking an investigation.

The family moves frequently, and has experienced paranormal activity in every home that they have lived in for the past 6 years. Prior to that, the client has experienced activity on her own. She describes her family as “sensitive,” and wonders if something may be following them from one home to the next.



The home was built in the 1950s or 60s. It was owned by the parents of a man named Jack. After his parents died in the home, Jack continued to live there. At one point, it is believed that Jack allowed a homeless man to live in the basement of the home.



         Male client witnessed a cabinet in the kitchen bang open and closed. The cabinet is secured with a child lock.

         The bedroom closet door has been seen shaking back and forth violently in the middle of the night.

         Male client saw the figure of a woman walk to the end of the hall while brushing his teeth at the bathroom mirror. He thought it was his wife, but found her sitting in the living room.

         The couple’s three year old daughter has been waking at night, terrified and screaming. She is inconsolable, and claims that there is a girl or woman in her room talking to her, touching her, and looking at her toys.

         The daughter has also claimed to see three girls jumping on her bed. When Rebecca took a picture, three orbs appeared over the bed. After looking at the picture, the daughter pointed to the orbs and said they were the girls.

         One day, the daughter said that someone was in her little brother’s room while he was napping. Upon saying that, her brother woke up screaming, which is very unusual behavior for him.



The investigation took place on Monday, July 1, 2013 from approximately 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Investigators Blaschka, Beaudry, and Spialek were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital camera, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, infrared and full-spectrum cameras, a REM-pod, and an infrared thermal probe.

The client's gave investigators a tour of the home, including the first floor and the basement. They pointed out the kitchen cabinet and bedroom closet door that have been seen moving on their own.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken. The first floor had temperatures between 76 and 79 degrees F. The basement was 70 degrees F. There were no anomalous temperature readings taken through the course of the investigation.

The electro-magnetic field was low throughout most of the home, except for one particular corner of the basement under the client’s son’s room, as well as in the son’s room itself. Readings there ranged from 2 to 4 milligaus. While this is not terribly high, prolonged exposure to this amount of EMF, especially for a baby, could cause discomfort. After some inspection, the high EMF is thought to be the result of a copper wire that is improperly grounded in the basement.

Spialek and the clients then conducted an evp session in the daughter’s room. During the session, rules were laid out for any spirits that may be present to leave the client’s daughter alone, and not be in the room while she is sleeping. Nothing anomalous was caught on audio during the session.

Digital, infrared, and full-spectrum photographs were taken throughout the home during the investigation.

Beaudry, Blaschka and Spialek attempted to recreate the moving of the kitchen cabinet and the bedroom closet door, but were unable to do so. There does not seem to be a logical explanation for the movement of the two.

Blaschka, Spialek and Beaudry performed an evp session in the basement, while giving rules to any entity that may have been present. This was an attempt to make any paranormal being aware that it is making the family uncomfortable and that they wish to be left alone.



One interesting full-spectrum photo was taken in the basement, showing a large “orb.” While it is impossible to say whether the orb is paranormal in any way, it is notable because it is the only orb caught during the entire investigation (in other words, dust was not captured throughout the evening,) and it is a bit larger than a typical dust orb.

During the basement evp session, Spialek and Blaschka heard a slight noise, which Blaschka described as the word “what.” On audio, you can hear the possible disembodied voice. After Blaschka asks “If you are a Native American…” and after a brief pause, there is what sounds like a very soft voice whispering “What?”



The evidence captured is not enough for the WPRS to definitively say that the client’s home is haunted. However, it is apparent that the family feels strongly that something is happening to them. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that points to a paranormal entity following them from one house to another, as the activity at each house has been different. It is likely that some members of the family are more sensitive than average to picking up on paranormal activity.

As the family is preparing for another move, the WPRS suggests that they begin the move by “cleansing” the new home, praying there, laying down rules for anything that may be there etc. Anything that the family feels is comforting or empowering may help make the new home feel better for them.

It is the opinion of the WPRS that the client’s daughter may be experiencing night terrors, or sleep terrors. Most of the experiences the family describes the daughter having sound very much like textbook cases of night terrors, including being inconsolable and seeing people in the room. While very frightening, night terrors are not paranormal in nature, and usually go away on their own by adolescence. Information about and suggestions for handling night terrors can be found online. Two good resources are http://www.babycenter.com/0_night-terrors_142.bc and http://www.nightterrors.org/.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Anji Spialek or the WPRS.