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Private Residence in Hamburg, Wisconsin



Investigation Notes

Wausau Paranormal Research Society (aka: WPRS) was invited to investigate this home by the owners. The investigation took place on January 14, 2012.  Investigators present included Sharon Williams, Shawn Blaschka, Bill Beaudry, and Betsy Duginski.

WPRS members arrived at the home at approximately 6:30 pm and met with the owners of the home and other family members.  The client's gave the group a walk-through of the entire home, pointing out places in which possible paranormal activity had been noted and explaining what had occurred.  After the walk-through was complete the family left the home and the investigators performed the investigation.

Investigators immediately began to set up the digital video recorder with four infrared cameras at various locations throughout the home; kitchen area pointed toward the bathroom, first floor master bedroom, first floor living room, and 2nd floor kitchen.  The majority of the infrared cameras were set up on the first floor, as the majority of the activity noted by family has been on this level of the home.  Additional equipment used during the investigation were two digital cameras, two new full-spectrum cameras, two digital voice recorders, a Rem-Pod, an electromagnetic (EMF) meter, and an infrared thermal probe with ambient temperature capability.

The air temperatures on both levels of the home fell within the expected and normal range with no severe spikes or abnormalities.  The EMF meter measured an average electromagnetic field between 0 mg and 3.5 mg in most areas of the home, with spikes in areas where electrical outlets or wiring is imbedded in the walls and near large appliances, which is to be expected.  NOTE: The 2nd floor bathroom had an unusually high electromagnetic field in the center of the bathroom, directly below the ceiling light/fan combination.  In this area the electromagnetic field spiked to 100+ mg.


Infrared Cameras

Base of operations was set up in an empty room set off from the first floor dining room.  This empty room is adjacent to the wall that the freezer is backed up against.  The four infrared cameras were set up in the following locations: 1) First floor kitchen sink area facing the bathroom. 2) First floor bedroom facing from the corner between the window and left side of bed toward the doorway, encompassing as much of the dresser and makeup table into the view as possible. 3) First floor living room facing into the dining room and toward the back door, past the freezer.  And, 4) the 2nd floor kitchen aimed toward the sink/counter area which held the soda cans.  The infrared cameras were monitored by investigators on a rotating basis at all times, except for a final 10 minute listening session held in the first floor living room near the end of the investigation.


EVP Sessions

The investigators performed two separate EVP sessions which lasted approximately 20 to 25 minutes each.  The first was held in the lower level bedroom and included investigators Blaschka, Beaudry, and Duginski.  The second was held in the 2nd floor living room and kitchen area and included investigators Blaschka, Beaudry, and Williams.  After the investigation the EVP sessions were processed and no unexplainable audio was heard and no anomalies were noted.


Investigative Results

The infrared cameras were set up and began recording at approximately 7:45 pm and ran during the entire length of the investigation.  No anomalies were evidenced when the footage was processed. The Rem-Pod, which provides instantaneous visual and audio alerts to changes or spikes in the electromagnetic field of its immediate location, was used in several areas of the home and no changes or spikes were detected. 



Though no obvious paranormal activity was noted during the investigation, this does not rule out the possibility that it has occurred in the past.  After studying the available audio, video, and digital images from the investigation there were no unexplainable visual activity or anomalies noted, with the exception of two instances.  The first happened when investigator Beaudry was checking the 1st floor living room with an EMF meter and noted a spike into the 100+ mg range.  This occurred just outside the door to the bedroom and permeated a circumference approximately 2 feet wide located to the right of the electric lift-chair.  This spike was noted after the electric lift-chair has been unplugged so as not to obtain a false EMF reading.  The EMF spike lasted briefly and could not be duplicated.

The second pertains to a picture taken by investigator Blaschka with a full-spectrum camera.  A picture taken pointed upwards from the stairway to the second floor shows two unexplained areas.  The first area is to the right of the staircase and shows a tight cluster of three internally lighted orbs.  The second area is on the left at the top of the railing showing what seems to be a white shape with pointed angles protruding from the top.  The lighted orbs are very interesting and WPRS has rarely, if ever, photographed such orbs.  While the full-spectrum picture is interesting, further investigation of the area would be required to ascertain whether the orbs are the result of light reflecting from surfaces in the upstairs hallway.

The WPRS team was surprised by the high electromagnetic field in the 2nd floor bathroom and such a high level electromagnetic field (100+ mg) could adversely affect those sensitive to it.  Such adverse affects, depending upon the individual, could range from mild discomfort to possible visual and audio hallucinations.  To rule out any manmade causes of unexplained activity in this area of the home, a home inspection by a licensed electrician is suggested to ascertain whether the high electromagnetic field in the bathroom could be reduced or greatly eliminated.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Sharon Williams and the WPRS.