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Private Residence in Hamburg, Wisconsin



Wausau Paranormal Research Society (WPRS) investigated the residence on January 14, 2012.  WPRS was invited to reinvestigate the home and the second investigation occurred on June 21, 2014.  Investigators present included Sharon Williams, Sara Shaw, Bill Beaudry, and Shawn Blaschka.

WPRS members Williams and Shaw arrived at the home at 7 pm and members Blaschka and Beaudry arrived at approximately 7:40 pm.  The weather was warm and muggy, but no storm activity occurred during the investigation.  The main level of the home had been completely renovated since the 2012 investigation and the client stated that activity seemed to increase during and since renovation period.  The client gave the group a brief walk-through of the main level and explained about recent paranormal activity in the home.  After the walk-through the clients left the residence.

The client has heard talking from somewhere and walking on the second floor of the home.  One night as she was lying in bed trying to sleep, she heard so much racket from the second floor that she told who/whatever was up there to be quiet.  The noise did stop, but started again.  She again told it to be quiet and it did.  The client has been touched on the top of the head as he sat in his recliner in the living room and he also explained that he had an incident where an unseen entity was turning on and off his television, sometimes at his command.

During renovations several long-lost items, mainly belonging to their children, were found stacked neatly in a pile on top of the ceiling plaster above the living room area.  For example: children’s books, a valentine, some playing cards, etc., and a necklace that belonged to the clients mother.  Due to the location and stacking of the found items, the family does not believe that they were placed there by children sticking them through a vent or piled up by household vermin (mice, rats, etc.).

Recently a neighbor from across the street had walked over to the home to visit.  He walked to the patio doors off of the living room and looked into the room expecting to see the client sitting in his recliner.  He did not see him, but he did see what looked like a white t-shirt which seemed to be sitting in the chair as though worn by someone.  The white shirt seemed to notice him; it got up from the chair and headed toward the kitchen, only to disappear into thin air before reaching the kitchen doorway.


Investigation Notes

Investigators immediately began to take pictures of the home, first and second floors, with both digital and full spectrum cameras.  Pictures were then taken outside the home, again with both digital and full spectrum cameras.  The digital video recorders were set up with four cameras placed at various locations in the home.  Two video cameras were set up on the first floor in the dining room/living room area.  One camera was set up near the dining room table and pointed toward the living room, making sure to get the nearby bedroom into the frame.  The second camera on the first floor was set in the corner by the patio doors and pointed to take in the recliner, the kitchen door, and the bathroom door area.  A third video camera was positioned to point up the stairwell to the second floor.  And the final video camera was positioned in the bedroom at the far right end of the second floor hallway and aimed to take in as much of the open closet as possible.

Additional equipment used during the investigation included four digital voice recorders, an Electromagnetic (EMF) meter, and a Rem-Pod.  The EMF meter measured normal electromagnetic fields throughout the entire home, except for the bedroom on the first floor.  Investigator Beaudry noted that the EMF meter spiked to 100+ mg in the bedroom off of the living room where the person sleeping closest to the door would rest their head.


EVP Sessions

The investigators performed two separate EVP sessions which lasted approximately 20 minutes each.  The first was held in the living room area and included investigators Blaschka, Williams, and Shaw.  The second was held in the bedroom on the second floor outside of the open closet and included investigators Blaschka, Shaw, and Beaudry.


Investigative results

During the actual investigation nothing abnormal or unexpected occurred.  Nothing unusual was seen, felt, or heard by the investigators present.  After the investigation the EVP sessions were processed and no unexplainable audio was heard and no anomalies were noted.  Upon studying the digital and full spectrum pictures and the video, no anomalies were noted.  During the investigation the Rem-Pod that had been armed and set on the clients recliner in the living room never emitted light or sound.  Finally, upon the return of the clients to their home Investigator Beaudry spoke with the client and she stated that she sleeps on that side of the bed where the high EMF level was noted.  Beaudry advised that such high EMF levels could adversely affect someone sensitive to it.  For example, such high EMF levels could cause sensitive people to have visual and audio hallucinations or feelings of paranoia.



Though no obvious paranormal activity was noted during the investigation, this does not rule out the possibility that it has occurred in the home.  The home is very old and has a very interesting and lengthy history.  On a positive note, Investigator Beaudry debunked a photo from our first investigation in 2012 that seemed to show three very close orbs at the top of the staircase on the second floor landing.  Investigator Beaudry restaged the shot with a full spectrum camera and proved that the “orbs” were reflections from a kitchen light that was turned on.  When the light was turned off the “orbs” or reflections were not captured by the camera.

The Wausau Paranormal Research Society would like to thank the owners for allowing the team to investigate their home for a second time.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Sharon Williams and the WPRS.