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      On June 6, 2007 the Wausau Paranormal Research Society investigated a private residence located in the Central Wisconsin area.  Activity has been reported since 2003 in the owners present location.  Residence is a townhouse apartment with its own entrance in an apartment complex.  These experiences were relayed to WPRS via email in May 2007and Probationary Investigator Spialek via telephone interview in May 2007.  Below is a list of activity that has occurred during the past four years.  All of which was verbally relayed to us by the entire family.




  • The most recent activity occurred when the client was going to work early one morning.  He had the feeling of being watched and their dog was growling at the refrigerator.  The water and ice dispenser paddles then started to move back and forth on their own.  The client personally witnessed this.  There have been other occasions when the family has heard the ice and water dispenser moving while they are in a different room.
  • One evening the client's daughter was in her room watching television.  The volume on the television went up by itself and the stereo turned itself on simultaneously.
  • Frequently the dog growls in the kitchen and refuses to go in there.  This happens sporadically, and sometimes the dog has no problem being in the kitchen.  If the dog is growling, the client often tells whatever may be in the kitchen to go away.  The dog will stop growling and go into the kitchen after that.
  • The client often hears someone pacing in the spare bedroom.  It is described as sounding as though someone is walking back and forth to soothe a baby.  Also the television or printer in that room will be turned on when the client gets up to go to work.
  • Lights in the living room will turn on by themselves and flipping the switch will not work to turn them off.  After awhile, they shut off by themselves.
  • Heavy pewter wind chimes hung inside the residence will move of their own accord at night.
  • Client used to have plastic on her bed and she would be half asleep at night before her husband returned from work.  She would feel and hear the plastic move as if someone was coming to bed, but she felt as if she shouldn't roll over to see if it was her husband.  The client's husband would later come home from work, so she would know that it hadn't been him.  This occurred occasionally until she got her dog.  After that the dog would sleep with her and would occasionally growl into the hallway at night.  She was never again bothered by this occurrence.
  • Client has smelled whiffs of perfume and cigar smoke.
  • Once the client woke up at night and heard voices when no one was around, and once thought she heard the Looney Tunes theme song.  She reiterated that she normally cannot hear neighbors.
  • Once when a neighbor was over watching a movie, the television volume turned all the way down and the CD player turned on.
  • The most disturbing event occurred last November or December.  The client was outside cleaning out his car, when a young woman, in her early to mid 20's with white hair, a white shirt and jeans came "out of nowhere" and said to him, "Do you need some help?  I have lots of time."  The client told her, "no thank you" and watched as she then walked to the apartment complex's playground area and disappeared into thin air.



      The investigation of the owner's residence took place on 6/6/07 starting at approximately 6pm.  Probationary Investigators Spialek, Nicholson and investigator K. Lowe were present.  During the investigation the apartment was scanned with EMF meters.  No unexplainable readings were recorded. In the kitchen there was a reading of 2.5 mg recorded but is explainable by the electrical appliances in that area.

      In conclusion of this report the WPRS did not find enough supporting evidence to ascertain whether the residence is haunted.  While it is noted that several witnesses have experienced what they believe to be paranormal activity over the past several years, the client feels that she understands the phenomena and does not feel that it is evil or frightening.  We did not find any strong evidence to support that claim at the time of our visit.


 *Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Valerie Nicholson, Angie Spialek and the WPRS.