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Private Residence in Eastern Wisconsin




The family moved into the home April 2008. The family consists of the adult owners and their five children. The client's father also lived with the           family for awhile, until his passing. The client and two of her children claim to experience most of the paranormal activity within the home.


    Paranormal Activity Reported

       The client saw an apparition of “Grandpa“ in the foyer a week and after his passing.

       Dark shadows have been seen and voices heard in the boy’s bedroom.

       Hallway light turns on and off.

       Bathroom door shuts on its own.

       Children see spirits and hear voices in their bedrooms.

       One child has heard the voice of “Grandpal” in the kitchen.

       The client claims to be a medium and feels a spirit by the name of “Denny” in her bedroom.

       Objects on a shelf in the adults bedroom will move

       The client saw the face of “Dorothy” the previous owner of the residence, imprinted over her husbands face in the kitchen.

       Apparition seen in the garage.

       Closet doors in the boy’s bedroom will move.

       Office style chair in the boy’s bedroom will move.

       Orange color orb seen in the adults bedroom.



The WPRS investigated on Friday, April 6th, 2012 from approximately 8:30 to 12:45am. Investigators Beaudry, Blaschka, Coscio and Luisier were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital video recorder (DVR) system, infrared and full spectrum cameras, digital camera, thermal probe, Trifield EMF meter, Rem-Pod, laser grid and three digital voice recorders.

The client gave us a tour of the home while explaining the different paranormal activity that they have experienced in the home.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken thoughout the home. The main upper level had a temperature degree between 65-68 and an EMF reading of 0 milligauss. The boy’s bedroom had a temperature of 65 degrees and an EMF reading between 0-2 milliguss. The higher reading was nearer most of the electronic equipment on the T.V stand. The lower level of the home had a temperature reading between 60-62 degree and EMF readings of 0 milligauss. During the investigation, there were no anomalous EMF or temperature readings.

WPRS members began the investigation by taking numerous photographs through out the residence with the infrared, full spectrum and digital cameras. We then placed one infrared digital camera in the boy’s bedroom, facing the closet and chair. The second infrared digital camera was placed in the daughter’s bedroom facing the bathroom. The third infrared camera was placed facing down the hallway towards the boy’s bedroom. A laser grid was also placed in that same area, to capture any type of movement between the bedrooms and hallway. The Rem-Pod was placed on the office chair within the boy’s bedroom, to capture any anomalous EMF changes.

Investigators Beaudry and Coscio conducted the first EVP session in the boy’s bedroom. During the EVP session, ground rules were established so the children can feel at peace within their own bedroom. After reviewing all the EVP recordings and photographs of the bedroom, no evidence of paranormal activity was found in that area. 

Investigators Blaschka and Luisier conducted the second EVP session in the daughter’s bedroom in the lower level of the residence. Once again after reviewing all the EVP recordings and photographs of the bedroom, no evidence of paranormal activity was found in that area.



The residence had very low EMF readings thoughout the home and no anomalous temperature readings. WPRS members had no personal experiences during the investigation and found no EVP recordings.  We did capture one unusual picture from the infrared camera. A white shadow is seen along the staircase railing. We took numerous pictures in that area with the infrared and digital cameras and did not capture that same type of shadow or lighting within other framed pictures.

Click Here To View - (White shadow on stairway railing)



Upon reviewing all the EVP recordings, digital video recordings, EMF and temperature readings and personal experiences, the WPRS could not validate any significant evidence of paranormal activity. The infrared picture of the white shadow along the staircase railing is indeed unusual, it is not fully concluded that it is paranormal in nature.



*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry and the WPRS.