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An investigation of a private residence in the city of Waupaca was completed on February 25th 2006 from 6:00PM until 10:00PM.  WPRS members Blaschka, Coscio, J. Geurink, and Renel were present. The residence is 100+ years old, and is currently occupied by two adults, two small children, and one dog. 


Between an initial phone interview and on-site interviews with the owner the following paranormal occurrences have been reported:


1) Far left mirrored cabinet door is regularly found open.

2) A crayon container filled with crayons had rested on one end of the bathtub.  This container was found inside the bathtub while the crayons were found outside the tub.

3) An apparition of a small child was observed sitting on the other end of the bathtub.


1) Upon exiting the restroom late one evening, the resident witnessed a man's face in the middle panel of the nine-window-panel kitchen door to the outside.  No body was seen associated with the face.

Family Room:

1) The residents report multiple photographic anomalies ("orbs") in photographs taken in this room.

2) The dog will stare at one corner (behind the couch) for no apparent reason.

Master Bedroom:

1) The home owner reports witnessing the apparition of a woman in white at the end of the bed.

Child's Bedroom #1 (Each child has his or her own bedroom.  This is the older child's bedroom):

1) The child typically wakes up on WED-SAT nights between 10:15 and 11:30, crying or screaming.  On these occasions the child is regularly found staring out the bedroom window.

Child's Bedroom #2

1) The child's bedroom ceiling light was known to flicker with no human interaction.


      An investigation of the private residence was completed on February 25th, 2006 from 6:00PM until 10:00PM with the owners (but not the children) present.  During the course of the investigation the following equipment was used:  35MM disposable, a Kodak 4.1 MP digital camera, and a Fujifilm 4.1 MP digital camera; a Sony micro-cassette recorder and a Digital Solutions digital sound recorder; and Natural and Tri-Field Meters. EVP sessions (passive) were conducted in all areas of the home, with active questioning in the master bedroom and older child's bedroom.  During evidence collection no EMF anomalies were witnessed and temperature readings were consistent through the house.  The temperature near the floor in all areas of the home was low, rising with the height at which the temperature was taken.  Review of the evidence revealed no audio or photographic anomalies.

      The effect of the flickering light in the younger child's bedroom is likely due to loose wiring in the light fixture.  Investigator Blaschka was able to reproduce a flicker effect by walking firmly across the floor underneath the light.

      Our investigation window did not present evidence that could be considered "paranormal."  However, it is possible that the children are catalysts for the activity.  We have scheduled a follow-up investigation for June 10th, 2006 to take place with all members of the family present.

UPDATED 06/10/06

      On 6-10-06, our group revisited the private residence in Waupaca.  On our prior investigation we were not able to confirm anything paranormal; however, we had learned that most of the activity was centered on the clients two year old son, whom was not present at the time of our first investigation.

      During our second visit, we asked that the client have her son with her at the house during the investigation.  We took several pictures of the family in their home, using digital and disposable cameras.  Many of the pictures revealed orbs.  We also took pictures of a crawl space underneath their house where the owner had recently found an antique sleigh.  Those pictures revealed a peculiar mist which could not be explained as being fog or smoke.  Also, consecutive pictures were taken that did not show the mist just seconds later.  At 9:15PM we started recording the family’s two year old son as he began to fall asleep using a Sony night shot camera.  We also set up an E.M.F. tri-field meter in the child’s room.  Upon review of the video tape the following notable incidences occurred:  As the client's son begins to drift off to sleep, he sits up, looks toward his bedroom door, and asks,” What".  He then hides his face on the bed for a moment and sits up a second time to look at the door.  The squelch on the tri-field meter sounds, (ranging from low to high, then back).  The child then lies down, rocks from side to side, covers his ears with his hands, and looks towards the bedroom door.  He then shifts around, stands up, and says,” Not ready, not ready, not ready".  When he says this, he is holding his arms out towards something.  The child then lies back down on the bed, pulls the covers over his head, and states that he is a ghost (3 to 4 times).  He then stands up next to the bed and states,” I see it", (3 to 4 times) with the cover still over his head.  He later lies back down and falls asleep.

      As the child sleeps, an orb (or possibly a bug or dust), is seen that quickly moves from the lower right side of the screen, then darts towards the child’s head and disappears.  While watching the video recording, two of the investigators sensed a strong unseen presence in the room with them.

      In conclusion, I feel that there is a strong possibility of paranormal activity at this residence, however nothing that can be scientifically confirmed.  Our investigation left us with more questions than answers.

*Any use or reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of Josh Geurink, Kimber Renel and the WPRS.