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The residence is a single-family home, which the family has owned for six years. They are the third owners of the home. The 14-year-old daughter has been experiencing activity in the home for the past three years. She reports that activity has gotten worse in the last few months and she is afraid to sleep in her bedroom. The activity happens mostly in the daughter’s bedroom, and is more specifically focused on a small storage area. Activity is the strongest between the hours of 2am and 4am.


Paranormal Activity Reported

        The apparition of a little girl frightened the 5-year-old son upstairs.

        The mother often hears knocking and pounding sounds and has felt the bed shake.

        The client once heard a voice call “What are you doing?” to him from the upstairs, with no explanation as to who it was.

        The daughter has had several experiences, including the following:

o       She saw a dark figure in her bedroom that seemed to stay and watch her for an hour.

o       She frequently sees an apparition of a little girl in a yellow dress that asks for help.

o       She once awoke to find a dark figure hovering over her. She couldn’t move, and heard the figure say something like “she died in April.”

o       She awoke in her bedroom and saw a large figure standing in front of her with horns. She experienced a significant drop in temperature.

o       While sleeping in her brother’s room, she awoke to see a witch-like person, with a long pointy nose and dressed all in black, staring at her. The apparition then disappeared.

o       She often feels like something is watching her from the corner of her brother’s room.

o       She hears growling coming from the storage area in her room.

o       She and a friend smelled a strong burning smell around the bedroom storage area, with no explanation.

o       She was sleeping on the couch and awoke at 3am to find two red eyes staring at her from out in the yard.

o       She often hears extremely loud crashing sounds, with no plausible explanation.



The investigation took place on March 7, 2009 from approximately 12am to 4am. Investigators Blaschka, Coscio and Spialek were present. Equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, digital video recorder with two infrared cameras, Trifield Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, Trifield EMF natural meter and an infrared thermal probe. The client showed the investigators a video that had been taken in the daughter’s bedroom. The small storage area door is seen opening and closing on its own several times. There are also many orbs in the video, as well as in some pictures that the daughter had on her computer. We felt that the orbs were the result of dust or reflection of light. The daughter also had a picture taken in her brother’s room that showed a blue and white anomaly, which created a shadow. The picture was taken during a prior investigation by another paranormal group. After close review, we agreed that it was most likely an image of the tip of a thermal probe, which came into close contact with the camera lens.

The client then gave us a tour of the residence, beginning with the daughter’s room. While there, we found that, if it wasn’t securely latched, we were able to make the storage area door open and close with air pressure by opening and closing a closet door or the front door to the home. We later latched the door securely and placed an EMF meter in front of it. There were no EMF spikes, nor did the door open again. We feel it is probable that the door was opening in the video due to air pressure. Investigator Coscio also noted while in the daughter’s room that when the furnace first turned on there was a slight noise that could be mistaken for growling.

After the tour, the camera system was set up and temperature and EMF readings were taken. The upstairs bedroom had temperatures between 64 and 68 degrees F and EMF readings between .7 and 1 milligaus. The first floor of the home was between 65 and 75 degrees F with EMF readings of .1 to 2.5 milligaus. The one variant was along the wall of the staircase, where readings were too high to measure on the EMF meter, which goes up to 100 milligaus. Although the reading didn’t extend far from the wall and it is probably not an issue here (stairwell readings only showed .4 milligaus,) it should be noted that 100 is a high reading. Exposure to strong electromagnetic fields is thought to cause dizziness, sickness, increased anxiety, the feeling of being watched, and even hallucination.

Investigators Coscio and Spialek used a digital voice recorder to try to collect audio evidence of paranormal activity (Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP) in the downstairs bedroom. Investigators Blaschka and Coscio conducted an EVP session in the daughter’s bedroom and attempted to provoke any spirit that might have been present. The daughter then accompanied investigator Spialek to the upstairs bedroom for another EVP session. While there, the daughter tried to provoke. After a while, investigator Spialek left the room and the daughter remained to see if she could get activity to begin by being alone in the room.

After reviewing the audio, video and photographs taken at the residence, we were not able to find any scientific evidence that would support the reports of paranormal activity at this site. While we were not able to find an explanation for pounding noises, shaking of the beds, or the burning smell found in the storage area, we feel that we could reasonably explain the door opening, the orbs and the growling noise. Because much of the visual phenomena occurred while the daughter was sleeping, we think it is reasonable that her interest in the paranormal and her mind moving from a dreaming state into wakefulness may be a contributing factor.


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