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            The investigation took place at the home of a private resident in the Southern Wisconsin area in March 2006.  We were first contacted by a close friend of the client via e-mail.  The client has lived at this site for six years.  The home was built in the 1970’s, but we have no further information on its history.



*Tugging on hair or clothes, and poking by an unseen presence

*Sighting of a smoky shadow apparition

*Objects moving by themselves

*A candle lantern upstairs levitated by itself

*Stairs creaking when no one is walking on them

*Pet dog reacts to unseen presence

*Unexplainable smell of something rotten by the stairs

*Unexplainable smell of perfume

*Resident hears her name being whispered, but not very often




            We arrived at the location on Saturday, March 18, 2006.  Members present at this investigation were J. Geurink, A. Geurink, Blaschka, and Renel.  The investigation started at around 7:00PM.  We used temperature probes, E.M.F. tri-field meters, tape recorders, and cameras.

            At the start of the investigation, while doing a walk through and taking pictures, one of our investigators saw a strange movement in his peripheral vision.  He explained it as sort of a glowing shadow in the hallway in front of the stairs.  There is a mirror behind the staircase, so it may have been a reflection.

            After doing our walk through, we took some readings with the E.M.F. meters and temperature probes.

            On the first floor the E.M.F. tri-field meter showed a consistent reading of .02 mg with no significant spikes in the meter except for static readings.  The temperature ranged from 63 to 65 degrees.

            The second floor also had a consistent EMF reading of .02 mg.  Temperatures ranged from 65 to 67 degrees.

            The basement, which was not heated well, had a temperature of 40 to 45 degrees.  E.M.F. tri-field meters again showed a .02 mg reading.

            We shot over an hour of video using a Sony night shot video camera in the loft upstairs, and a standard video camera in the downstairs hallway.  We recorded nothing paranormal.

            We used standard and digital tape recorders throughout the investigation, but found nothing unusual on our tapes.

            We also used digital, disposable, and 35 mm. cameras, and found nothing paranormal on the photos.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Kimber Renel or the WPRS.