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                Private resident contacted the WPRS via email on 10-22-06 concerning various odd phenomena that had been occurring at her residence since they had moved in back in 1983.  The WPRS contacted the family via phone and provided information to them and asked them to keep a log of the various activities.  The family did not want an investigation at that time.

            The WPRS performed a follow up contact back to the family via email on 1-22-07.  The family reported that activity was still occurring at the site and invited us to come and investigate the phenomena.  The WPRS accepted and an investigation was then scheduled for February 17, 2007.  The family has been experiencing various audible and visual paranormal activities since the early 1980's.  Unusual cold has been reported in the Northeast bedroom and items reportedly go missing never to be found    



 WPRS members Blaschka, Coscio, Duginski and temporary assistant Spencer began the investigation on February 17, 2007 at approximately 7:00PM.  Several first hand accounts of the alleged haunting activity had already been obtained by us through email messages and a phone interview.  Below is a list of the activity that was reported to us.

1.      Reports of a mattress being moved or shaken while an occupant was sleeping.

2.      Unexplainable movement of a decorative angel that hangs on the wall in the kitchen area.

3.      Increased activity while remodeling the home 7 years ago.

4.      Client's younger son witnessed an orb floating over his bed on 1-26-07.  The orb was solid and had a white misty quality to it.

5.      Unexplainable coldness in the Northeast bedroom.

6.      Strong feelings of a presence in the home.

7.      Client's son has had strong feelings of being watched by an unseen presence while showering.

8.      Items in the home go missing never to be found again.  Some of the major items to date are: Remote control, welcome mat, one set of bed sheets and a gold bracelet.

9.    Client has heard her name as well as the word "Mom" called out when no others are around.  The voice is that of a child.

10.  Sounds of heavy male and light female footsteps heard in various areas of the home.

11.  The sound of someone entering through the West outside entrance door with footsteps following the closing of the door.  The      footsteps end before the dining room.  When the home owner checks no one's present.

12.  Guests to the home were awakened by loud stomping footfalls in the Northeast bedroom.  When the lights were turned on no one was present.

13.  Electronic phenomena.

14.  Pets react to something unseen.

15.  A family member, who is sensitive, claims to have seen an older man and woman in the Northeast bedroom.  She stated that they seem sad and that the female becomes angry when she asked them to leave.  She also sensed that they were waiting for their son.



             The investigation of the private residence located in Northern Wisconsin took place on February 17, 2007 from approximately 7:00PM to 11:00PM. Investigator Blaschka, Coscio, Duginski and temporary assistant Spencer were present.  During the investigation several digital photos were shot in all areas of the home including the basement areas with two separate cameras.  No unexplainable anomalies were captured on film. Several temperature readings were obtained and all seemed to be within normal range, 57 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the basement area and 51 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit in the upstairs areas.  Some of the rather cool readings in the upstairs area were proven to be simple drafts.  The report of the Northeast bedroom always being cold was also due to a draft coming in thru a basement window well.  The entire structure was scanned with an EMF Trifield meter and only two anomalous readings were obtained.  Both of the anomalous readings came from a bedroom located across the hallway from the East end bathroom.  Investigators tried to recreate the readings but could not.  Readings such as these are sometimes associated with the presence of paranormal energies.   Most of the other readings averaged between 0.2mg to 1.5mg throughout, which falls into a typical static field range.  Two sessions of EVP were conducted, one in the Northeast bedroom and the other in the client's son's bedroom.  After review of the audio tapes no phenomena was captured.  It's worthy of noting that during the taping in the Northeast bedroom a short childlike sigh was heard by everyone present but the sound could only be heard on one of the two audio tapes.  Investigators looked for possible explanations to the movement of the decorative angel, loss of items in the home and the stereo turning up on its own.  However we could not find any reasonable explanation for these occurrences.  Also any personal observations experienced by the group were discussed among the team members and no one felt anything out of the norm.  In conclusion the WPRS did not find enough scientific evidence to support the reports of paranormal activity at the site other than the two unexplainable EMF readings.  That evidence alone does not support or validate that the home is without question haunted.  It should be noted that we only spent a short period of time in the building. More time, observation, and video monitoring would be needed to draw a more accurate conclusion of the site.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.