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Private Residence Rothschild, Wisconsin


The location is the childhood residence of the client and is currently unoccupied. Research was conducted on the location and found that the house had three prior owners. Information such as the age of the house or historical aspects on that location were not documented and could not be found.

The client has been experiencing possible paranormal activity at the home since she was a small child. Other family members have experienced activity as well. The client would like some sort of validation on the paranormal activity.


Paranormal Activity Reported

 Activity occurring in the home includes:

        Noises of knocking and tapping on walls

        Dark shadow figures

        Lights flicker & strange smells around the house

        Objects moved or found in different areas

        Crawl space door opened on its own

        Sound of piano keys being heard playing

        Headaches and a feeling of uneasiness



The WPRS investigated on Saturday, August 19, 2017 from approximately 8pm to 3am. Investigators Beaudry, Sczygelski, Blaschka and von Gnechten were present. Equipment used during the investigation included Infrared digital cameras, Infrared digital video recorder (DVR) system, Trifield EMF meters, vibration meters, REM Pod EMF meter, K2 EMF meter and digital recorders. All cameras were set up and viewed from our Mobil Command Trailer, outside of the residence.

The investigation started off with Investigators Beaudry and Sczygelski conducting a silent walk through of the home and recording with a digital recorder while taking pictures with the Infrared digital camera. After the brief walk through audio and pictures were analyzed in the trailer for any sign of possible paranormal activity.

Investigators then set up the infrared cameras around the house. Camera #1 was placed in the upper living room facing the piano. Camera #2 was placed in the small bedroom and camera #3 was placed in the kitchen facing down the hallway. A REM Pod EMF meter was placed on the piano.

After the equipment was placed, the team took some base line EMF readings around the property with the Trifield EMF meter. We picked up extremely high EMF readings around the home. It should be noted that people and animals can be hypersensitive to high amounts of electromagnetic fields, which could cause in some cases headaches, illness, sleep disorders, feelings of uneasiness and many other side effects. Normal base line readings around the home should be around .05-1 milligauss. Readings around electronic items such as refrigerators, microwaves, alarm clocks, fuse boxes and electrical wiring will cast off a much higher reading.


EMF readings throughout the property

        Pantry area near kitchen – 100 mg

        Upper living room

West wall - 1.5 / 2 mg

East wall - 100 mg

South wall - 20 mg

Center of room - 12mg

        Basement door entry off kitchen - 100mg

        Dining room entry off of lower living room - 100mg

        Kitchen area - 11mg

        Bedrooms - 1.5/3 mg

        Hallway - 1mg

        Lower living room & basement stairs - 0mg

During the investigation that evening, investigators were standing in the kitchen and dining room area. Investigator von Gnechten believed he heard a disembodied voice directly behind him in the upper living room area. After reviewing the audio evidence from the digital audio recorder we captured what appears to be a female voice talking over our conversation and clearly saying the words “ wall switch “.

During that same time frame, Investigators placed a Trifield EMF detector on the kitchen counter and the meter picked up unusual fluctuations in the energy field that were not stagnant or manmade. Investigators then decided to conduct an EVP session. Investigators Sczygelski and von Gnechten were in the small bedroom where Camera #2 was placed, Beaudry and Blaschka were in the master bedroom. A vibration meter was placed in the hallway between the two bedrooms and a K2 EMF meter in the master bedroom. The team conducted the session for around 20 minutes, asking various questions while trying to get a response. At one point while asking for some sort of sign, our recorders picked up two faint knocks which seemed to be in the hallway or living room area.

After the session was completed, Investigators Blaschka and Sczygelski were in the kitchen, Beaudry and von Gnechten were seated in the lower living room. During that time, Blaschka and Sczgelski encountered a personal experience with a bottle of foam coffee topping that was on the counter mysteriously moved and slightly rolled on its own. Investigators tried to debunk the activity, but failed to come up with a logical explanation for the movement.

The team then decided to conduct another EVP session in the lower living room of the house. The session lasted for around 20 minutes asking various questions. Once again the team asked the unseen entity to give some sort of sign of its presence. At that point you can clearly hear a very loud knock. Our digital recorders picked up that sound.

After the session was completed, all equipment was removed from the residence and Investigator Sczygelski conducted a house cleansing and blessing around the home. Various methods were used in the cleansing process along with the blessing procedure to help move the entity on or calm down the activity.



The team collected a few different EVP recordings of knocks and possible audible noises of murmurs or moans. Investigator von Gnechten heard a disembodied voice and captured a female voice speaking over the group conversation saying, “wall switch”. Investigators Blaschka and Sczygelski experienced the movement of a coffee toping creamer bottle move in the kitchen.






It should be noted that high amounts of EMF could be a conductive to help feed paranormal activity to manifest. Considering the extremely high electromagnetic field around the house, the audio recordings that were captured and the personal experiences, the WPRS feels that the residence has some paranormal activity within the home. There is no evidence that the paranormal activity is demonic or malicious in nature. With the house cleansing and blessing, hopefully the unknown entity will move on and find peace.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry and the WPRS.