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Private Residence in Whitewater, Wisconsin



The client has lived in the home since October of 2012 with her husband and two young sons. At one time, a family friend lived in the upstairs of the home with her children, and currently another family friend is living in a downstairs room with the family.

Activity has been happening in the home since the client took residence, but over time it has become more frequent. The client has always been sensitive to the paranormal, and did not give it much thought in the beginning. Over time, the activity has become more menacing, and the client is concerned about the safety and comfort of her children. The children are particularly afraid of the upstairs bedrooms.

The client regularly cleanses the home with sage.



While little is known about the history of the home, it appears to be an older home that has been built onto. It is situated in the area of the historical Whitewater Passenger Depot. The client believes that there was a fatal train wreck in the area at one time, although a search of the Whitewater Historical Society does not make mention of it.



         Cabinets in the kitchen have been opened when no one was in the room.

         A man’s voice has been heard on several occasions. Both the client and her children have heard a distinct “sigh” as well as the sound of a man saying “Shhhh!” A close friend heard a man say something to her, and has refused to enter the home since that time. She also refuses to tell the client what the voice said.

         Doors have opened and closed on their own.

         Children who were living upstairs at the time heard a loud noise on a closed door. Upon opening the door, a butter knife that has been lying on a shelf was on the floor.

         The family has witnessed dark shadows, or “blobs” moving throughout the home.

         During a birthday party, the client and her guests witnessed a wooden board belonging to a train set fall down the stairs on its own. No one was upstairs at the time. The board had been placed against the wall on the other side of the room from the stairs.

         While doing dishes one evening, the client had a very strong sense that someone was standing behind her. She ignored it, and kept from looking into the window in front of her so as to avoid seeing what may be behind her.



The investigation took place on Saturday, August 24, 2013. Investigators Blaschka, Williams, Spialek, and Coates were present. Equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, infrared and full-spectrum cameras, a REM-pod, and an infrared thermal probe.

The client gave investigators a tour of the home, pointing out specific areas where paranormal activity has occurred.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken. The first floor had temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees F. There were no anomalous temperature readings taken in the downstairs of the home through the course of the investigation.

The electro-magnetic field on the home’s main floor was a steady 1 milliGaus, except for the front bedroom, which had an EMF of 2 milliGaus. Safe EMF levels are typically thought to be anything under 2.5 milliGaus. No anomalous EMF readings were taken on the main floor.

The upstairs had a base reading of 90 degrees F and 1 milliGaus. While taking readings upstairs, a personal experience was had by investigator Coates. For several minutes, she experienced several EMF spikes at the same time that temperature readings suddenly dropped 6 degrees. While these readings were taken, Coates described feeling the hair on her arms stand up.

Digital, infrared and full spectrum photos were taken of the outside of the property as well as in every room.

An evp (electronic voice phenomena) session took place in the front living room with all investigators present. Investigators then sat quietly while an audio recorder and REM-pod (which picks up changes in EMF) were ran in the back upstairs bedroom. A second evp session took place while investigators sat near the bottom of the stairs, with audio recorders both upstairs and downstairs.

An effort was made to debunk some of the activity that the client has experienced.

The kitchen cabinets and doors to the home were examined to see if they might open or close on their own with movement within the house or traffic going by. The investigators were unable to make the cabinets or doors move without significant force.

The only activity that could be debunked was the movement of the butter knife into the second floor bedroom door. Because the client owns cats, and because the knife was not witnessed firsthand, it is reasonable that the knife was knocked down by a cat. Although there is a mark on the door in a location that would have taken a more forceful movement of the butter knife, there were also several other marks on the door which leaves some doubt as to whether that particular mark was made by the butter knife.

Investigators were unable to debunk any other activity.



After going through the audio and pictures taken during the investigation, no scientific evidence of paranormal activity was acquired.



While investigators were not able to capture hard evidence, investigator Coates’s personal experience should not be dismissed, as it was backed up by both the temperature probe and EMF detector. It is the belief of the investigators that paranormal activity may be taking place in the client’s home.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Anji Spialek and the WPRS.