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 Privately Owned Home - Marathon City, Wisconsin



We were contacted in November 2015 by the primary client, a female in her early twenties, regarding the possible activity in the home they had now occupied at that time for about 8 months.  The client also believed that this activity may have followed her from their previous home.  I emailed the client in December 2015 and sent a questionnaire for the client to complete, and advised the client to also start to keep a log of the paranormal activity that she had going on in the home.  I also started to research the history or the home/land by working with the Marathon and Portage County Library's and the Marathon County Historical Society. 

The clients house sits on a 1.01 acre lot.  Through city directories I was able to find that a Sue M. lived on the property in 2001 and prior, and Kevin and Heather I. were the next occupants prior to the clients.  It was confirmed that a mobile home has been on the property before the modular home was placed.  Through research it was also learned that city directories did not include country roads until the 1990s.  It was confirmed that the directory most always focused more on larger cities than on the small rural communities

The client lives in the home with her fiancÚ in approximately March of 2015.  They did have a male roommate, but he no longer is living in the home with them.  The activity started (or was noticed more by the client) a couple of months after moving in.  There are no reports from the previous owners of having had any kind of paranormal activity in the home, or the previous mobile home that was on the site. 


Paranormal Activity Reported

Notes were compiled from the phenomena log kept by the client after the initial email contact was made in November 2015.  Some was also compiled with the in person interview on Saturday, May 14, 2016. 

  • Feeling like she is constantly being watched.
  • A dark, mist like figure seen at night when the client is alone.
  • Restless sleep by client, and she often has very vivid dreams which are not common for her to have.
  • Light in the hallway nearest garage door has turned on/off on its own (January 4, 2016).
  • Handprint on the master bathroom mirror.  Looks to be either the size of a child or a small hand of an adult (November 23, 2015).
  • Pantry door in the island in the kitchen has opened on its own (it had been previously fixed so the door would latch and stay latched) (January 7, 2016).
  • At the same time the pantry door opened the client also saw a face in the kitchen window when she was alone in the home (January 7, 2016).
  • Dog barks (usually between 6-630pm) at what seems to be nothing near the kitchen island (January 9).  Then at least twice a month in the months of February, March and April the dog will bark again between 6-630pm usually barking toward the living room couch.  This is also a spot/place the clients feels a presence.
  • Bear clock had not been working previous to our investigation, and since we investigated on 5/14/16 it is now working.  It was confirmed that no one investigating touched the clock during the investigation.  We do believe that it was working during our investigation because the second had was ticking opposite the clock in the living room which we noted in the EVP sessions.    



The WPRS investigated the home on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from approximately 7pm to 930pm.  Investigators Shaw, Blaschka, Beaudry, von Gnechten, and Sczygelski were present.  We arrived at the property and the client gave us a tour of the property, and advised of hotspots.  After the tour the client and her fiancÚ left to allow us to conduct the investigation.

Basic equipment used in the investigation including digital voice recorders, personal digital cameras, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meters, Geiger counter, REM Pod, infrared/ambient thermal probes, and Ovilus.

We obtained temperature, EMF reading and radiation readings as well as prepared a sketch of the home floor plan.  Shaw and Sczygelski used person digital cameras to take pictures, especially in the hotspots indicated by the home owners.  Temperatures averages between 68-72 degrees F, with EMP readings ranging from 0.00 to 5.00 Milligauss.  The highest readings were near the entertainment center in the living room, and the bedroom in the opposite room, also in the master bedroom near the alarm clock (side closest to the bathroom).   The higher readings captured were deduced to be manmade and not paranormal.   

After base readings were taken we did a large group EVP session in the home.  Beaudry in the master bedroom/bathroom area, Scygelski in the back bedroom, Shaw, von Gnechten, and Blaschka spread out in the kitchen and living room area.  The REM POD was placed on the coffee table in the living room during the group EVP session.  There was also an EMF reader on the spot on the couch where our client believed she had felt a presence.  The Ovilus was on the kitchen table.  Neither the REM POD nor the EMF detector went off during the group EVP session.  While the Ovilus did say a few words we could not get it to answer questions or find the words to fit with the conversation/questions we had just asked. Upon review of the digital recorders each member had with them at the time we found no evidence.  While Beaudry did believe he had something upon further review it was found to be water dripping from the shower (we had tested it to see if we could get another handprint to show in the mirror).

Shaw, Blaschka and von Gnecthen also did an EVP session in the car in the garage that had belonged to the fiancÚ's grandmother.  We took the Ovilus with us, and each had digital recorders.  After reviewing the evidence from the EVP session in the car we found nothing of interest. 

Also upon reviewing the digital photos we took throughout the home, and especially in the hotspots, we were not able to find anything paranormal in those photos either. 

We did advise ground rules while at the property that if there was a presence in the home it was not to disturb our client, or scare them in anyway.  That at this time the client believes the presence is more of a comfort, but if it was to become more of a problem it would need to leave the home.


Conclusion and Recommendations

After reviewing all the evidence and conferring with the rest of the team we cannot rule out that the comforting presence of a grandmother/parent is present in the home, but we

found no evidence to support that claim at this time.  The client had advised us that she did not sleep well, and with the fact that high EMF can cause issues with sleep we

advised her to move the alarm clock in the bedroom away from the head of the bed.  The other high EMF readings were due to the electronic equipment in the living room so

again if the client is effected greatly by EMF it could make her feel as if a presence is in the room.  The client is not concerned with the presence she feels in the home just

looking for peace of mind, and it is our hope that the suggestions made and the ground rules set that the client will continue to have no issues.  The client is continuing to keep

a log of activity and I advised if activity would increase or become alarming we could go back to the home and further investigate.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Sara Shaw or the WPRS.