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On July 26, 2008 at approximately 7:30 PM, Wausau Paranormal Research Society Investigators Angela Spialek, Betsy Duginski, Kristin Lowe
and Shawn Blaschka investigated the residence of a client located in Marathon City, Wisconsin. The owner reported that paranormal activity has occurred on a regular basis for the past four years. He has lived at the address since 1997 but the activity did not start occurring until 2004 when he purchased the property.  The most active areas of the home are the clients bedroom, lower level kitchen, living room and staircase.


1. Client has seen on two separate occasions a black orb the size of a tennis ball and a black mist exit his bedroom closet and dissipate into a wall.  Both these sightings were observed during daytime hours.

2. Shortly after purchasing the property the client and his girlfriend were painting in the living room upstairs when a pine sol bottle was observed falling from the counter in the adjacent kitchen.  The bottle fell in slow motion and not at a normal rate of decent.

3. At different times of the year the smell of maple syrup, coffee, perfume and cooking smells can be detected in the attic area and kitchen when there is no cause for these smells to be present in the home.

4. Once the owner attempted to talk to the entity and demanded it show itself.  The touch lamp in his living room reacted to questions and his dog reacted strangely as if she was temporarily possessed.  

5. Often footsteps are heard on the staircase.

6. While sitting near his bedroom door knocking has been heard against the door from the other side.  Upon inspection no one is found on the other side of the door.

7. On occasion the owner has felt pressure on his bed at night as if someone was sitting next to him, no one is seen.

8. The dog reacted to a noise and the owner clearly heard a woman’s voice say “wait”.

9. Mysteriously, one of the former owners of the house in the 1890’s went out west and never returned.

10. Male voices heard at the top of the steps and upstairs but the words can not be understood.

11. Two photos taken by two separate cameras of the outside of the house depict a series of three small, glowing lights on the face of the owner’s bedroom window.  It can not be ascertained at this time what the anomaly is.

12. Some basic electrical phenomena that has no reasonable explanation.

13. Strong feelings of presence on the owners part in the kitchen area.

14. Unusually cold breeze felt in the living room area with no explanation.

15. On one occasion the owner has seen the outline of a woman lying on his bed and on another he has looked out to his truck warming up in the driveway and seen an unidentified woman sitting in it.

16. Once the owner witnessed the outline of a human figure peering thru the window near the staircase while he was outside the house.

17, Items have moved of their own volition with no explanation.


Upon our arrival the client gave us a complete tour of the home and property, also a brief explanation of the paranormal activity that has been experienced.  We spent some time reviewing the owners abstract for any significant historical information.  Prior to taking our baseline readings we tried to explain the anomalies caught in the photographs of the owner’s bedroom window.  We determined that it was not a camera flash, street light or even car headlights.  We then began the investigation by taking baseline EMF readings, temperatures throughout, a general sketch of the floor plan and several photographs.  During this initial walk through we let our audio recorders run so as to possibly capture any stray EVP’s. Our investigators split into two groups.  One group covered downstairs and one group upstairs.  When each group was complete we switched areas and then shared information with each other.  The first floor areas recorded temperatures between 69-71 degrees F.  The second floor recorded temperatures of 74 – 76 degrees F.  EMF and Geiger counter readings registered as normal throughout with only (3) exceptions.  During our investigation our EMF meter reacted to an unknown magnetic field change.  This occurred once in the living room, once in the upstairs kitchen and once at the top of the staircase.  Each time no reasonable explanation was found for the anomaly and the readings could not be recreated.  Each of these readings was significant and strong.  EVP sessions were conducted throughout the home with some measurable success.  The investigators captured one disembodied voice while standing at the base of the staircase.  The strange moaning as it sounded could also be heard on our audio tapes.  The other was a captured EVP which resembles a turkey gobble, was obtained in the upstairs landing near the staircase.  It should be noted that only moments after this EVP our EMF meter reacted violently.  One photograph taken in the downstairs kitchen shows an orb shape in motion.


In conclusion, all of the evidence collected at the site by the investigative team contained possible paranormal phenomena which can not be readily explained.  We were unable to explain reasonably what caused the EVP and disembodied voice that we captured.  Also the three anomalous EMF disturbances that we encountered can not be explained at this time.  The photograph while compelling may be nothing more than an insect in flight.  Given the above, I can not say without a doubt in my mind that this home is indeed haunted.  While some of the evidence was compelling it is not proof positive of a haunt.  If haunted by spirits none of us feel that they are harmful in nature based on the evidence and experiences collected.  The owner will continue to log any occurrences out of the ordinary and we may revisit the site in the future at the owner’s request.



*Reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.*