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 Private Home in Western Wisconsin




The residence is a farm house, approximately 150 years old. The family has lived there for over 28 years, and has been experiencing possible paranormal activity since the beginning. While the history of the home is unknown, a previous owner was named “George,” and the family has jokingly called their ghost by that name. Over the years, much remodeling has taken place.

Paranormal activity was more frequent when the family’s children were younger and all three were living in the home. In recent years, a teenage niece, has experienced unusual activity there.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Activity occurring in the home includes:

        The basement light is frequently found on when it had been turned off.

        The family has heard footsteps walking across the upstairs of the home on several occasions through the years.

        Family members sometimes feel as if they are not alone. The client sometimes feels as if someone is standing over her bed at night.

        The client’s husband experienced the feeling of an ice-cold breath on the side of his face while sitting on the couch in the living room.

        The TV has turned itself on and off.

        The client has come home to hear a low murmuring sound, like a TV with low volume, only to find that the house becomes quiet and no one is home.

        The client once left a pack of gum in the living room and returned the next morning to find it had been opened and laid out, end to end, on the living room floor.

        When in the basement, the client has heard someone walking above her, when no one else is in the home.

        A “welcome” sign, made of blocks, has been found re-arranged on several occasions.

        The family’s niece, was getting something from an upstairs landing when she heard someone walk up the stairs behind her. Thinking it was a family member, she turned around to talk to them and no one was there.

        A family member was staying in the spare bedroom, and experienced a cold breath on their face during the night.

        Most recently, a flashlight in the kitchen turned itself on and off when no one was near it.

The family is not uncomfortable with the activity, but are curious to see if the WPRS can debunk the family’s experiences or find any concrete evidence to back them up.



The WPRS investigated on Saturday, March 5, 2011 from approximately 7pm to 10pm. Investigators Blaschka, Duginski, Beaudry and Spialek were present. The Client’s niece remained to help investigators and to act as a trigger, because activity is more frequent around younger people. Equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter and an infrared thermal probe.

The family gave a tour of the residence, including the basement, main level, and upstairs.

After the tour, temperature and EMF readings were taken. The basement was 45 degrees, with EMF readings between .5 and 1 Milligauss. The first floor had temperatures between 62 and 70 degrees, with an average EMF reading of .5 Milligauss. Upstairs temperatures were between 62 and 66 degrees, and EMF readings were between 0 and 4 Milligauss. During the investigation, there were no anomalous EMF or temperature readings.

After taking some pictures throughout the home, the investigators used digital voice recorders to try to collect audio evidence of paranormal activity (Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.) Blaschka and Beaudry conducted an EVP session in the master bedroom, while Duginski, Spialek, and the niece conducted a session in the living room. During the session, Spialek and the niece heard several noises in the kitchen. Thinking it was a normal “house noise,” the investigators moved to the kitchen to see if they could detect the source. While in the kitchen, the noises ceased.

Blaschka and Beaudry then moved to the living room for another EVP session. While there, they also heard noises from the kitchen, which they assumed to be non-paranormal.

Meanwhile the family's niece, Spialek and Duginski sat in the spare bedroom directly above to listen for any footsteps or other noises. During this vigil, a loud thump was heard, as if someone had dropped a flashlight or knocked on the wall. Duginski, who was sitting on the floor, felt the floor vibrate. After checking with the other team of investigators, it was determined that they had neither caused, nor heard the noise.

Investigators then tried to recreate the noise by dropping things downstairs, pounding on the wall and ceiling, and stomping in various areas of the house. None of those actions seemed similar to the thump or the vibration. Investigator Beaudry tried going into the attic to stomp on the floor, and the resulting noise and vibration was very similar to that experienced by the niece, Spialek and Duginski. However, it was determined that if something had fallen in the attic to cause the noise, it would have also been heard by the team in the living room.

Investigators then went downstairs to regroup, and discovered that the basement door had opened. After some attempt to recreate the door opening, it was discovered that if the basement door is not securely latched, air pressure from opening the attic door will cause it to open.

At this point, Duginski, Spialek and the niece conducted another EVP session in the living room, while Blaschka and Beaudry conducted a session in the upstairs spare bedroom. Beaudry was lying on the bed, with his flashlight on his chest for most of the session. After about 15 minutes, he began to “provoke” by asking if the paranormal entity was only comfortable scaring women and wouldn’t show itself to them. At that point, his flashlight flew from his chest and landed a foot away from him on the bed. He put the flashlight back and attempted to recreate the experience by talking, moving etc. He was only able to get the flashlight to roll directly beside him on the bed. In order to get the flashlight to land where it had before, he had to use a significant amount of force to flick it off of himself.



During the EVP session performed by Blaschka and Beaudry in the master bedroom, two unusual pieces of audio were captured. The first sounds like a gruff male voice saying “what.” The other seems to be in response to Investigator Beaudry asking the entity if it is a woman. After he asks the question, a whispered “No” can be heard.



Taking into consideration the family’s long history of activity in the home, the two EVP's that were captured, the unexplainable thumping noise from the attic, and the movement of Investigator Beaudry’s flashlight, the WPRS feels that it is highly likely that the home is haunted.



*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Anji Spialek or the WPRS.