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      On September 23,2006, at 6:40PM, an investigation of a home located in the Southwestern Wisconsin area took place with the owner and fiancée present.  The original part of the home is 100 years old and a newer addition is 13 years old. The present owners have lived in the residence for a little over 2 years; however, the owners fiancée had grown up in the home.



      On July 7, 2006, an initial phone interview was conducted with the owner and the following paranormal occurrences had been reported:

  • Doppelganger activity which mimics their pets.
  • A male apparition has been seen walking up the stairs and in the hall on the second floor.
  • The dog’s cages have been unlocked by unseen hands even after the owners have re-checked them.
  • The owner, fiancée and a friend conducted EVP after seeing the movie “White Noise” which stared Michael Keaton. Upon playback, they clearly heard a male voice say," We will find you!”
  • Unexplainable electrical phenomenon in the home.
  • “Victrola” music is heard throughout the home and abruptly stops when the occupants look for the source.
  • Friends have reported an uncomfortable feeling in the upstairs bathroom. They report a sensation of visual warping and being watched from inside of the mirror.
  • An angel image appeared in the mirror in the master bedroom one evening for approximately thirty seconds and then disappeared.
  • An unseen presence entered the master bedroom, walked around the bed, and left the room closing the door.
  • A female presence was felt outside of the door to the fiancées old bedroom (now an office) but will not enter. When the door is opened no one is there.
  • Overnight guests have reported disturbing dreams when staying in the spare bedrooms.  
  • Footfalls, knocks, and raps can be heard in areas of the home when there isn’t any reasonable cause.



      During the course of the investigation members Coscio and Renel used the following equipment: 35MM disposable camera; a Fuji Film 4.1 mega pixel digital camera; hand held micro cassette recorder; Natural and Tri-Field Meters; thermal probe; and a Sony Steady Shot Handy Cam with “Night Shot” technology. EVP sessions and photos were taken in all areas of the home. However, after review of the photos and EVP’s, there was nothing which could be considered paranormal in nature. The average temperatures in the basement were from 69 to 70 degrees. The average Milligaus ranged from 1mg to 5mg. The average temperatures taken on the main level were between 70 to 72 degrees. The average Milligaus ranged from 0mg to 4mg. In the Northeast corner of the dining room, a 4mg reading spiked to 10mg and then slowly decreased back to 4mg.  We tried to obtain the same results but were not able to. There was no reasonable explanation we could find for this.  On the second floor, the average temperatures were between 69 to 72 degrees. The average Milligaus ranged from .05mg to 5mg.  A spike which ranged from .05mg to 1.5mg occurred in the closet of the master bedroom.  Also, in the large spare bedroom in the Northeast corner, Renel had abrupt spikes from 2mg to 4mg. An attempt to recreate it was made but no logical explanation could be found.  We remotely viewed the Sony Night Shot video from the kitchen located on the first floor of the home.  While we were viewing the live recording, I heard faint Victrola music playing from the basement area.  I asked the owner and Renel if they could hear anything and they both described the same type of music which I had heard.  The owner then got up from the table to go downstairs and the music stopped.  No one else was in the home except for the three of us.  No reasonable explanation could be found for this.


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