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 Private Home in Beloit, Wisconsin



The residence is a house, approximately 82 years old.  Aimee has resided in the home since August 2010. Her boyfriend David has lived there since 1988.  David’s family moved into the home when David was a child. David and his family have been experiencing paranormal activity since moving in.  Some history of the home is known.  The original owner Harold W. built the house in 1929 and passed away in the home on December 2, 1964.  His wife Irene followed him in death on June 10, 1983.  Another unknown family lived at the site from 1983 to 1988.  For a brief period of time actor Paul Newman lived at the site with his first wife Jackie W. (the niece of Harold and Irene) whom he married in 1949.  The home is still owned by the original family. 

Since October 2010 remodeling has taken place and the activity has increased. Also the addition of a new dog seems to have increased activity as well.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Activity occurring in the home includes:

        David’s father once seen an apparition of a young boy in the upstairs hallway.

        A black shadowy figure of a man has been seen standing in front of a glowing blue TV screen in the middle of the night.

        The living room has been seen to be glowing blue at times in the middle of the night. At the same time a black shadowy figure was seen looking over Aimee and her dog.

        An unidentified man has been seen in Aimee’s bedroom.

        Loud stomping noises have been heard coming from upstairs while occupants are downstairs.

        While Aimee has been showering she has experienced strong knocking on the bathroom door, when she opens the door no one is present.

        When the clients are in their bedroom it sounds as if someone is walking around in the living room.

        The clothes dryer door opened, closed and restarted on it’s own in the basement while Aimee was upstairs. No one else was home during this occurrence.

        David has experienced something very cold touch his feet in the night.

        David has also experienced a woman in a dress floating above his bed.

        A door to a bedroom upstairs has been seen opening of its own accord.

        An ominous green glow has been seen in an upstairs bedroom by David’s father’s girlfriend.

        As a child David has seen a man in a top hat standing in the kitchen and also two ghostly black dogs in his first floor bedroom.

        Aimee’s dog seems to react to something unseen.

        Shadowy figures have been seen in the basement.

        David has felt someone unseen run their fingers through his hair.

        A reflection of someone peaking around the corner has been seen in the TV screen in David and Aimee’s bedroom. When they check no one is there.

        Once while a repair person was working on the replacement of a water heater in the basement, he seen a shadow cast against the wall from behind him.  When he turned to see who was behind him, no one was there.

Aimee and David are uncomfortable with the activity.  They are curious to see if the WPRS can debunk their experiences or find any concrete evidence to back them up.  They have left the home in the middle of the night at times.  Aimee has been considering moving out of the home if the activity continues.



The WPRS investigated on Saturday, February 26, 2011 from approximately 6pm to 12pm.  Investigators Blaschka, Spialek and Williams were present.  Aimee gave us a tour of the property and explained where paranormal experiences occurred in the home.  Aimee then left with her pet and we began our investigation.  Equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter, motion detectors, Geiger counter and an infrared thermal probe.

After the tour, temperature, EMF, and Geiger counter readings were taken.  The basement was 55 to 58 degrees, with EMF readings between 2 and 50 Milligauss. The first floor had temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees, with EMF readings between 2 and 50 Milligauss.  Upstairs temperatures were between 49 and 68 degrees, and EMF readings were 2 Milligauss throughout.  There are no Geiger readings of significance to report.  During the investigation, there were no anomalous EMF or temperature readings.

Motion detectors were placed by Blaschka in the upstairs hallway to detect any movement in that area.

After our base readings were collected we broke into two groups. One investigator stayed to monitor the CCTV system and the other two investigators used digital voice recorders to try to collect audio evidence of paranormal activity (Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.)  We switched out the camera monitoring person during each EVP session.  EVP Sessions were conducted in the master bedroom, the basement, the second floor bedroom and the living room.  Upon later review of our EVP evidence we could only note one instance where a male voice can be heard speaking in another room while investigators are speaking to each other.

We tested the upstairs door to try and find a reason for it closing on its own.  After several scenarios we discovered that if the door is slightly ajar and a person walks up the staircase the air displacement from that person causes the door to swing open slowly due to its uneven mounting. 

We also tried to find an explanation for the pounding noise heard by Aimee on the bathroom door. The only reasonable explanation we could find would involve the dog.  If the dog were to jump against the door it could reproduce the same effect.  Scratches were found at a level on the door that may be consistent with this theory.  Aimee however states that the dog was not available to do this at times when this occurred.

We also tried to determine at what angle a person would need to be in the hallway adjacent to David and Aimee’s bedroom in order to see a reflection in the TV.  Two such locations were determined but as to an explanation on how that occurred, none could be reasonably found.

During the investigation we spoke out loud to whatever presence may have been in the home.  We laid out ground rules about what the current occupants would like the spirits to follow.  We relayed the fact that David and Aimee were uncomfortable with certain activity and that they were considering moving out.  We also pointed out that they were trying to fix up the home and keep it in good repair.



Upon review of all the evidence collected we only found one possible EVP.  Some of the claims, we were able to find reasonable explanations to but several other noted experiences by David and Aimee were not so easy to explain.  The home has very high levels of magnetic fields and it is possible that it is conducive to paranormal activity.  It is also possible that these high levels could cause one to feel as if they are being watched or even to hallucinate.  Based on what we found and what has been reported, I feel that the home may be haunted.  However, without further evidence we can not say it is haunted with absolute certainty.

In speaking with Aimee a few weeks later she noted that all activity has ceased and she and David feel more comfortable in the house.  Aimee also stated that the entire family is able to now sleep through the night with no interruption and the dog no longer reacts to anything unseen.




*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.