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 Privately Owned Home - Ringle, Wisconsin


The family moved into the home May 2013, and consists of Rick & Sara and their one child Ricky age 11. The family states that paranormal activity was present from the beginning, but has grown more active in the last four months. The paranormal activity started out with a significant amount of time passing between occurrences, but now it has become daily in the home.


Paranormal Activity Reported

*Lights turn on & off

*Refrigerator door & cabinet doors open

*Sounds of footsteps

*Sounds of laughter or giggling & keys jingling

*Hair being pulled & being pinched

*Feet being tugged on as if someone is trying to pull them of the bed

*Unknown fluid marks around a cross on the wall

*Sounds of taps and knocking on the walls and ceilings



The WPRS investigated on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 from approximately 7:00pm to 1:30am. Investigators Beaudry, Blaschka, Spialek, Williams, Shaw and Sczygelski were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital video recorder (DVR) system, Infrared and Full spectrum cameras, digital camera, Trifield EMF meters, REM pod meter, motion and vibration detectors and digital voice recorders.

The investigation started off with Sara escorting Investigator Beaudry around the home and explaining the different paranormal activity that has been occurring, while Investigator Beaudry recorded the tour on his digital voice recorder.

After the tour, Investigators Beaudry and Spialek interviewed Ricky Jr in the living room and recorded the session. After the interview, the family departed for the evening and the WPRS team began to set up equipment and take EMF readings around the house.

Temperature readings were taken through out the home and measured 79-80 degrees consistently in the upper and main floor. Basement temperature were around 66-68 degrees. EMF readings were conducted around the home and no anomalous readings occurred. Readings maintained a normal steady 0-1.5 milligauss.

Three DVR cameras were placed through out the home. Camera #1 was placed in the Kitchen facing the refrigerator and counters. Camera #2 was placed near the front door facing up the staircase. Camera #3 was placed in the living room pointing into the child’s bedroom. The REM Pod was placed on the bed in the upper bedroom, along with two motions sensors in each of the upstairs bedrooms facing each other and vibration detectors on the floor.

The team broke down into pairs setting up equipment, taking EMF and thermal readings and taking numerous pictures through out the house with the Infrared and Full Spectrum cameras. During equipment set up, Investigators noticed the refrigerator door slightly opened a few inches. Numerous attempts to debunk and figure out a reasonable explanation as to how the door could open on its own were conducted. In conclusion we came up with no explainable way that the door could open on its own accord. This activity transpired before the DVR system was recording in that area.

Investigators Blashchka, Spialek, Shaw and Sczygelski were in the house taking thermal and EMF readings, along with taking several dozen photographs through out the residence with the Infrared and Full Spectrum cameras. Investigator’s Williams and Beaudry were in the Mobile Command Trailer viewing the DVR cameras and listening to the previous EVP recordings of the walk through and interviews of the clients from earlier that evening.

After the readings and photographs were concluded, the team decided to head back into the Mobile Command Trailer to review the photographs and to let the activity settle in the house for a while before conducting EVP sessions. The team quickly reviewed the photographs and found nothing unusual. All recordings and photographs were reviewed in greater detail again after the investigation.

The Team broke down in groups of three to conduct the EVP sessions. Investigators Beaudry, Spialek and Sczygelski conducted the first session in the home. Investigators were seated on the main floor of the residence. Beaudry was in Ricky Jr’s room, Sczygelski was seated in the parent’s bedroom and Spialek was seated in the living room. During that session, no unusual noises or disembodied voices were heard. During that EVP session, ground rules were established for the entity to follow.

The Second EVP session was conducted by Investigators Blaschka, Shaw and Sczygelski, again on the main floor of the residence. Blaschka was seated in the living room, Shaw was sitting on the staircase and Sczygelski was in the kitchen area. During that session, no unusual noises or disembodied voices were heard. The team again laid down ground rules for the entity to follow, so the family could live in peace in the home. After the session was finished, Investigator Blaschka conducted a house blessing and cleansed the home with holy water in all rooms of the residence.



The residence had a very low milliguass reading through out the home and no anomalous EMF or temperature readings. WPRS members had no personal experiences during the investigation and found no EVP recordings. All photographs were reviewed and no unusual pictures were captured, except for one picture that had an “orb” shaped object that appeared to be moving from right to left in the frame. All though this picture is interesting, it cannot be defined as paranormal in nature due to the possibility of being dust or an insect.



Upon reviewing all the EVP recordings, digital video recordings, EMF and temperature readings and personal experiences, WPRS members could not validate the claims of paranormal activity. Research of the home from a previous tenant stated that paranormal activity was taking place there prior to the family moving in. There is a high probability that paranormal activity is indeed taking place with in the home and the family is truly dealing with a possible poltergeist type haunting, which could be the reason that the WPRS team didn’t find evidence, due to the possibility that most of the activity might be centered around the 11 year old son.

The family was informed and educated on how to deal and coexist with different types of hauntings and in this case, how to subside the activity by taking certain measures on their own. A follow up call to the client a week and a half later found that the family has not experienced any further activity.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry or the WPRS.