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 Privately Owned Home - Ringle, Wisconsin




This is the second investigation conducted by the Wausau Paranormal Research Society at this location. The previous investigation was on May 21st, 2016 (see previous report from 5-21-16). The family contacted the WPRS stating that the activity has increased in the residence once again.


Paranormal Activity Reported

       Most activity is now centered in the upstairs bedroom area.

       Lights being turned on & off

       Sound of footsteps

       Strange smells

       Image of a man’s face seen in the bedroom wall mirror

       Family member felt unseen force choke her while sleeping

       Unsettling dreams



The Wausau Paranormal Research Society conducted its second investigation at this location on April 22nd, 2017. Investigators Spialek, Sczygelski and Beaudry conducted the investigation. The family stated that they found new information about the location and possible ties to the paranormal.

Due to confidentiality purposes most of the learned information will not be presented in this report. The family did state that the house will be razed in the future and are planning to move to a different city. The family is concerned if the activity is going to follow them with the move.

The WPRS concentrated mainly on the upper level bedroom where the reported activity has been taking place. Equipment used during the investigation consisted of a Tri-Field EMF meter, REM POD EMF meter, digital recorders and a new piece of equipment called the Kinect 3D image monitor.

During the investigation, no high EMF readings were reported nor did the REM POD EMF meter alert to any high magnetic changes in the surrounding environment. Investigator Sczygelski set up the Kinect 3D image monitor in the bedroom. The Kinect system digitally maps out an outline of any figure that is in or around that location in 3D format.

During the beginning stages of the Kinect recording, an image of a fast moving round dark object moved through the room. This was the only image or object found during the Kinect recording during the investigation. The WPRS then conducted an EVP session and laid down ground rules for the spirit or spirits to hopefully comply with.

After the EVP session was conducted, the group decided to sit downstairs and do a small observation and listening session. During the observational session, no unusual sounds or activity were detected.

Investigators decided to try spiritual house cleansing methods. The first method of cleansing the residence was the burning of sage and prayer throughout the entire home. The second method of cleansing was a house blessing with holy water and prayer throughout the residence. The team also conducted a gravesite blessing prayer at the graveyard on the client’s property. The third method was house blessing conducted with the family present to empower and take back their property.



All collected audio and video recordings were analyzed and no EVP or video evidence was found. Investigators had no personal experiences during the investigation.



Due to the lack of substantial collected evidence during both investigations, the WPRS cannot confirm or deny that paranormal activity is occurring at the residence. However, the long tragic history at that location and the reports of haunted activity has been taking place there long before our clients moved in. The overall credibility of the family leads us to accept that there is indeed some sort of paranormal phenomenon occurring within the walls of the residence and property.

Hopefully, with the cleansing methods used, the spirit(s) can move on and the activity subsides. It is our hope that the family finds peace before they move. It is highly probable that the spirit(s) have a strong emotional attachment to the property and not to the family. We feel it is more likely that the spirit(s) will remain at the property if they choose not to move on.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry or the WPRS.