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 Privately Owned Business- Mosinee, Wisconsin



Our organization was contacted in May 2016 by the son of one of the co-owners regarding some possible paranormal activity that has been occurring in their business located in Mosinee over the past several years. I spoke with my contact personally on May 7, 2016 and conducted a walk-through of the property on May 16th at which time my contact relayed various information to me regarding the activity, locations and circumstances surrounding the events.

The land that the building now stands on was most probably farming land in its early history. By the 1960’s a structure was built and was operated as a tree flocking business for many years. In 1988 the current co-owners purchased the building and have operated a business there since. Around 2001 an addition was added on to the building to expand the business.


Paranormal Activity Reported

Notes were compiled from the interview that was conducted with the client on May 7, 2016. The following activity was noted as occurring in the business and is listed below:

   Feelings of being watched, especially in the upstairs storage area.

   Workers sometimes hear there name called out, especially near the matching room.

   Sounds of footsteps or movement coming from the older upstairs storage area.

   Once a loud crashing noise was heard by two employees while in the business late one evening. The noise came from or near the old upstairs storage area. When investigated by the employees, they found two boxes that had been stored at the top of the landing had been placed neatly, directly at the base of the steps. Previously during that evening those boxes were located upstairs and no one had moved them. 

  Lights are often found turned on in the upstairs stockroom area when they have been positively turned off prior.   

   The co-owners son while working very late one evening was frightened when a bolt was thrown from behind him at his head with great force, missing him by only inches. The bolt struck the wall about 20 feet in front of him. He was the only employee in the building during that time.

   Once while a co-worker was in one of the main office areas, he heard an outside door located in very close proximity to the office, open and then close. When the employee looked around the corner to see who had come in no one was there.

   Employees report feeling uneasy when in the old upstairs storage area. Many will not venture upstairs unless absolutely necessary. 



The WPRS investigated the business on Saturday June 18, 2016 from approximately 9:30PM to 3:30AM.  Investigators Blaschka, Sczygelski, von Gnechten, Williams, Duginski and Beaudry were present.  We arrived at the client’s business and he gave us a tour of the property and explained where the above activity had occurred in the building. After the tour of the property was complete, the client left so that we could conduct the investigation.

Basic equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meters, infrared and full spectrum cameras, REM Pod, vibration detectors, motion activated devices and infrared/ambient thermal probes. Our DVR night vision camera system was also used to monitor the high activity areas. We utilized the WPRS Mobile Command Center as our central command area.

First we obtained temperature and EMF readings in the high activity areas only as well as prepared a sketch of the building’s floor plan. Many digital, infrared and full spectrum photographs were taken in all areas inside the building. Temperatures were between 84 and 86 degrees F, with EMF readings averaging 1.0 Milligauss. During the collection of our base line readings we found no anomalous EMF or temperature variances that could not be explained reasonably.

After our base readings were collected we formed into groups to perform EVP sessions in the upstairs stockroom area, the liner coating area, near the paint booth and in the area where previously a bolt had been thrown at an employee. All of the team used digital voice recorders to try to collect audio evidence of paranormal activity (Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.) We used a Rem-Pod during our EVP session in the upstairs stockroom as a possible communication device. That Rem-Pod was placed on the floor during the balance of the evening. During our EVP session in the upstairs stockroom the Rem-Pod alarmed sporadically on several occasions. Each time it did it was after a question had been asked but it was not regular enough to conclude that it was paranormal in nature. What caused the Rem-Pod to alarm is unknown as the EMF levels in that room are not high but rather static throughout.

Upon later review of all our EVP evidence we found nothing of interest. We reviewed our Full Spectrum and Infrared photographs and found nothing paranormal. Review of our DVR footage revealed nothing of paranormal value.

During the investigation we spoke out loud several times to whatever presence may happen to be in the building. We relayed the fact that the client that resides at the property does not want to be disturbed any further. We asked that the presence leave the premises as it is no longer welcome there.


Non Scientific Personal Experiences

Several personal experiences took place during our investigation. While personal experiences are intriguing they are by no means proof scientifically that something paranormal has taken place. None the less personal experiences are important to take note of and not to be disregarded.

During the evening on two separate occasions investigators Sczygelski and Blaschka both seen what looked like something white move from right to left rapidly near the open garage area adjacent to the mobile command center.

Investigators Beaudry and Sczygelski both heard voices on separate occasions near the matching booth area. Beaudry heard what sounded like a woman’s voice speaking but muffled and unintelligible. The second time he heard the women’s voice it sounded angry/upset but again unintelligible.

Investigator Sczygelski heard what sounded like a man’s voice and stated that it seemed like it cut in and out as well as some sort of static like sound heard in between the voice heard.


Conclusion and Recommendations

Upon review and consideration of all the claims made by the client we feel that it may be possible that the client has been experiencing some paranormal activity. However no definitive evidence was obtained to prove or disprove the claims. We could not reasonably explain what caused the Rem-Pod to alarm during the evening. We were also unable to explain the voices heard during the investigation. No voices showed up on our audio after later review. We also have not been able to explain reasonably the white moving figure seen by two investigators that evening. Alone these personal experiences lend some credibility to what has been happening at the site but it is by no means proof positive of a haunting. The activity that has been described by the client has most often not been harmful but rather unsettling. It is our hope that through the use of our communication sessions that it will render anything present to move on or quiet down all together. We may return in the future at the client’s request.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.